Cape Verdes: First-Hand Report on Raid and Assault on Yacht

Date Published - June 09, 2021

While en route from Gambia to Grenada in April of this year, the yacht Ivalu had to make an emergency detour to Praia in the Cape Verde Islands. On their first night at anchor the yacht was boarded and the crew assaulted at knife point and robbed. Skipper Peter FinkbeinerRead More

INSIGHTS: Helping Your Friends and Family Help You

Date Published - June 04, 2021

When you are out sailing in the middle of the ocean, it is so good knowing that you have got people back home who are able to assist you if – or when – you need them. New Zealand sailor and regular INSIGHTS contributor Viki Moore passes on someRead More

Caribbean: Hurricane Season is Here

Date Published - June 09, 2021

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially started on June 1, although one tropical storm – Ana – has already been named and formed earlier than usual in May. Here we give you an outline of what to expect, tips for hurricane tracking from Don Street, plus useful resources for yachtRead More

Pacific Passage Northbound: Mexico to Hawaii

Date Published - June 01, 2021

Steve Olson and his girlfriend Chelsea recently completed a 26 day voyage from Mexico to Hawaii aboard their 35 ft Lord Nelson monohull named Jean Anne. This was there first offshore voyage of more than 4 days. Here, they reflect on some of the highlights – and lowlights – ofRead More

Mediterranean: Bureaucrats and Clear Waters

Date Published - June 12, 2021

After being tied to the dock for three months in Greece, the catamaran “Water Dogs” and her Canadian family finally sailed north to Croatia as part of the Schengen Shuffle. Father Gavin French outlines their continuing battles with bureaucracy in a COVID-19 world as they ultimately decide to headRead More

INSIGHTS: Homeschooling on Board for the College Bound Student

Date Published - May 18, 2021

Author Kate Laird has sailed with her husband and children aboard their yacht SEAL since 2004, from Greenland to Antarctica to Alaska. She has home-schooled her children on board throughout their school years. Following on from her first article for INSIGHTS last year covering boat schooling ages 4 to 12,Read More

Noonsite Needs You!

Date Published - May 15, 2020

We are dedicated to continuing to bring you information that will inspire and facilitate your cruising plans, but want to remind you how you can get involved and support Noonsite too.Read More

Featured Title: The Paddle Board Bible

Date Published - April 09, 2021

Having a paddleboard (or two) on board is not only great fun for those windless days at anchor, but also excellent exercise, an alternative way to get ashore when you are going alone and a quick and simple taxi to take the dog ashore for a comfort break. Find out all the basics in this packed book by Dave Price.Read More