Crossing the Atlantic to Europe: Where Can I Stop?

THIS DOCUMENT WAS UPDATED FOR THE FINAL TIME ON 5 JUNE, 2020. SEE ALL OPEN PORTS AT A GLANCE USING THE NOONSITE MAP. FURTHER UPDATES CAN BE FOUND IN THE COUNTRY BIOSECURITY SECTION AND RELEVANT PORT PAGE. Noonsite, in association with the Ocean Cruising Club, has compiled a list of transatlantic ports, Mediterranean ports and Northern European ports that are open to yachts in transit for re-supply, re-fueling and/or in emergencies during the current Covid-19 health emergency. Known procedures and contact details are included. This document is continually updated.

Published 4 years ago

This list of transit ports was compiled by Noonsite in association with the Ocean Cruising Club.




All the information in this document was accurate at the time of the last update (05 June), however, with the rapidly changing situation during the current health emergency, rules and regulations are evolving on a daily basis. It is the Skipper’s responsibility to contact the intended port of refuge in advance and confirm that stopping is still possible and procedures remain the same.

Want to print this off? You can Download this document as a pdf (FINAL version dated 05 June). Follow what has been updated in the “update history” section at the bottom of the report.

Please e-mail [email protected] if you have information on any open/transit ports not included in this document or any updates to share.


St George’s Harbor

Status: Transit only (in exceptional circumstances)

  • Prior to departure for Bermuda complete 2 forms, both available online.
    1. Yacht Pre-Arrival Form
    2. Health Declaration Form – which must be printed off once complete and emailed to: [email protected]. File one per person on board.
  • Contact Bermuda Radio on VHF Channel 16 or 27 on approach when within 30NM.
  • On arrival Bermuda Radio will direct you to proceed either to the Customs Yacht Reporting Centre dock at Ordnance Island or else you will be directed to anchor in Powder Hole on the southern side of St. George’s Harbor. When you clear Customs you will also be evaluated by a Port Health Officer.
  • After clearance you will be directed to anchor and are not permitted to tie up at the docks. All crew must remain on board the vessel – effectively in quarantine until they leave.
  • Yachts in quarantine are permitted to order provisions from Somers Supermarket in St. Georges ((441) 297-1177 / [email protected]) for delivery to the dinghy dock at St. Georges just opposite the Customs office.
  • Any vessels requiring fuel should contact Senior Customs Officer Mrs. Carla Burgess at [email protected] for further information.
  • Because of the limited space for yachts in Bermuda and limited resources, vessels are asked to plan on a maximum stay of 72 hours.
  • Expected outward clearance time should be confirmed, if possible, 24 hours beforehand by notification to Bermuda Customs through Bermuda Radio on VHF 16 or 27.

Contacts (VHF range is +/- 30NM)
Bermuda Radio: VHF Ch. 16 or 27
Marine Operations Centre: (441) 297-1010
General marine operations: [email protected] 
Telex: INMARSAT C (581) 431010110 / INMARSAT C (584) 431010120
SSB (Rec/Trans) 2,182 kHz or 4,125 kHz USB
Rescue Coordination Centre Bermuda: [email protected]

FAIAL – Horta
SAO MIGUEL – Ponta Delgada

Status: Transit only

  • Angra de Heroismo has now closed (28 April), so only the above 2 ports in the Azores are currently open to yachts in transit. 
  • Changes expected 15 June.
  • Mooring is not allowed in any part of the two designated ports without authorization from the Port Authorities.
  • Please be patient and understanding of the regulations and restrictions currently in place. They are for everyone’s well-being.
  • Vessels are welcome to stay for 2-3 days to re-supply and re-fuel. In case of repairs or health requirements, this period can be prolonged. However, crew cannot go ashore at all and must remain on board for the duration of their stay.
  • Yachts MUST call the marina by VHF prior to entering harbor (range +/- 30 NM), preferably during daylight hours, so arrangements can be made. Horta VHF Ch.10 / Ponta Delgada VHF Ch. 09
  • If you arrive during the night, anchor and contact the marina first thing in the morning.
  • By VHF, the marina will ask for info. as outlined below. The yacht should then await instructions from the marina on when to enter the harbor and where they can anchor.
  • Marina opening hours are 09:00-17:00 GMT with an hour for lunch. Please plan your landfall accordingly during this difficult time.
  • All crew must remain on board at all times.
  • All vessels will be able to arrange with the Marina when it may be possible to come alongside to take on fuel at the quayside pump.
  • In Horta, Peter Café Sport and MAYS are assisting yachts with provisions, meals, fuel, supplies and repairs. In other ports these can be arranged via the marina office.
  • No laundry is allowed to be done remotely on shore.
  • Length of stay permitted for as long as it takes to complete logistical needs (fuel, water, supplies, repairs).
  • Crew changes are not allowed as currently, there are no flights to/from the Azores. It is possible some flights will resume mid-June.
  • As Immigration is not physically handling passports nor any other documentation you will not be “cleared” into the European Union.
  • If you need to send mail, or any special material to be delivered to your boat, do it as soon as you can as mail is taking between 2 to 3 weeks to arrive to the Azores. Send to: Peter Café Sport, Rua José Azevedo “Peter” nº9, 9900-027 Horta, Azores – who will deliver it to your yacht when you arrive free of charge.

Authorities will need to know the following information prior to arrival:

  • Name of the Vessel
  • Port of Registry/Vessel Flag
  • Expected arrival date and time
  • Number of crew aboard and their respective ages
  • Last port of call
  • Number of days underway before reaching Azores
  • Route of voyage before reaching Azores
  • Whether or not in the past 14 days you have been in any areas with confirmed Corona Virus cases
  • Whether or not any crew members display any symptoms such as fever, cough, or acute respiratory distress
  • Whether or not any crew members require urgent medical care

Marina: +351 292 240 500, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 10
Peter Café Sport: +351 914 943 610, E-mail: [email protected] – Peter Café Sport Facebook page.
Mid Atlantic Yacht Services (Duncan): [email protected]
MAYS facebook page has protocol for arriving superyachts.

Marina: +351 296 281 510, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 09/16

Status: Transit only

  • Marinas and ports remain closed, still with no date for opening.
  • The Maritime Police are authorizing some yachts to anchor outside of the harbors under certain circumstances (e.g. emergency situations, provisions and supplies), but this requires prior authorization from them. This can be obtained by phone or e-mail in advance:
    PHONE: 00351 916 600 707 – available 24 hours
    EMAIL: [email protected]


  • Cape Verde will reopen to international tourism starting in July.

Status: Transit only

  • Sao Vicente (Mindelo) is closed completely.
  • In case of an emergency, yachts may be permitted to stop.
  • Needing fuel/water/supplies may be viewed as an emergency, however yachts have been turned away.
  • Contact should be made prior to entering port with the Port Police (VHF Ch.16) or the marina (VHF Ch. 72).
  • All yachts should anchor in the vicinity of Marina Mindelo, but not approach the docks as the marina is closed.
  • Quarantine for 12-14 days is mandatory following a visit from the port police and health.
  • During quarantine, arrangements to deal with the emergency can be carried out and the delivery of supplies can be arranged.
  • Provisions can be ordered via the port police with the assistance of the Marina who charge a 20 Euro fee for arranging purchases and delivery.
  • The Coast Guard is reported to be very active.

Port Police (VHF Ch.16)
Mindelo Marina: +238 938 7832, E-mail: [email protected] , VHF Ch. 72,

LANZAROTE – Puerto Calero

  • The Canary Islands ports remain closed for arriving yachts, although authorities are accepting yachts under certain circumstances, for example yachts arriving at the shipyards for repairs, as well as vessels with long term reservations at a marina. Each entrance is always subject to approval from the authorities. Canary Islands ports are accepting yachts in cases of Force Majeure/proven necessity, and subject to authorization from Health and Port Authorities. Each case is reviewed separately.
  • Canaries ports will remain closed until the end of the State of Emergency that is enforced until the 25th May.
  • Canaries will reopen to international tourism starting in July.

Status: Transit only

In order to enter Marina Puerto Calero during the current state of alarm, skippers must first receive authorization from the authorities. As the authorities normally take 2-3 working days to answer, it is advisable to e-mail the marina in plenty of time. Contact the Marina with the following information:

  • Declare why you need to enter Marina Puerto Calero, how long you need to stay and what you intend to do once you are here.
  • List the ports where the vessel has been in the last 30 days and the dates you arrived and departed each one.
  • Confirm that no one on board has any health problems in the last 14 days.
  • Provide a crew list (if they have any role on board specify).
  • Include the boat registration papers (showing make and size of vessel).

Marina Puerto Calero: +34 928 51 12 85, E-mail: [email protected] , VHF Ch. 09/16,



Yachts arriving in Portugal from abroad are required to undertake a 14-day quarantine which does not guarantee access to shore after this time. Some ports (Portimao for example) are enforcing even longer in quarantine and some boats there have been at anchor for over 4 weeks without permission to go ashore.

All boats needing fuel, supplies, or wanting to leave the boat for crew to return to their home countries, should anchor off the harbor and contact the authorities as follows:

Status: Transit only

Status: Transit only

The contact to authorize the docking of the vessel is:

Disembarking of crew or passengers must be previously authorized by:

Status: Transit only

For authorization to anchor and taking on fuel contact:

Status: Transit only

  • Sailors can stock up with water, fuel and some provisions provided they have received permission from the Capitao do Porto or Policia Maritima before entering port.
  • Sailors are not allowed to leave the boat and there are no quarantine facilities here.
  • Port control VHF channel 11 or 16
  • Clube Navale de Nazare: +351 262 560 422, E-mail: [email protected]

POVOA DE VARZIM in N Portugal have confirmed they are currently closed.

A Coruña 
Ria de Vigo – Baiona 
Ria de Pontevedra – Combarro

International boats in transit needing to stop in NW Spain can come for fuel, supplies and repair with prior approval from the relevant authorities. However, a 14-day period of quarantine is currently being enforced (June 5, 2020) so crew will not be permitted to leave the vessel.

Any boat wanting to make any movement in Spain, including the permitted ones (going to the shipyard, coming from the shipyard, coming back to home port) must fill in this form and send it to the corresponding Capitania Maritima. Most mainland Spanish ports are open for yachts that meet certain conditions and with prior approval from the relevant authorities.

Status: Transit only – 14 day quarantine

  • Contact the Guardia Civil of Vigo in advance of your arrival.
  • They will want to know the nature of the emergency, previous harbors visited in the last 30 days (name of harbor and arrival/departure date), a list of crew including a confirmation of good health during the last 14 days, vessel details (type of vessel, dimensions, etc).
  • They will advise on where you can anchor.
  • Crew cannot disembark except in an emergency and then only when authorized to do so.
  • The Monte Real Club de Yates in Baiona can accept yachts in transit and have a fuel dock open 6 days a week (except Sundays).
  • The Club will also be able to assist with repairs, water and contact details of the closest supermarkets for deliveries.

Guardia Civil Vigo: +34 986 431 742 (limited English).
MRCYB: +34 986 385 000, E-mail: [email protected],

Status: Transit only – 14 day quarantine

  • Marina Combarro is open for boats in transit.
  • Call the marina in advance to arrange a booking and give them your ETA (English spoken).
  • Yachts in transit can enter the marina and stay for a few days, re-fuel, obtain water, electricity and supplies and/or wait for a weather window.
  • The crew will not be permitted to go ashore.
  • Boatyard is in full operation for repairs.
  • Fuel station is open.

Marina Combarro – VHF Ch. 09
Harbour Master Office: +34 986 778 415
Dockmaster mobile phone: +34 607 427 726
Marina Manager mobile phone: +34 666 213 786
Email: [email protected]

Status: Transit only – 14 day quarantine

  • Yachts in transit can enter the marina and stay for a few days, re-fuel, obtain water, electricity and supplies and/or wait for a weather window.
  • The fuel berth is open and operates on VHF Ch. 09, Mobile phone: +34 606 695 106
  • Yacht crew, however, must remain on board.

Marina Coruña: +34 881 920 482, E-mail: [email protected]

Status: Transit only – 14 day quarantine

  • Puerto Deportivo Gijon can supply fuel, laundry services etc. for yachts in transit complying with appropriate security measures.

Puerto Deportivo Gijon: +34 985344543, E-mail: [email protected]

Brest (Brittany, NW France)
Cherbourg (North Sea, English Channel)

In France, yachts in transit are only allowed to seek shelter for bad weather, preferably at anchor. The Coastguard will want to know your intentions. No crew member is allowed to go ashore. Cruisers have reported taking shelter in the Bay of Douarnenez and L’ Aber Wrach.

Status: Transit only

  • The French Maritime Authorities will allow yachts in transit to call in to Brest for refueling and supplies.
  • Contact the authorities in advance of your arrival with your ETA, yacht details and a crew list with name, nationality and passport number of all crew members.
  • Contact the marina to request a berth for refueling and supplies. They will need to know how many liters of fuel you will require.
  • You will only be permitted to leave your boat for refueling, due to Covid-19 containment measures.
  • French MRCCs to contact on the way to Brest are MRCC Etel (in the Bay of Biscaye) then MRCC Corsen (North of parallel 47° 48 N – Pointe de Penmarc’h).

Finistere Authorities, Melaine Loarer (Chef du PLAM): [email protected]
Marina du Château: +33 02 98 33 12 50, E-mail: [email protected]

Status: Transit only

  • Any yachts needing to stop in Cherbourg for fuel and supplies should contact the port a few days in advance so that the appropriate authorization can be secured. E-mail, if possible, is the best form of contact at this time.

Cherbourg – Port Chantereyne: +33 02 33 87 65 76, E-mail: [email protected]

Guernsey, St Peter Port
Jersey, St Helier

Status: Open – 14 day quarantine

  • Any visiting vessel must first contact Guernsey VTS on VHF channel 12, or Alderney Port Control on VHF channel 14, declaring which country they have come from and if there is any sickness on board.
  • All visiting vessels will be moored in isolation and no crews are to proceed ashore for at least 14 days and then, only on authorization from the Director of Public Health.
  • Any vessels wishing to take fuel will be able to do so as normal, however there is to be no physical interaction between the fuel supplier and the crew of the vessel. All payments for services must be made remotely.
  • While vessels/crews are in isolation, communication to shore can be made by contacting Victoria Marina Office on VHF Channel 80 (from 06:00 to 22:00), Alderney Port Control on VHF Channel 74 (during the working day) or Guernsey VTS on Channel 12 at all other times.

Victoria Marina: +44 1481 725 987, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 80,

Status: Transit only

  • All visiting vessels must apply to berth in any of Jersey’s Harbours a minimum of 72hrs prior to their planned arrival.
  • Applications should be directed to St Helier VTS and include the following details:
  • Last Port of Call
  • Date and time of arrival
  • Length, draft and type of vessel
  • of Crew and passengers
  • Length and reason for visit
  • All vessels must have clearance from the Jersey Immigration office before their application for a berth is accepted by St Helier VTS.
  • All vessels must submit a Declaration of Health to St Helier VTS prior to their arrival.
  • In addition, all mariners are requested to observe social distancing as per the Government of Jersey guidance.

St. Helier VTS: +44(0)1534 447722, E-mail: [email protected]

Isles of Scilly – St. Mary’s

From June 8, 2020 the situation in the UK is changing and a 14-day quarantine will be enforced for all international arrivals (apart from commercial vessels/superyacht crew). It is a strict quarantine and requires the crew to stay on board for 14 days, not leaving their boat for shopping, exercise, toilets and showers or indeed anything else. Not all marinas will be willing to accommodate vessels under quarantine, so be sure to call ahead to check if marinas are open. This should not affect yachts in transit too much however, except any provisions or fuel required will have to be delivered to the boat.

When approaching the UK contact the coastguard on VHF. They will want to know you last port of call, your destination, number of crew members on board and health status. If you don’t call them, they will call you. They have no objection to passage, but will inform you that there is a lockdown in effect. There are no rules in the UK prohibiting entry to yachts from overseas and no specific ports of entry to use at this time. The ports we know that are accepting yachts in transit on this route are listed above (details below). The UK government does not presently allow overnight stays for persons travelling in the UK.

On arrival in UK waters (from outside the EU and from the Channel Islands) all yachts should call the National Yachtline. They will provide instructions based on current government policy and will endeavor to obtain all required information by phone and email. They will involve the UK Border Force as required. 
Phone: 0300 123 2012
Opening times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

All vessels arriving in the UK are required to submit a Maritime Declaration of Health 4-12 hours prior to entering port confirming the health status of all on-board. This can be obtained from Yachtline.

Status: Extreme emergency only

  • St. Mary’s Harbor remains closed to all non-commercial visiting craft due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Vessels are urged to seek assistance if required at a mainland UK port given the Scillies remote location and limited ability to assist.
  • Emergency cases would be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • If any vessel were to arrive there would be no landing of people, waste or equipment.

Harbor Master St. Mary’s: +44 (0)1720 422768, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 14,

Status: Open – 14 day quarantine (from 8 June)

  • It has been reported that fuel is currently (01 June) not available in Falmouth. Boats are heading to Brest instead (see above).
  • Boats arriving from outside the UK to contact Port Health – [email protected] – 24 hours before arrival.
  • Prior to 8 June it is possible to anchor off Trefusis Point (no anchoring permitted in the harbor) or go to Port Pendennis Marina with prior arrangement (which is open).
  • After 8 June, Health and Border Force will advise on where to berth/moor for quarantine. Yachts should not go directly to a marina.
  • Visitors moorings are closed.
  • Falmouth Haven Marina office closed, but Port Pendennis Marina open.

Falmouth Harbor Office: +44 (0)1326 213537, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 12,
Falmouth Haven Marina Office: +44 (0)1326 310991, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 12,
Port Pendennis Marina: +44 (0)1326 211211, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 80,

Status: Open – 14 day quarantine

  • Berthon Lymington Marina is open for transiting yachts as well as short and long term visitors and annual berths.
  • Boats arriving from outside the UK should contact the Marina Manager at least 2 days prior to arrival to check availability. All crew will have to isolate for 14 days on board (this may change depending on changes in Government guidance – please confirm this at the time of arriving), however if travelling long distances, you might be able to include days at sea in your self-quarantine period.
  • On arrival at the mouth of Lymington River contact the Dockmaster on VHF Ch. 80 who will provide details of where to berth.
  • Fuel, provisions, water and repairs can all be provided.
  • HM Customs protocol also need to be adhered to.

Berthon Lymington Marina Manager, Luke Machin: +44 (0)1590 647405, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 80,

Status: Transit only

  • Yarmouth in the Western Solent on the Isle of Wight is open for yachts in transit.
  • On arrival yachts should pick up an outer mooring buoy. Once secured, the skipper must then contact Yarmouth Harbor by telephone or on VHF Ch. 68 informing them of your arrival. The Berthing Master can be contacted between the hours of 09:00 – 21:00.
  • Yarmouth Harbor will want to know your point of origin and any ports visited along the way. They will also want to know if anyone on board the vessel has been in close contact with anybody showing symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID-19 infection within the 14 days prior to the vessel arriving in Yarmouth.
  • Once permission to enter has been given, yachts can then proceed to a berth as designated to them. See further details at this link.
  • Keep to the starboard side of the channel and beware of approaching ferries.
  • There is a fuel berth inside the harbor to starboard open 09:00-17:00.
  • Skippers will have to fill out a declaration of health form and quarantine for 14 days.
  • Yarmouth Harbor Notices to Mariners

Yarmouth Harbor: +44 (0)1983 760321, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 68,

Status: Transit only

The situation in the Solent is mixed with all Marinas currently locked down and many not able to supply fuel or berthing. Yarmouth on the IoW is open and able to provide fuel during working hours (see below). Cowes (IoW) has no fuel or berthing available at this time. Langstone and Chichester have no facilities or fuel available at this time.

  • Southampton Port is open.
  • The contact procedure is for all vessels above 20m in length to call Southampton VTS on VHF Ch.12 when 10nM from the Nab Tower or Needles Fairway buoy.
  • Fuel, provisions, water and repairs can be obtained from one of the marinas within the Solent, although with current UK Government advice, it may well be that many of these marinas or services are limited or unavailable due to the pandemic. Therefore, early contact should be made to ensure services can be provided. Marina information can be found at:
  • Southampton (River Hamble)
  • Southampton (River Itchen)
  • Southampton Water
  • Any emergency situation will be handled by HMCG, who will be able to advise the distressed yacht of their options including repairs.

Status: Transit only

  • Portsmouth is open but no overnight stays are permitted at this time for local boaters.
  • Gosport, Portsmouth Harbor, has fuel available during office hours.
  • Southsea Marina, Langstone Harbour, has fuel available.
  • Limited mooring is available against an unfriendly harbor wall requiring fender board and long warps in the Camber. Access by calling QHM Ch.11 when at Ballast Pile and crossing to the narrow entrance immediately south of Gunwharf Quays marina (advance booking only). 
  • Chris Smith (OCC Port Officer) can assist with the latest advice on the mooring situation.
  • See Portsmouth Latest Guidance for Recreational Boating During Coronavirus

Southsea Marina: +44 (0)23 9282 2719
Chris Smith (OCC Port Officer): E-mail: [email protected]

Status: Open

  • Dover Marina is currently open for business as usual to yachts in transit as well as short/long term visitors.
  • Call the Port Authority when 2 miles off (VHF Ch. 74) and they will then tell you how to proceed.
  • Once you have entered the Marina, you can switch to channel 80 for berth allocation.
  • As per Government Guidelines, from 1 June a 14 day quarantine is required by all yachts arriving from overseas.
  • Water is available at the Marina and the fuel company are still currently operating as usual from 06:30-18:30 daily. The boat hoist is not currently operating due to the pandemic.
  • While the Marina Office remains open and staffed 24/7, access is restricted and therefore the Marina are requesting that all payments be made via card on the phone.
  • Customs and Immigration: All craft entering the Port from non-EU countries, or with crew members from non-EU countries, must fly a yellow Q flag until the Border Force has boarded.

Dover Marina: +44 (0)1304 241 663, E-mail: [email protected],

Status: Transit only

  • Ramsgate Port Control will accept a yacht in transit to their home port for one night.
  • Contact Ramsgate Harbor by email in advance with full vessel details and crew details, and passage plan.
  • On arrival call Port Control VHF Ch.14 for entry, then Marina VHF Ch.80 for berthing instructions.

Ramsgate Harbor: +44 (0) 1843 572100, E-mail: [email protected]

Cork Harbor

  • Foreign citizens are now allowed to enter Ireland, but have to self-isolate for 14 days and file a Passenger Locator Form.
  • In an emergency, contact the Coast Guard via VHF Ch. 16 or usual GMDSS channels/methods. MRCC Dublin can also be contacted by e-mail.
  • It is likely you will be met by Customs and Immigration as you approach Ireland from the SW, and possibly also the Irish Navy – both will want to ask a few general questions and may board.
  • Local formalities are still required with Customs and Immigration.
  • Port of Cork has a subsidiary port at Bantry Bay which offers a small marina at the SW tip of Ireland. There is fuel available via truck or jerry can next to the marina, and shops etc. are close by.

Port of Cork: +353 21 4273125, E-mail: [email protected]
Cork Port Health: E-mail: [email protected]
Cork Immigration: +353 21 4522000 (Anglessy Street, Cork)
Cork Customs: +353 21 602 7058 (
MRCC Dublin: [email protected]
Bantry Bay Port: +353 (0)27 53277, E-mail: [email protected],

Nieuwpoort VYN

In Belgium ports are open to local boaters and visitors, however the showers and marina facilities are temporarily closed. Lift out is still possible. Visitors may go ashore for supplies but need to follow the social distance regulations. The Coastguard might contact you when heading to a Belgian port, but only for information.

Status: Open

  • VYN welcomes visitors and is currently open to both yachts in transit and those wishing to stay longer.
  • Contact the VYN marina in advance with your ETA, yacht details and crew details.
  • Going ashore to buy supplies is possible but you must comply with social distancing regulations and if necessary, wear a mask.
  • Fuel is available in the port and water and electricity on the docks.
  • The showers and marina facilities are temporarily closed.
  • All services and repair at the VYN-marina or nearby.

Vlaamse Yachthaven Nieuwpoort (VYN): +32 58 23 52 32, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 8,

Texel, VlielandTerschellingAmeland and Schiermonnikoog.
Den Helder

In Holland most ports are open for local boaters, however the facility buildings are closed. Not every port accepts visitors, but will probably not refuse them in bad weather. Visitors may go ashore – there are no quarantine requirements. The Coastguard will contact you when heading to a Dutch port, but only for information. 

Status: Open
Breskens Marina is open, overnight stay allowed, sanitary building closed.
Contact: +31 117381902

Status: Open
The yacht club is open, overnight stay allowed, sanitary building closed. No Harbor Master, payment via app (see
Contact: +31 653293137

Status: Open
Ijmuiden Marina is open, overnight stay allowed, sanitary building closed.
Contact: +31 255560300

Status: Open (with no facilities)

  • The Dutch ports of the Wadden Islands opened on 15 May.
  • This includes Texel, VlielandTerschellingAmeland and Schiermonnikoog.
  • At least 24-hours notice must be given.
  • There are a number of restrictions in place and no shore facilities available at this time.
  • Suitable for a rest-stop or shelter.
  • Full details here.

Status: Open (details from Trans-Ocean

  • It’s business as usual at the KMJC in Den Helder, currently open to both yachts in transit and those wishing to stay longer.
  • Contact the marina in advance with your ETA, yacht details and crew details.
  • Going ashore to buy supplies is possible but you must comply with social distancing regulations and if necessary, wear a mask.
  • Fuel is available in the port and water and electricity on the docks.
  • The showers and marina facilities are closed.

Koninklijke Marine Jacht Club (KMJC): +31 223 652 645, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 74,
Harbor Master: Mr Joost

Helgoland (Frisian Islands) 
Brunsbuttel (Kiel Canal) 

Status: Transit only

  • Call the Harbour Master prior to entry to Südhafen on VHF Ch. 67 – Helgoland Port Radio.
  • Crew will not be allowed to go ashore.
  • It is possible to get fuel, but you have to move to the “Nordosthafen”. Make an appointment with the fuel station by calling +49 015165865220.

Status: Emergency only

  • All three marinas are closed to visiting yachts.
  • In case of a technical problem you may find a berth in SVC Marina or in City Marina. City Marina is behind a swingbridge which opens on request – call Cuxhaven Lock on VHF Ch.69 or phone +49 04721 500120.
  • There are strong currents up to 4 knots in the River Elbe.

City Marina: +49 (0) 175 9020015, E-mail: [email protected]
SVC Marina: +49 4721-34111, E-mail: [email protected]

Status: Open

  • Transit of the Kiel Canal is permitted.
  • There is a transit pier in Brunsbüttel some hundred meters behind the locks on the port side.

Germany Covid-19 Information on Noonsite

Status: Transit only

  • Sonwik Yachthafen is open to yachts in transit.
  • Advance notice of arrival is required – contact the marina directly.
  • Fuel, laundry and toilets are available – showers are currently closed.

Sonwik Yachthafen: +49 (0) 461 5050-450, E-mail: [email protected]

DENMARK – Presently no ports are open for transiting yachts seeking refuge/supplies.
Denmark Covid-19 Information on Noonsite
The Danish Ocean Cruising Association (DOCA) has been in contact with a number of Danish key ports and marinas on the transit routes to and from Norway and Sweden. They are officially closed to foreign yachts, but emergency fuel may be possible. In most places fuel is available by unmanned fuel pumps and credit cards, outside business hours. It is advisable to call ahead, if needed.



Status: Transit only

All boats needing supplies or wanting to leave the boat for crew to return to their home countries, just anchor off the harbor and contact the authorities via:

Portugal Covid-19 Information on Noonsite

Gibraltar Port

Status: Open (only with advance reservation)

  • Stopovers to re-fuel/re-provision are possible.
  • Advance notification must be given by e-mail prior to arrival – [email protected]
  • Normal clearance protocol should be followed including completing the mandatory pre-arrival declaration.
  • Queensway Quay Marina remains open to foreign arrivals (subject to availability), but yachts wishing to berth here must have email confirmation from marina management that they have been allocated a berth BEFORE arrival. All arrivals are subject to the same lockdown (quarantine) as currently in force at Gibraltar.

Queensway Quay Marina: +350 2004 4700, E-mail: [email protected]

Puerto Sotogrande 
La Linea – Alcaidesa Marina 

Important Update: New temporary border controls have been brought in from 15-25 May, 2020 to contain the risks of contagion. Entry into the national territory by sea will only be allowed to foreign yachts that need entry due to reasons of force majeure or situation of need. See biosecurity for more details.

Any boat wanting to make any movement in Spain, including the permitted ones (going to the shipyard, coming from the shipyard, coming back to home port) must fill in this form and send it to the corresponding Capitania Maritima. Most mainland Spanish ports are open for yachts that meet certain conditions and with prior approval from the relevant authorities. 
The Balearics remain closed for arriving yachts, although authorities are accepting yachts under certain circumstances, for example yachts arriving at the shipyards for repairs, as well as vessels with long term reservations at a marina. Each entrance is always subject to approval from the authorities. Canaries ports will remain closed until the end of the State of Emergency that is enforced until the 25th May.

Status: Transit only

  • Prior contact must be made at least one day in advance by e-mail to inform the authorities of your ETA, boat information, departure port, passage time etc.
  • Fuel and provisions are available, haulout and repairs possible.
  • Crew cannot disembark except in an emergency and then only when authorized to do so.

Puerto Sotogrande: +34 956 790 000, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 09,

Status: Open

The following procedure for foreign yachts arriving in La Linea has been established with the Guardia Civil:-

  • All arriving yachts have to berth at the Marina waiting dock.
  • Neither the captain nor crew can disembark.
  • The Guardia Civil are duly informed of the arrival of the yacht and provided with all the standard documentation.
  • Upon receiving authorization from the GC the yacht can enter the marina.
  • Whilst in the marina the crew must follow the confinement measures imposed on the general public, which currently only allow one person at a time to leave their boat to purchase groceries or pharmaceutical products.
  • The Marina will assist with fuel and repairs if required.
  • Customs & Immigration are working but due to self-isolating measures are only stamping passports in special cases.
  • The marina recommends advance notice so that the Guardia Civil can be informed prior to arrival.
  • Fuel is available at the marina and their boatyard is operating for both emergencies and repairs. Only professional crew are allowed access to the boatyard but arrangements can be made to tow the boat from within the marina to the boatyard.
  • 60+ marina customers opted to stay on their boats during the lockdown and they have established a facebook page to provide news and information on the current situation and also to organise local companies (butchers, fishmonger, bakery, fruit & veg grocery) to deliver to the marina.

Alcaidesa Marina: +34 956 021660, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch.09,

Status: Open

  • This is an OPEN port and available for both yachts in transit and a short/long term stay.
  • Yachts wishing to make a booking or stopover for fuel etc. should send an advance email with the name of the boat, sail/motor/mono/catamaran, the exact length and beam, ETA and ETD, and await authorization.
  • Once in the marina, crew are allowed to go ashore following government guidelines.

Yacht Port Cartagena: +34 968 12 12 13, E-mail: [email protected],

Status: Transit only

The following procedure for foreign yachts arriving in Valencia has been established with the Guardia Civil:-

  • First obtain advance authorization from the Government in Valencia (Subdelegacion del Gobierno en Valencia).
  • They will have to check the requirements of the Sanitary Authorities (Sanidad) as well.
  • Skippers should also check for berth availability and confirmation of a berth is required to proceed further. Marina de Valencia are open for berthing.
  • Finally, after all these steps, the Skipper must inform the Guardia Civil del Mar that they are coming.
  • The marina’s fuel dock is open and repair work is possible.

Subdelegacion del Gobierno in Valencia: +34 963079400
Sanidad in Valencia: +34 963079717
Guardia Civil del Mar in Valencia: +34 963670650
Marina de Valencia: +34 963812009, E-mail: [email protected], VHF: Ch 67,


  • Ceuta is in full lockdown and frontiers with mainland Spain and Morocco are closed. Only Ceuta residents are allowed to enter.
  • It has been reported that Melilla is open to yachts in transit, however we have not had an official answer yet to confirm this.
  • E-mail: [email protected]


Italy’s borders and ports are now open to all foreign yachts coming from countries in the EU/Schengen area without quarantine.
Foreign yachts (both EU and non-EU) coming from a non-EU country will not be permitted to enter Italy.


Status: Open to yachts coming from an EU/Schengen country

  • Marina Sifredi is OPEN and available for both yachts in transit and a short/long term stay.
  • Send an email prior to your arrival requesting a berth and include boat and crew details.
  • The marina will reply with availability.
  • On approaches, call the marina one hour before you arrive. The marina is manned 0900-1900 so try to arrive during these hours.
  • Tie up as normal and you will be visited by the Coast Guard to advise you about quarantine.
  • Fill out all required forms electronically (the marina will send these to you), including a health declaration which the marina will forward to the Authorities.
  • Clearance into Sardinia can be done online – a scan of your passport needs to be included.

Marina Sifredi: +39 0781857008, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 15,

Status: Open to yachts coming from an EU/Schengen country

  • Cruisers report that Marina del Sole has berths available for yachts in transit as well as short/long term.
  • Procedures are likely the same as for Carloforte (see above).

Marina del Sole: +39 070 308730, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 13,

Marina di Ragusa

Status: Open to yachts coming from an EU/Schengen country

  • Marina di Ragusa is open and can assist yachts in transit with fuel/provisions/water.
  • Prior to arrival all yachts must complete a Maritime Declaration of Health (pdf download). This is not available online, so will need to be printed, filled in and then scanned. Failing that, report all information required in the form by e-mail. The Marina can send the form.
  • The completed form must be sent to:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected] , and
    [email protected]
  • In the same e-mail declare for what reason your boat is coming to the marina (i.e. refuel, emergency repair etc.) and that all crew members will remain on board and not disembark. The Captain also needs to declare the number of people on board and that they all are all in good health (if they are), name of the boat, registration number and flag.
  • At least 24 hours before arrival, inform the Marina of your boat details and approximate ETA.
  • On approach, call the Marina on VHF Ch. 74 when 2NM off and stand off to await instructions.
  • For emergency repairs, contact the boatyard at [email protected] to see how much space they have.

Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa: +39 0932230301, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 74,

Status: Open to yachts coming from an EU/Schengen country

  • Marina di Cala del Sole is open and can assist yachts in transit with fuel/provisions/water and if necessary in an emergency, repairs.
  • Yachts in transit must inform the Coast Guard in Licata of their intended arrival by e-mail in advance, explaining the reason for their transit and required stop.

Coast Guard Licata: E-mail: [email protected]
Marina di Cala del Sole: +39 09221837137, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 74,

Tivat (Porto Montenegro) 

Status: Open – can accommodate yachts requiring quarantine

  • As of 1 June, 2020, Montenegro is now open to yachts coming from designated countries without the requirement for quarantine (countries with less than 25 people infected on 100 000 inhabitants).
  • This will make it easier for yachts coming from countries on the list to stop in transit.
  • If, however, you come from a country not on the list, quarantine procedures will still be required.
  • Porto Montenegro (Tivat) has permission to accommodate yachts requiring quarantine. The official quarantine period for arriving yachts into Porto Montenegro is now as per the EU standard of 14 days. Recognition of time spent at sea between the last port of departure and Montenegro will also be taken into consideration and subtracted from the 14-day period.
  • At least 24 hrs prior to arrival send yacht registration, crew list and copies of all crew passports to Porto Montenegro and make a booking.
  • On arrival in Montenegro waters e-mail Montenegro VTS with yacht registration, crew list, Captain’s certificate of competence, authorization letter if applicable and insurance.
  • Clearance procedures can all be carried out at the Marina. Yachts will be berthed at a designated quarantine area unless coming to just re-fuel. All crew must remain on board the yacht. The marina can assist with food delivery, pump out etc.
  • Crew changes are possible. Arriving crew can join the yacht immediately on arrival, but this does then require the yacht and existing crew to enter into a 14 day quarantine period. Alternatively arriving crew can obtain permission to undertake the required 14 day quarantine period ashore prior to joining the yacht. The marina has a hotel suitable for quarantine.

Porto Montenegro: +382 32661061, E-mail: [email protected], VHF Ch. 72,
Montenegro VTS: E-mail: [email protected]

Montenegro Covid-19 Information on Noonsite


  • On 11 May Croatia opened its border to all EU residents who own boats in the country, and any yacht owners with a marina booking or contract.
  • On entering the country, documents proving ownership of a vessel, a berth contract and/or a confirmation from the port, must be submitted.
  • Self isolation or quarantine for foreign nationals is not mandatory.

More information at: Croatia Covid-19 Information on Noonsite

Marsamxett Harbor

Status: Extreme Emergency only

  • Valetta port is in lockdown and no yachts can enter or leave. You will be turned away unless your situation is an extreme emergency.
  • Yachts that have had to stop and managed to gain entry in an emergency have reported marina fees as high as 250 Euros a night.

Paul Warren (OCC Port Officer): E-mail: [email protected] (may be able to assist in urgent cases).


Status: Quarantine/test may be required

  • Southern Cyprus is now accepting international arrivals but a Covid test and quarantine time may be required depending on the country you are arriving from. See protocol here.
  • For any emergencies, yachts must co-ordinate with the Marine Police who will advise accordingly.
  • Limassol Marina is open.

Limassol Marine Police: +357 25 805 803, E-mail: [email protected]
Limassol Marina: +357 25 020 020, E-mail: [email protected],

Status: Partially open from 18 May (with restrictions)

  • Until 31.05.2020 private yachts can only come into Greece from abroad if coming from a country Greece considers to be safe AND you are travelling only to a shipyard into which you are already booked AND you have permission from the associated port authority. That suggests that only boats needing repairs at a shipyard can enter Greece until the end of May.
  • Crew must undertake a covid test or 14 day quarantine and permission must be granted prior to departing for Greece. See full details in the Greece biosecurity section.
  • Yachts in transit needing to stop in Greece can attempt to get permission to stop by contacting the Port Authority prior to arrival, however this is not guaranteed. 
  • Contact the Port Authority in advance sending crew list, passport copies, boat registration and boat insurance.
    Details at:
  • It is recommended to also contact the Greek Coastguard in advance with details as to why you have to stop.
    Tel: +30 213 1371700 or +30 213 1374700
    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Due to the quarantine rules, most yachts stopping to re-supply will require the use of an agent to assist as you will not be permitted to go ashore. It is possible to arrange re-supply in Lerapetra, Crete using agent Giannis Siganos. E-mail the port authority/coastguard a crew list, passport copies, boat registration and boat insurance [[email protected]] and call them on VHF 12 as you approach if they don’t call you first. Giannis [[email protected], WhatsApp +30 6987848366] can assist with fuel, provisions and repairs with payment by card. E-mail him in advance (cost approx. €150). 


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This list of transit ports was compiled in association with the Ocean Cruising Club.

Please e-mail [email protected] if you have information on any open/transit ports not included in this document or any updates to share.

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