Off the Beaten Path: Amazon Adventure

Date Published - January 21, 2022

After crossing the Atlantic from South Africa to Paraiba in NE Brazil, cruisers Mark and Christine Templeman were offered an amazing opportunity to explore the Amazon River. The BRALLY Amazon 2021 took them on a 500NM journey from the river delta to the heart of the rainforest.Read More

Tonga: Volcanic Eruption Unleashes Tsunami on Nuku'alofa

Date Published - January 15, 2022

A violent eruption on the volcanic island of Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai on Saturday afternoon January 15, has sent a 1.2 metre tsunami crashing into the island of Tonga and is believed to be responsible for a surge that caused significant damage to Tutukaka Marina on New Zealand’s North Island. News report andRead More

Natural Disasters: Advice for Cruisers Who Want to Help

Date Published - January 20, 2022

Following any devastating natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, tropical cyclone or hurricane, many cruisers want to pitch in and help. Jonathon Robinson from Sea Mercy (Fiji) has some advice for cruisers on how to (and how not to) help out after a natural disaster.Read More

Marshall Islands: Beautiful Creatures of the Majuro Lagoon

Date Published - January 17, 2022

For the past few years, two teams of yachtie amateur scientists – John and Lynette Flynn on s/v White Hawk and Ken Cone and Beth Van Zummere on s/v Eagle’s Wings – have been exploring and photographing some of the incredible biodiversity in the Majuro Lagoon of the MarshallRead More

Galapagos: An Unforgettable Visit to a Unique Group of Islands

Date Published - January 13, 2022

After being stuck in Colon, Panama for 21 months due to the Corona Virus restrictions, German sailor Peter Kraus finally made it to the Galapagos Islands in December 2021 on his round-the-world journey. In this report, Peter provides an update on the procedure for entering the islands and someRead More

South Pacific: Fiji and Queensland on Cyclone Alert

Date Published - January 09, 2022

Tropical Cyclone Tiffany is threatening the Far North Coast of Queensland, Australia, while the tropical depression slamming parts of Fiji has strengthened to a category 1 Tropical Cyclone and has been named Cody according to the Fiji Meteorological Service.Read More

Canary Islands: ARC January 2022 Sets Sail for the Caribbean

Date Published - January 11, 2022

For the first time Gran Canaria bid farewell to an ARC fleet in the new year as ARC January 2022 set sail from Las Palmas on Sunday 9 January. The new route has brought together an eclectic fleet of yachts and eager crews excited to embark on a 2,700nm tradewindRead More

Featured Title: Retreat Sailing

Date Published - December 20, 2021

“Retreat Sailing” by circumnavigator Marin Bosotina, is a dedication to the all-encompassing benefits that an individual can attain simply by sailing. For beginners who are new to sailing and just starting to dip their toes, it is a useful handbook equipped with sound advice and an abundance of tips not only from the author’s personal experiences but also from other avid sailors from around the globe. The book aims to encourage and inspire the everyday person to attempt sailing at least once in their lifetime.Read More