Greece and Croatia: Formalities Update

Date Published - February 22, 2021

The catamaran “Water Dogs” and her Canadian family crew have been cruising in the Mediterranean for over a year, succesfully doing the “Schengen Shuffle”. After being tied to the dock for 3 months in Greece, they have now sailed north to Croatia to move out of Schengen but remain inRead More

INSIGHTS: Man Overboard – The Mayday - Episode 4

Date Published - February 18, 2021

A crew member overboard is something we all dread. We all know to hang on tight and not to fall in, but if a crew member does go over the side we need to know how to get back to them quickly and get them out of the water. DuncanRead More

Noonsite Needs You!

Date Published - May 15, 2020

We are dedicated to continuing to bring you information that will inspire and facilitate your cruising plans, but want to remind you how you can get involved and support Noonsite too.Read More

South Pacific Cruising in 2021

Date Published - February 04, 2021

Behan Gifford and family chose not to cross the Pacific last year and remained in Mexico. Frustrated by the number of cruising boats planning on “cruising” the Pacific this year, she has published the current situation on her blog. This is an informative summary of what to expect if youRead More

Destination Report: Gambia

Date Published - February 12, 2021

Having cruised extensively last year from South Africa to Europe, Kia Koropp and her family decided to forego an Atlantic Crossing to the Caribbean in November and instead headed down to Gambia for an alternative cruising experience up-river with hippos and crocodiles. Read More

Caribbean: COVID Yachting Protocols

Date Published - November 23, 2020

New protocols due to COVID-19 which are constantly changing make moving between countries in the Caribbean this cruising season a complicated task. Find out what you need to know in order to cruise with confidence with our round up of yachting protocols for each island and country. Continually updated.Read More

Featured Title: Rites of Passage

Date Published - February 01, 2021

For anyone exploring the UK or UK sailors looking for challenging routes from their home shores, this collaborative publication brings together a selection of the best “milestone” passages around the British Isles that should not be missed by a variety of authors. Read More