UK to Greece: 12 Lessons Learned

Date Published - January 01, 2023

With scarcely one year of sailing under their belts and less than 100NM of practical sailing experience in their yacht, New Zealand sailors Connie and Greg Miller sailed away from England in the midst of the COVID pandemic, bound for Greece. In this report Connie details 12 lessons they learnedRead More

Cruising Life: You Know You Are A Cruiser When...

Date Published - December 23, 2022

After the first year of cruising is under our belt and we have worked out most of the kinks, I find that I really love this life. However, its quite a different life. We were hanging out in a gorgeous anchorage at Isla Isabella, Mexico, resting from my third snorkleRead More

World Cruising Club: December Update

Date Published - December 29, 2022

With a new Managing Director taking the helm and a host of seminars, rallies and events, 2023 promises to be a busy year for the team at World Cruising Club.Read More

Cruising Club of America's Blue Water Medal Winners

Date Published - December 30, 2022

The Cruising Club of America has named Ginger and Peter Niemann as winners of the 2021 Blue Water Medal for two sailing circumnavigations that took them to the high latitudes, north and south as well as for their teamwork, courage, good humor, flexibility, and innovative spirit.Read More

Portrait of A Cruiser: Birgit Hackl and Christian Feldbauer

Date Published - December 19, 2022

Calling themselves “green cruisers”, Austrian liveaboards Birgit Hackl and Christian Feldbauer, rely only on alternative energy sources and try to minimize the impact they have on the environment. They not only assist local communities where they cruise, but also try to give back to the generous cruiser community by sharingRead More

Once is Enough

Date Published - December 14, 2022

This tale of fear and determination electrified the sailing world when first published in 1959. What keeps it as fresh and captivating now as when it was written, however, is not the fury of the storm but Miles Smeeton’s spare, eloquent descriptions of life at sea.Read More