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The Ria de Vigo is the most southern of the Galician Rias, benefitting from a slightly better climate because of its location. Protected across its entrance by the Islas Cies (part of the Atlantic Islands National Park), it provides a safe, sheltered harbor. It lies about 6nm from the entrance.

The Port of Vigo is ideally positioned and has, for many years, been the leading seafood port in Galicia. Vigo, which was first settled as a small fishing village, has become Galicia´s most populous city with successive areas of land having been reclaimed from the sea. Its origin as a fishing port has left the old town with an interesting maritime atmosphere.

Cruiser Highlights:

Vigo is one of the top locations in Galicia for solving problems with a boat. All marine services are available here. The best way to find expertise is through the marinas who will have good knowledge of the most suitable people around. This is a good place to consider over-wintering your boat.

Baiona lies on the southern shore at the entrance to the Ria, about 4nm due south of the Islas Cies.


42° 10.13’N, 08° 52.93’W (entrance to Ria de Vigo)

42° 07.5’N, 08° 50.35’W (Baiona)

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  1. July 5, 2022 at 4:15 PM
    profile photo
    sue-richards says:

    Reported by Richard Andrews who sailed from the UK, to the Channel Islands and then direct to Baiona:

    The Monte Real Club de Yates in Baiona was the best choice. Really lovely. The fuel dock was easy to get to, although as the tide went out I did wonder if we might be stuck for a while – we weren’t. Credit card accepted, and we bunkered around 1,200 litres or so. We were shown to a hammerhead berth which was entirely satisfactory.

    On checking into the marina, we explained our recent movements, and it was the staff who advised us we would have to visit “Aduana” in Vigo (the Customs clearance office). All five of us (the whole crew). Now that didn’t go down too well!! I had remembered Reeds saying that the road trip was around 20 mins, but in fact it was the best part of an hour. I was the least popular skipper in the taxi!! The taxi driver had to make quite a case at the barrier to be allowed to drive into the cruise terminal compound, but eventually they let us through. We asked him to wait, since word was that a big taxi wasn’t always easy to find. The driver was lovely actually, and he pulled up at the cruise building and pointed the way. He came with us to find out if it would be a lengthy process. It wasn’t.

    We were met inside by a uniformed fellow who seemed quite amused. In the corridor, he asked for our passports. We had an Italian, a Portuguese and three British crew. On hearing our story – and in fact the marina staff had already emailed them with our details, which I am certain was the key to it all – he looked through the passports and handed them all back – except mine. Since the boat was sailing the next day, none of the passports required a stamp. The Italian and Portuguese wouldn’t have been stamped anyway. But because I was flying home (to the UK), mine was stamped.

    We were then shown the way to Customs, but they were even less interested in us, and sent us away without any action. Again, I think this was due to the marina’s email. Next stop Palma de Mallorca so I guess temporary import will have to be dealt with there.

  2. September 19, 2019 at 1:32 PM
    sofiene says:

    We stayed few day at Monte Real Club de Yates Marina VHF71. The crew is very professional. Swell coming from all the boat going in and out specially if you are at the end of the pontoon.
    WIFI is available but slow.
    For Salvora, Ons and Cies islands you need a navigation permit and an anchoring requested by day which is difficult to plan in advance.

  3. October 2, 2018 at 5:18 PM
    Data Entry says:

    We took a 3-month contract in Real Club Nautico de Vigo and used it as our home base to explore this beautiful part of Spain. We cannot speak highly enough of the staff at this yacht club, especially David Vilas. We had a problem with our generator, I e-mailed David around noon from our anchorage about 1-hour sail away, he promptly replied that a mechanic would be on the dock at 4 Pm waiting for us.

    This marina is right in the heart of Vigo, a vibrant city that has much to offer, almost everything is in walking distance around the marina, good transportation access also, planes, train, and busses.

    The big advantage of having a home base was to be able to charge batteries, take on fresh water, replenish food and have a safe berth when the weather turned nasty. Some of the worlds best beaches are within 1.5 hours sail.

  4. September 7, 2017 at 3:01 PM
    Data Entry says:

    The anchoring permit for the Islas (Cies, Salvora and Ons) can be obtained online http://www.iatlanticas.es/html/index96e7.html well in advance. You must print it out and have it on board for inspection on request. You will receive it via return email. It is valid for up to two years. Then, you must apply for daily permits for each day you plan to spend in the Islas Atlanticas within two weeks of going there. The Islas have free wifi so you can actually apply as you arrive. But keep in mind that the number of visiting yachts is restricted and you may not get your chosen dates.

    The Islas Cies are very crowded getting millions of visitors every year. The closer you get to the ferry terminal the more crowded the beaches are, especially since the Guardian selected the main beach as the most beautiful in the world. The south end of the middle island has a lovely protected anchorage and a tiny beach on which to land your dinghy. Lovely walks on the island.

    The Islas Ons are topographically less interesting but much less crowded and with a lovely anchorage towards the north end which is a hike from the village. The ferry drops people off at the village at the middle of the island where there are several restaurants and moorings packed very close together. The moorings are necessary as the water is very deep and the bottom rocky there.

    Salvora was our favourite. Nice anchorage, pretty little beach (at low tide), a castle/museum right on the harbour, a lovely statue on a rock in the harbour, wild horses running free on the island, a lighthouse, a deserted village and the sword in the stone. You have to see it to understand. Lovely rock formations. Geologically young islands. Good snorkelling but cold water.

  5. September 7, 2017 at 2:50 PM
    Data Entry says:

    The Marina Davila Sport is in a huge industrial estate and VERY far from everything but could be a good option for overwintering. We found the staff there unpleasant compared to other places. You’d need a bicycle just to get out of the industrial estate. Ten minutes ride out and then another 5 min to the pleasant town of Bouzos. Good chandlery there. Vigo is another 30 minutes bike ride or taxi.

    Punta Lagoa Marina is another marina worth considering for overwintering, also far out of town but 10 minutes from the airport. It has space for larger vessels and many foreign boats stop there on their travels. It has a boatyard and large travelift as well as in water storage. It is worth negotiating the price. There is nothing else on site. They had a restaurant but did not receive planning permission so had to remove it. The closest town with two supermarkets, a launderette, butcher, baker, hardware store etc is about a 20-minute walk straight up a mountain. Lovely views. €5 taxi ride. The tiny restaurant at the top of the hill (10 min walk) is delightful. Fresh fish only and you get to pick your catch from the daily display. The staff at Punta Lagoa are very helpful and will call taxis, print tickets, etc on request.

  6. September 7, 2017 at 2:41 PM
    Data Entry says:

    We loved the Club Nautico Marina in Vigo. Admittedly, space is tight inside and larger yachts can have a bit of a challenge getting around. It has a nice clubhouse with good wifi. And it is right in the centre of the old city. Walk to many restaurants and shops.

    There’s a fantastic computer operated launderette not too far up and near the supermarkets and more restaurants. The club also has a large swimming pool which is closed in August. There is a bit of a swell as the ferries come into the commercial harbour next door but not at night. We found it overall very pleasant and stayed four nights.

  7. August 24, 2017 at 1:43 AM
    Data Entry says:

    Puerto Deportivo Baiona had ample space on finger pontoons with electricity and water. Price was a rather expensive €43.54 a night – charged us for 14m (we’re 12.2m). Toilets/showers simple but adequate. Wifi very slow and poor reception on outer pontoons. Fuel pontoon is near the slipway on the alongside pontoons and in a fairly shallow spot. Laundry can be done at nearby “Wash-up” self-service launderette in town (turn left as you exit marina). Marina gates are unsecured and locals have been observed docking at free finger pontoons to take on crew, water and even wash their decks during siesta 🙂

    The town has good shopping including a chandlery across the road from the marina. Explore the small back alleys and climb up the built-up cliff for a good view of the area. The castle is worth a visit and offers a nice walk along the battlements (€1 per person).

    Anchoring possible just off the mooring field east of Puerto Deportivo or off the beach with the bungalows (Playa de Ladeira) if there is no swell. In this area, you can pick up free Wifi from the bungalows.

  8. August 27, 2014 at 10:39 PM
    Data Entry says:

    We found Cangas marina good value. The Capitan was very helpful and the town quiet yet access to Vigo easy and cheap via a regular ferry. Much better than the huge impersonal and expensive marinas across the water.

  9. August 12, 2014 at 9:41 PM
    Data Entry says:

    Baiona 08/2014: As mentioned above the Monte Real Club de Yates is quite expensive (€62 for 14m) while the Puerto Deportivo is only €42. We spent only the first night in the Club and moved for our remaining stay over to the Puerto Deportivo. Facilities in the club are admittedly better. If you take a berth with a mooring in the Club instead of one with a finger pontoon, prices are comparable.

    On the outer visitor pontoons in Puerto Deportivo, they have only the 32A electricity plugs. Bigger diameter than the standard CEE. We were offered an adapter for €50 deposit, but as we encountered this type of plugs regularly now we bought one for 36 in the adjoining chandlery.

    There is a laundry in the club for €12,50 (goes with the berth price I guess) but no in the Puerto Deportivo. There is one in town close by, but that one is no self-service.

  10. March 21, 2014 at 11:15 AM
    Data Entry says:

    Hello, just to give you some details on the Cangas Marina, operated by the club Nautico de Rodeira. The VHF channel to call the “marineros” is Channel 06 (not 09 as noted on your site and as the most Spanish and French marinas). Regarding accommodation and facilities – the Harbour Office has all the necessary showers-lavatories-toilets, a sports standard but clean and correctly maintained.

    Wifi is available, good reception rate in the office and at the bar, you will surely need an aerial to receive it at your pontoon.As for the yacht length, we wintered since September here, with our Kelly Peterson 44 Cutter, currently, there’s also a Dufour 42,5 at a permanent place in the marina and some large yachts, 11 to 13 meters long. No place for the catamarans, as some friends of ours tried to come into the harbour in October and the team refused them. They stayed in the Marina Davila Sports harbour, great facilities but really far from Central Vigo (bus or taxi, but a 15-20 minute walk to the centre of Bouzas where public transport is available)
    In Cangas they have a quite good ship chandler (Ibericamar, http://ibericamar.es/) and a ferreteria-chandlery, lots of fishing and maintenance articles, painting, resin, some boat chandlery and lots of ropes and tools, Central de Efectos Navales, 5 minutes walk not far from the fishing harbour, while going to the Masso industrial site.

    Nathalie & Florin, Roz Avel, Kelly Peterson 44 cutter

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