Feature Destination: Japan

Japan could now be on the shortlist for one of the best cruising grounds in the world. Obstructive permits have been abolished, domestic cruising has been made simpler, clearance is free and there is no limit on how long a foreign boat can remain in the country. Add to that modern marinas, friendly locals and officials, incredible culture and endless sights plus great food, and perhaps Japan should be added to your cruising route? Read More

Destination Report: Has Extreme Bureaucracy made this Pearl of India a "No-Go" for Yachts?

Date Published - May 07, 2019

The Andaman Islands lie about 450nm northwest of Phuket in the Bay of Bengal and have always been a popular destination for boats from Thailand, especially those on their way to the Red Sea. However, increased paperwork and stringent daily reporting requirements have taken the glow off this stunning archipelago. Anthony Swanston, a regular Noonsite contributor, reports on his time here taking part in the Sail the Andamans Yacht Carnival & Rally.Read More

Noonsite Community: Meet the global cruising family who write www.water-log.com

Date Published - May 17, 2017

James & Jess Lloyd-Mostyn of SY Adamastor were the first Noonsite users to take part in our Portrait of a Cruiser series in 2017. Back then this cruising family had sailed all the way from the UK to New Zealand, visited 32 countries, crossed 2 oceans, and even had two children en route. After returning to cruise the South Pacific they have now added to their family with baby Autumn and don’t have any plans to quit the cruising life any time soon. Read More

Book of the Month: How to Escape the Rat Race and Live the Dream

Date Published - July 01, 2019

Realizing the dream of escaping to sea involves a myriad of choices, decisions, and learning. For many wanting to make this dream a reality, it can be a very daunting task and a little intimidating. Nicola, having done it herself and raising her children on board for 4 years, has now produced an updated version of “Sail Away” which acts as a guide on how to make this dream come true.Read More