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 Indonesia - General Info

Time Zone

UTC + 7 in the West Zone (Java, West & Central Kalimantan, Sumatra)

UTC + 8 in Central Zone (South & East Kalimantan, Bali, Sulawesi)

UTC + 9 in East Zone (Maluku, Irian Jaya)

Electrical Supply

Voltage: 127/230 V*

Frequency: 50 Hz


Indonesian rupiah (Rp) of 100 sen.

Credit cards are rarely accepted. ATMs are in many places, but generally have a low withdrawl limit.


International Dialing Code for Indonesia is +62.

A cheap Telekomsel dongle will give you high speed Internet access in the most obscure places.

Mobile phone Sims are also very cheap and international calls were very reasonable.

SE Asia Cruisers Net


In some towns there are very cheap communal buses ("bemos").

Taxis are rare, but you can usually hire a car with a driver.

"Ojeks" (motorcycle taxis) are everywhere and are useful for getting them to run errands e.g. get petrol or deliver water.

It is not advisable to drive (or ride) yourself - accidents are common.

Diplomatic Missions

A race/rally from Freemantle (Australia) to Bali
A race/rally from Darwin (Australia) to Ambon

Bali's Galungan/Kuningan Ceremonies
One of the most significant festivals in the Balinese calendar which repeat on a 210 day calendar year.
Exploring Equator-Asia
Annual programme of four yacht cruises designed to highlight the cultural attractions and amazing biodiversity of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Started 2009. Detailed rally info. on website.
Sail Indonesia
Annual Sailing Rally that departs Darwin mid-July. Three month program of linked events across Indonesia that are supported by the Indonesian Central Government and the Local Government Centres at the destinations visited. Check website for details. 2015 is the rally's 15th year.
Sail Maluku
Held annually in mid-August, started in 2011. 2014 Welcoming Ceremony in Ambon 28th August. Feeder events from Australia; 12th July starting point from Cairns, and 23rd July from Darwin. In Ambon enjoy cultural activities, gala dinner, tours etc. Assistance with all paperwork and permits.
Sail Raja Ampat
First rally took place in June/July 2014. See report for more details.
The Sail Tomini/Raja Ampat Festival 2015 Rally
Organised by the Indonesian Government to discover Indonesia, and starting from Samal in the Philippines. Started in 2012, the rally continues to run annually with a new name every year.
The 2015 rally departs from Holiday Oceanview Marina on Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines, on 30th August and cruises around the Raja Ampat islands in West Papua, Indonesia, ending on 24th October.
Rally registration before the 1st of August 2015. For the first time this year there is a registration fee of US$200 which is refunded if you proceed with the rally (costs of CAIT, custom guarantee and other relevant permits are courtesy of the Indonesian Government). Festivals will be conducted in Sangihe, Morotai, Boalemo & Raja Ampat with activities and shows organised by local governments.
Contact Luc Callebaut at the e-mail address listed for information and registration.


Police - dial 110

Fire Service - Dial 113

Medical Emergency Services - Dial 118


Cruising Guide to Indonesia
By Andy Scott
Publisher - Cruising Guide to Indonesia
Published 1st edition 2014
ISBN 9790990562610
With 25 chapters and over 320 anchorages, Cruising Guide Indonesia covers everything the prudent navigator needs to safely cruise Indonesian waters and enjoy the largest and best island nation in the world.  Free Java Chapter downloads here: Digital e-book versions also available here as well as gpx and kml waypoint files compatible with most modern chart plotters.

Cruising the Tanimbar Islands of Eastern Indonesia
By Jan Carter
Published 3rd Edition 2006
To Purchase Email:
Further information and an extract from the book can be seen at
This 88-page book has been written by Jan Carter and is for sailors who intend to cruise in this area as well as those interested in learning about this area. The book contains information about Tanimbarese culture and history, craft, forestry and birdlife. It also includes information about 16 anchorages, food, health, trading, prices, availability of water and visa information. The book includes a six-page English/Indonesian ‘sailing terms’ dictionary, more than 90 photos and six maps.

Southeast Asia Cruising Guide Vol II (Indonesia, East Timor, Singapore, West Thailand, Papua New Guinea)
By Stephen Davies and Elaine Morgan
Publisher - Imray - end Edition (2008)
ISBN 9781846230424
This is the first of the two-volume set of the Southeast Asia Cruising Guide to reach a second edition. It is the only guide that covers the entire length and breadth of a region frequently visited by round-the-world sailors. This edition concentrates on the most frequented routes and includes the most popular stops. This is essential reading for information about the general sailing conditions in the region; climate, currents, routes etc.

101 Anchorages Within the Indonesian Archipelago
By Geoff Wilson
Published by Red and White Publishing (October 2007)
ISBN 9789791008051
Contact Siti Farahsanti
Report from a cruiser in August 2015: This is the most useful hard-copy guide for anchorage information in Indonesia. All of the anchorages we visited were safe and well described in the guide. Our only criticism is that it would have benefitted from a more rigorous editing process: the numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes detract from the overall quality of the publication. There are also at least a couple of errors in the anchorage information pages (misnamed locations or lat/longs which belong to other anchorages). Well worth buying.

Indonesia Ministry of Tourism (Flores,Bali)
Island Information Website for the East Nusa Tenggara Province (East of Bali from Flores to West Timor). Recommended by cruisers.

A Cruise Through the 17,500 Islands of Indonesia
Published by SAIL Magazine November 2015. The story of 40ft catamaran "Ceilydh's" time in Indonesia.

Jayapura Discovered
An unexpected stop lead to a fixed boom and new friends in this interesting city - by SY Tenaya (May 2015)

Anchorages in Indonesia & Malaysia (2010)
SY Pacific Express have recorded the Lat and Longs of all their anchorages with comments.

Anchorages in Western Sumatra (2009).

Indonesia to Australia, Cruising in Company
Page on the Sail Indonesia website where boats returning from Indonesia to Australia can post their details if the wish to meet up with other yachts doing the same thing.

Update History

November 2015: Confirmation that Green Book no longer required for the Riau area from Susie Harris.
July 2015: Clarification of different social visas from Sail Indonesia. Publications checked.
June 2015: Immigration updated. Visa details from Timor Leste from Rebecca Childress.
July 2014: Customs, Immigration and clearance checked/updated.
April 2013: Inconsistency of PIB requriement reported by Behan of SV Totem and confirmed by Ruth of Isle Marine Services.
April 2013: Checking in and out updates from Jonathan Rodriguez-Atkatz of S/Y ARIANA.
February 2013: Update from Robert Melanson re new CAIT application procedure.
October 2012: Customs updated with information about spares from Alison & Greg of SY Rex 1.
September 2012: All links checked and updated.
September 2012: Formalities tidied up and latest info. added with information from Ray La Fontaine, Gini of SV Marquesa and Ruth of Isle Marine Services, Bali.
September 2012: Latest fees for "Sosbud" visa (obtained in PNG) passed on by Gini of SV Marquesa, plus agent fees.
July 2012: Clarification on required paperwork received from David Woodhouse of Sail Indonesia

Noonsite welcomes information and updates especially regarding clearance, customs and immigration procedures from cruisers visiting this country. Please E-mail noonsite with any new information, updates or corrections. Even just a short email confirming that the current data is accurate would be most helpful.

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zholland says:
Jan 16, 2016 06:13 PM

Opportunity to help in Komodo.

Komodo is a beautiful island to visit -- uncrowded, fine snorkeling, and of course the awesome Komodo dragons in the national park. There is also a village near the park, and the delightful people there could use your help if you have some electrical expertise. They have a small solar-powered reverse osmosis desalination system that was built for them a few years ago, so they wouldn't have to walk 7 kilometers to get fresh water. But the system no longer works, and the folks who built it are nowhere to be found. When the system is turned on, its circuit breakers immediately trip off. If you are bound for this area and think you can help, contact me for more details --

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Oct 22, 2015 03:02 PM

Transiting through Indonesia - stopping to refuel.
Posted on behalf of Robert Geier / SY China Dolphin

While in transit from Darwin to Malaysia I needed to refuel, but did not have a visa or CAIT for Indonesia, so was not sure what kind of reception I would get when I stopped in Bali looking for diesel. There is was an Indonesian Marine Police boat stationed in Benoa Harbour, and after explaining my problem to them they were extremely helpful in letting me tie up alongside, calling their fuel supplier who turned up with a barge about an hour later and charged a very low rate for diesel, and drove me to an ATM to get cash for payment. I am not sure if all cruisers will get this kind of help when stopping in Bali to refuel without visa or CAIT, or if I just got lucky, but worth trying if anyone else is in a similar situation.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Aug 15, 2015 09:59 PM

Hi Daniel, Jimmy does talk about routes to and from Indonesia in chapter 18 of WCR. His "World Cruising Destinations" goes into more detail about the cruising season there. In a nutshell; yachts usually cruise the islands from east to west and if this is planned to coincide with the SE monsoon (May to September) this will benefit from favourable winds. Yachts arriving from the north, should encounter more favourable winds during the NW monsoon (December to April), but this is not necessarily the ideal time as the weather is rainy and squally (plus is the cyclone season in the Timor and Arafura Seas). Jimmy recommends planning a voyage for the transitional period - head south during the spring (March to April) and north in the autumn (September to October).
Suggest you also read the cruiser reports adjacent as this will give you a good idea of timings.
You might also want to post your question on the weather and routing forum - link to it from top left of noonsite below the Pantaenius logo.
Finally - try taking a look at various cruiser blogs - there are heaps listed on the cruisers websites page (under general tab above) - go to the SE Asia section and check them out.

Daniel Baydreamer
Daniel Baydreamer says:
Aug 15, 2015 05:36 AM

Hello guys!

Does anyone know where to find information about when to sail in Indonesia? Is it ok to leave the Pacific late november (just before the cyclone season kicks in) and straight up to Indonesia towards Thailand? I have the "BIBLE" (world cruising routes) onboard but I fond no information about this area!


Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jul 21, 2015 08:05 AM

Posted on behalf of SY Yindee Plus:
We arranged our CAIT for Indonesia with Lytha in Jakarta ("PT. Kartasa Jaya": email It was superbly efficient and we received the documents by email within the 30 days she stated. The original CAIT was posted to us by courier and should have arrived 'next day' but took two, so pretty good.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jun 29, 2015 06:30 PM

Posted on behalf of Rebecca Childress:
Update on our experience using our Indonesia Social Visa (Visit Visa) from Timor Leste

We were surprisingly stamped in for 60 days when we checked in to Kupang, even though our visa said 30 days on entry, and then renewable up to 6 months. Unfortunately, when we went to renew the visa after 45 days, we were told that it was our fault that we were 15 days overdue, and there would be quite a large fine (almost $1000 USD!). We were able to negotiate out of this fee, but by the time this was complete we only had 3 days left on the 60 days. Not enough time to renew the visa again in Lombok, so we were forced to check out and leave Indonesia.

SO if you see 30 days printed on the visa, renew it 7 days before the 30 days is up to avoid any problems ...even if the stamp says 60 days! Does any of this make sense? Of course not, but such is Indonesia paperwork.


Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
May 25, 2015 04:46 PM

Posted on behalf of SV Villa G:
I would like to report on a very fine area for cruising in eastern Indonesia. It is Triton Bay and the surrounding areas south of Kaimana Western Papua, Indonesia. Very few yachts have been noted in this area, but it has beautiful waters for diving, friendly people and virtually no tourism at this time. A few liveaboard dive boats come through, but little else.

This is a great place for people traveling between Raja Ampat and Australia. We spent 3 months in the Raja Ampat area and two months in the Triton Bay area. Both to be recommended.

For immigration and customs in the Triton Bay area, the closest port is Tual. Both agencies are very helpful. The nearest town to Triton Bay is Kaimana. It has the basics including food and fuel and flights to other areas of Indonesia.

We have prepared a section on our website. The relevant page can be found here:

cruisingguideindonesia says:
Mar 19, 2015 04:34 AM

Sabtu 7 February, 2015.

Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA News) - Indonesia plans to ease the processes involved in the issuance of entry permits for foreign-owned yachts, to boost the yachting tourism sector. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said here on Saturday, "It is hoped that it will, soon, take only two hours to issue a permit." He made the statement here while visiting Nongsa Point Marina in Batam, Riau Islands province, in Sumatra.

The government will adopt an online system of issuing permits known as the Clearance Approval for Indonesian Territory (CAIT Online), he stated, adding that it also plans to extend the stay permit for yachters from three months to six months.

Andy Scott
Cruising Guide Indonesia

Hans Peter Gaspers
Hans Peter Gaspers says:
Sep 06, 2014 10:41 AM

We have build a small Marina for motor boats and catamarans in Jepara near Semerang. Long term storage in Marina or on the dry is available. 24 hour security, very good short and long term rental rates. For information please email to info@

Dana Fowlkes
Dana Fowlkes says:
May 27, 2014 05:06 PM

Coming into Indonesia from the southeast (Darwin) needs to be completed by the end of November. The Arufura sea between Darwin and Timor can be nasty as the cyclone season approaches. Once north of Timor, Flores etc the northwesterly winds will make the sailing a bit rough between late November until April, but at least safe from cyclones. As you get north of the equator the winds become more favorable for heading on to Thailand as the northeast monsoon winds will be coming across the Malay peninsula.

Daniel Baydreamer
Daniel Baydreamer says:
Mar 20, 2014 08:29 PM


I am wondering about the seasons in Indonesia! Is it possible to sail in Indonesia during the cyclone season in South Pacific? Possible to sail directly from Fiji to Indonesia and continue up north towards Thailand during the cyclone season?

Feelhip says:
Mar 11, 2014 09:03 AM

Pork and beef can be found everywhere in Indonesia, may be not in deep country villages.... Beef in Bali (Hindu) is either local or imported from Australia.Pork is generally available in super-market and conditioned in plastics bags to avoid contact by Muslim people.
Bali marina is a mess. I leaved in Bali for 5 years and I have seen this "marina"getting worst and worst by every month.

svpelican says:
Feb 27, 2014 05:36 AM

Don't bother attempting to get anything freighted to Jayapura from overseas. Waste of money & time. I ordered a new anchor winch motor from Defender US and paid for priority international FEDEX to be deliverd to main post office here. Cost $170 then when it had not arrived found that Fedex agent in Jakarta had not informed me of the Customs charges. I paid these ($140) and sent copy of receipt by email. It took 3 days and numerous phone calls to so called customer service to get them to acknowledge receipt of payment. They promised package would be in JP the following day but no. Package is now in Sulawesi office but this morning told that it wpould take maybe one week to get here in JP. Now they say I have to pay MORE money to get it here and not sure when!!! Customer service refuses to put me through to management and manager does not answer multiple emails. Manager is "sick, at lunch, not here yet" and will call back but never does.
I have called Defender in US but they say it is Fedex problem. I have emailed Fedex but no reply. DO NOT USE FEDEX FOR PACKAGES TO WEST PAPUA. jAYAPURA would rank as one of the worst places to be stuck in Indo - heavy traffic, smog and over powering police & military presence.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Nov 25, 2013 03:35 PM

"Gifts" or Bribes

We have now cruised in Indonesia twice for 3 months on each occasion and have never been asked for a gift or a bribe by any official or anyone.

We have offered money where a service has been carried out for us and have probably paid a bit too much for fuel where it has been brought and carried for us, hardly a bribe. We have given goods to locals where they were obviously poor such as an old dive mask and even a very old pair of binoculars on one occasion but equally we have been given fish and coconuts with no expectation of payment. It is not a bad idea to have some sweets handy for the kids and if you are feeling generous beer and cigarettes are what most of the fisherman want although I usually point out that they are Muslim ...and they look a bit sheepish! We carry a variety of goods as giveaways, including fishing line and hooks, toothbrushes and soap, condensed milk, coffee in sachets, various canned goods etc and these are well received.We do however usually try to make it a “trade” even if the trade is only that we are allowed to take their photograph...which in any case they like.

However we have never been asked for any sort of financial inducement but have been entertained to dinners and even on two occasions were asked to family a wedding breakfast and one a circumcision celebration! The more remote the venue the greater the welcome and you will be continually asked if you mind having your photo taken. The welcome can be a bit too much sometimes but most Indonesians can take a hint that it is time for you to sleep, eat or, we are told an effective excuse, is that it is time to pray.

SY Gryphon 2

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Indonesia, West Kalimantan, Penebangan: Cruising couple lose their yacht but find kindness from local villagers

Indonesia, West Kalimantan, Penebangan: Cruising couple lose their yacht but find kindness from local villagers  (13 Jan 2015)

Thailand: AIS transponders mandatory on all foreign craft in Phuket waters, effective October 1

Thailand: AIS transponders mandatory on all foreign craft in Phuket waters, effective October 1  (13 Nov 2014)

Indonesia: Government plans to ease yacht permits  for marine tourism boost

Indonesia: Government plans to ease yacht permits for marine tourism boost  (12 Nov 2014)

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Tsunami test across Indian Ocean beginning 9 September  (08 Sep 2014)

World-Wide Piracy: Indonesia Heads the Piracy Stakes

World-Wide Piracy: Indonesia Heads the Piracy Stakes  (28 Apr 2014)

Indonesia: Great opportunity to visit the Raja Ampat islands in West Papua this September

Indonesia: Great opportunity to visit the Raja Ampat islands in West Papua this September  (11 Apr 2014)

Indian Ocean Crossing 2014/15 to South Africa

Indian Ocean Crossing 2014/15 to South Africa  (14 Jan 2014)

Indian Ocean: Two vessels attacked in four days indicates resurgence of Somali piracy

Indian Ocean: Two vessels attacked in four days indicates resurgence of Somali piracy  (18 Oct 2013)

New Guinea, West Papua: Warning about Protest Flotilla

New Guinea, West Papua: Warning about Protest Flotilla  (23 Aug 2013)

Indonesia, Flores: Volcanic Eruption on Palue

Indonesia, Flores: Volcanic Eruption on Palue  (10 Aug 2013)

Sail 2 Indonesia: New Rally by the Island Cruising Association for 2014

Sail 2 Indonesia: New Rally by the Island Cruising Association for 2014  (09 Jul 2013)

Great New Service for noonsite users: Get notified of cruising news, reports and country updates as they are posted

Great New Service for noonsite users: Get notified of cruising news, reports and country updates as they are posted  (23 May 2013)

Is the Indian Ocean safe for yachts?

Is the Indian Ocean safe for yachts?  (08 May 2013)

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SE Asia Cruisers Radio Net Now Closed  (22 Feb 2013)

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New - AIS Requirement for Yachts Entering Singapore  (02 Apr 2012)

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Piracy attacks in East and West Africa dominate IMB’s world report   (25 Jan 2012)

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An Alternative to the Risks of ‘Pirate Alley' - Updated  (23 Feb 2011)

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Indonesia: Quake wave "carried men 200m inland"  (28 Oct 2010)

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Increased Piracy Activity in S. China Sea  (22 Jun 2010)

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New Yacht Rallies for SE Asia  (16 Apr 2010)

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Indonesian Import Duty for Visiting Yachts  (29 Dec 2008)

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Update Mobile Maritime Net SE Asia  (27 Aug 2008)

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Latest News On Mobile Maritime Net SE Asia  (04 Aug 2008)

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Phuket Customs Keen To Stress No Fine For Time Delay  (20 Jan 2006)

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Brunei Bay Radio Services  (23 Feb 2005)

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South East Asian Maritime Net frequency modification  (13 Jul 2004)

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Weather Websites for SE Asia  (01 Feb 2003)