Pandemic Pursuits: Postponing a Circumnavigation

Date Published - May 26, 2022

After more than six years cruising the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic and back, Paul Chopin started planning his ultimate adventure – a circumnavigation. Unfortunately a global pandemic and problems with trying to find the right boat have delayed this adventure.Read More

INSIGHTS: Medical Kits for Cruising

Date Published - April 26, 2022

Before heading off long-distance cruising it’s important to be well prepared for any medical event, including appropriate training for the crew and having a well-stocked medical kit. Behan Gifford of SY Totem gives her thoughts and INSIGHTS into pulling together a usable offshore medical kit for long-term cruising, plus otherRead More

World Cruising Club: Spring Update

Date Published - May 10, 2022

In the latest news from World Cruising Club, the 2024 edition of World ARC is set to open for entries and those looking for a cruising adventure can join an online Bluewater Cockpit Conversations event to hear inspirational stories and practical top tips to get started on an adventure cruisingRead More

Guatemala: Yachts in Limbo Following Tax Issues

Date Published - May 14, 2022

More than 700 foreign sailboats in Rio Dulce, Livingston and Puerto Barrios in Guatemala are “in limbo” due to length of stay permits and import tax issues according to a report on the Guatemala news website LaRed.Read More

Featured Title: The Five-Year Voyage

Date Published - May 09, 2022

An impressive small boat voyage and true story. Stephen Ladd and partner Ginny adapt a 2 masted trailer sailor that draws only 9 inches for a “voyage” along the coastline and rivers of South America. They row and sail, exploring the Amazon and nineteen other rivers with portages between. MakingRead More