Turkey to Indonesia via the Red Sea

Date Published - October 19, 2020

As coronavirus made its way into the world early 2020 these American double-handers felt lucky they were tucked up safely in a marina in Finike, Turkey. But as the months wore on and the pandemic grew, so did their concerns about visas and political tensions in the eastern Med. AfterRead More

INSIGHTS: Pacific Reflections

Date Published - October 05, 2020

Anna Eriksson, behavioral scientist, executive coach and liveaboard, gives us an INSIGHT into how an ocean passage can affect us both physically and spiritually and how it helped her come to terms with the health pandemic impacting borders worldwide. Here she shares with Noonsite her photo story and some ofRead More

Noonsite Needs You!

Date Published - May 15, 2020

We are dedicated to continuing to bring you information that will inspire and facilitate your cruising plans, but want to remind you how you can get involved and support Noonsite too.Read More

Safety: The Importance Of A Float Plan

Date Published - August 08, 2020

This article by Glen Tuttle of Boatwatch.org demonstrates the necessity of having a Float Plan filed with a friend familiar with you and your boat when on passage, who will take action if you are overdue.Read More

Destination Report: Southern Australia

Date Published - October 08, 2020

British circumnavigators Rob and Barb White of SY Zoonie chose to take the southern route to western Australia across the Great Australian Bight. This is the story of their passage and time spent in Western Australia preparing for an Indian Ocean crossing this month.Read More

Passages: Across the Indian Ocean to Tanzania

Date Published - October 14, 2020

Peter and Donna Schmieder are a German/American couple who live and travel around the world on their catamaran Kokomo, a Quasar50, made by Prout. Having crossed the Indian Ocean from Cochin, India to Tanga, Tanzania, they became “stuck” in Tanzania when surrounding countries locked down during the height ofRead More

Featured Title: Seven at Sea

Date Published - October 16, 2020

Authors Erik and Emily are parents that want to show their five children the world (don’t we all) and are determined to do it. Together the family learn to sail, learn to be cruisers and learn how to make their dream happen becoming a harmonized team on board a tiny sailboat in the tropics.Read More