INSIGHTS: Choosing Crew

Date Published - May 03, 2021

Boats sailing around the world or on smaller coastal passages often take on extra crew as another pair of hands to help out along the way. But as a potential crew member, or skipper, how much due diligence do you do before you get on board? New Zealand sailorRead More

Destination Report: Azores

Date Published - April 27, 2021

After a 6000 mile passage from South Africa to the Azores, seasoned sailor Kia Koropp reflects on taking the time to explore one of the few places to stay open and provide a warm welcome to cruising sailors throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.Read More

Noonsite Needs You!

Date Published - May 15, 2020

We are dedicated to continuing to bring you information that will inspire and facilitate your cruising plans, but want to remind you how you can get involved and support Noonsite too.Read More

Destination Report: South Africa

Date Published - April 08, 2021

After 42 days at sea and over 7000 miles across the Indian Ocean, SY Zoonie arrived in Richards Bay, South Africa. This is part 4 of their Indian Ocean series, this time covering their voyage around the South Africa coast.Read More

ALERT: Know how to react if you sight Orcas on passage

Date Published - April 23, 2021

Following reports of pods of Orca harassing and in some cases ramming yachts in the area from the Straits of Gibraltar to NW Spain, Spanish and Portuguese authorities have devised an action plan for yacht skippers. This information shared by The Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation and important information forRead More

INSIGHTS: Cruising with the Moon

Date Published - April 14, 2021

Anna Eriksson, behavioral scientist, executive coach and liveaboard, left Stockholm, Sweden with her husband Arthur on board their 16 meter Amel Super Maramu ketch in March 2019 and arrived in New Zealand in December 2020. Here she shares with Noonsite her photo story of the moon as they crossed theRead More

Passages: Hitchhiking Across the Atlantic

Date Published - April 19, 2021

In 2020, amidst the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, twenty-year-old Matt Whitley from Manchester, UK, dreamt of sailing an ocean. The big question was, how could he turn that dream into a reality with no money, no ocean sailing experience, no yachting qualifications and just RYA Dinghy sailing levelsRead More

Featured Title: The Boat Cookbook

Date Published - April 06, 2021

Real food for hungry sailors – quick and tasty recipes for sailors cooking onboard a boat, or anyone short of space.Veteran food and wine writer Fiona Sims is as well versed in life at sea as she is in all things culinary and she brings her two passions together here in a little book of galley-friendly recipes. She has enlisted the help of a number of well-known friends from the sailing and restaurant worlds to contribute.Read More