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 Preveza - Profile


This mainland harbour, just north of the island of Lefkas, guards the inland waters of the Gulf of Amvrakia.

(Photo from

Be careful to pick up the outer channel markers leading into Preveza. They are a fair distance offshore and can be difficult to see, especially with the heat haze off the land. More conspicuous is the airport tower with a large white ball on top just south of the entrance to Preveza.

The channel is marked with port and starboard channel markers, varying in quality. There are mud banks either side.

Beware of the current which will often be running through the buoyed channel (up to 3 knots!) and with a NW wind, this can create an unpleasant chop.

The car ferries very rarely run now across the channel, having been replaced by a tunnel.

Whilst it is rather a slog up the buoyed channel to get into Preveza, it is a useful stopover prior to or after transiting the Lefkas canal and has a lively café scene, particularly at night.

With three boatyards, this is a popular place for winter storage.

Position Position 38°57.39'N, 20°45.40'E (marina)


For full details on clearing into our out of Greece see Greek Formalities.

The offices of the Port Police, Customs and Immigration are rather spread out, but the tourist office on the quay can provide a very useful map.

The entrance to the Port Police is behind the building they are located in - not easy to find (see yellow arrow on map)!

There no longer appears to be problems with the availability of DEKPA forms here.

Last updated April 2017.


Shelter in the harbour itself is good and Preveza can be a useful port of refuge should the weather turn bad. In strong SE winds there can be a surge here.

Town Quay

Mooring is free stern-to on the west town quay (yellow line on map) and the more northerly section in front of the cafés does have water & electricity columns. It can however get very noisy in the evenings on this part of the quay, so if wanting a quieter night choose a spot in the southern half or head to the marina. It can be uncomfortable here in easterlies or southerlies.


Further to the north lies the town basin and Preveza Marina, with fixed concrete pontoons for yachts in addition to the usual long wall (green area on map). The marina has undergone an extensive renovation in recent times, and works are now underway to provide new facilities (toilets & showers) etc.

Prior to the current renovations, yachts tended to moor alongside, however this may well change now the marina is becoming more "active". Shelter is good and the town centre is a 10 minute walk away. A lot of yachts prepare their boats here prior to hauling out at one of the boatyards on the other side of the bay.

The new Cleopatra marina is sited on the Aktion peninsula opposite Preveza. It's a more peaceful alternative to Preveza but for some might be a little isolated. Call ahead for a berth and advice (as it can be difficult manoeuvring here with the currents) on VHF Ch.67. There can be a surge in this marina with strong westerlies.


There is a well protected anchorage to the north of the harbour with good holding. It is open to the south east, but the prevailing wind here is from the NW.

The town is typically Greek and rather smart after receiving EU funding. It has many cafes, restaurants and shops.

Our thanks to Peter Ter Haar for the useful map.

Last updated:  August 2018

Cleopatra Marina
Aktion, 30002, Vonitsa , P.O.Box 25, 48100 Preveza , Greece
Tel:+30 26820 23015 /013 Fax:+30 26820 21414 ,VHF Channel 67
38°57’,06 N 20°45’,55 E.
100 berths and visitors berths. Maximum length 30m. Laid moorings and marina staff to assist. All facilities, fuel, laundrette, showers, gas, chandlery, WiFi, ATM, mini-market, small cafe, accommodation, 24hr security.
Boatyard with 50 ton travel lift, 300 ton haulout facility and mast crane as well as full range of repair facilities, and a very large shore storage area. Owners are permitted to live aboard and work on their own boats on the hard.
Beware of the strong, confused currents at the entrance and by the fuel berth. Note, this marina/yard is rather isolated. There is a minibus/water taxi to Preveza every morning. Airport just 2km away.
Preveza Marina S.A
Tel:+30 2682 0230 95 ,VHF Channel Not in use
Opening hours: 0800-1500
Reservations accepted. Good water and electricity (16 amp 230 V) on all pontoons. Pontoons 4 & 5 now have lazy lines. Helpful marineros who speak English and can advise on repairs. New toilet and shower facilities 2018. Large tarmac parking area, useful for folding sails etc. Ten minute walk into town.

Pelagon Gromoylo
Pelagon Gromoylo says:
Aug 28, 2018 10:34 AM

Preveza marina in August 2018 has changed. They are renovating everything, building new facilities (toilets/showers are quite fancy), and new prices are now used. Like, our 13.9 m boat was quoted 55 Euros/day. I believe in 2019 season it will be quite good marina with all facilities (already has lazy lines for mooring). But you should forget good old Greek cheap prices, duh...

14chops says:
Aug 06, 2018 01:46 PM

A word of warning / caution about work carried out at Cleopatra marina, Preveza.
Usually my yacht is wintered in Kilada in the Peleponese, but last autumn I moved it to the Ionian as I was meeting family and friends there.

I had arranged to store the yacht at Cleopatra marina and before leaving for home had asked for an amount of work to be carried out. The work to be done was; fit a LED tri colour at the top of the mast, service the engine, install my AIS, wire up my radar, carry out some gel coat repair work and replace the sail drive seal. I had asked for an itemised quote but got back a very vague document that failed to provide a detailed account of costings of each work to be done. I responded when I got this by saying that I could not act on this as I needed to have a clearer idea as to whether I should get other parties to carry out the requested work. They then came back to me with a clear cost for the gel coat work, mast work and engine service. The AIS would be €40 per hour + 24%VAT.. I thought the AIS would take three hours to install and the sail drive seal an hour? Working on these assumptions I gave the go ahead for the work to be done. However, when they told me that there might be a possibility of taking the mast down to run the cables for the radar I told them that if this was the case not to go ahead with this, I would arrange for the stainless steel fabricator to build a bracket on my solar panel roll bar on the stern of the yacht. If, on the other hand there could wire up the radar without needing to drop the mast, then delay this work until my return as I would bring out a new Scanstrut radar bracket from home.

On my return to the marina in May this year I was horrified to see the state my yacht was in. Work had not been completed and all cabins were turned upside down with items that I had carefully stored away. I just could not step inside the yacht without clambering over something and there was no way that I could sleep on board. When the work was finally completed, on the morning of launching, I presented myself to the office to pay the bill. The boat was due to be in the water at 09:00 and I had to wait a further four hours for the bill to be 'made up' (and I use these words carefully and accurately). Expecting to pay in the region of €2500 for all the work I was shocked to receive an invoice for over €4700! They charged me 15 hours labour to run the wires for the AIS. It's only 5m from chart plotter to the chart table so that's 1m every three hours. Despite providing all the cables for both radar and AIS I was charged a further €700+ +24% VAT for there. When I told them the tri colour wasn't working they went to replace the bulbs and brought back halogen, but I was paying for LED! The sail drive seal cost over €90 and a further €60+ to fit. Despite telling them NOT to install the radar if they didn't have to remove the mast they went ahead and fitted it, and charged me over €450 for a radar bracket. Now I've got a perfectly good one at home that I will have to sell at a loss. The only item that turned out to be exactly as they had quoted was the gel coat work. Oh, they also tried to charge me €126 for a rope clutch that I hadn't ordered or bought. And their apology when I pointed this out to them..... accidents happen! A month ago, in Reggio di Calabria I had the misfortune to get a lazy line wrapped round my prop. As I had my dive gear on board I went in to free the prop. As I passed the sail drive I noticed that this brand new seal that they had charged me over €150 for was already coming adrift. Should I be surprised. Not really, and I haven't been surprised when I have told fellow yachties of my account at Cleopatra marina for them to recount their sorry story. Let this be a note of caution if you are looking to have work carried out at this marina. If it were possible to attach my bills as evidence of the charges I had to pay then I would willingly have done this.

With regards to the comment on Cleopatra marina I have placed my views on the Facebook page and was asked by them to complete a survey. This I did and expressed my dissatisfaction with the cost of the bill.

Sep 08, 2017 09:49 AM

We recently had Paleros Yacht Services work on Isoar while on the hard at Cleopatra Marina. While the work they completed appeard to be a high standard, they only completed half the list which they had for some time. They reasured me work was progressing but only after several un-answered email lead me to call them. Their communication is not good and they fail to tell you what they have not done until you arrive for the launch. It was dissapointing after they came so highly recommended.

pan054 says:
Jul 30, 2017 08:11 AM

We'll keep this one short. Ionian Marine Service (division of Contract Yacht Services) often leaves documentation (nice blue and yellow brochures) on your boat advertising life-raft servicing. A representative goes around quoting prices of around 165 Euros (forgets to tell you ex 24% VAT!) for a three year certificate ("maybe a bit more if things need to be replaced").
We asked for a quote before they would do any works, but they only could quote after unpacking the raft. The next phone call informed us that it would cost 450 Euros (A$700!) and they only could/would certificate for one year because of manufacturer's guidelines. We refused and still had to pay re-packing costs of 85 Euros.

pan054 says:
May 12, 2017 07:13 AM

Dealing with JSails sailmaker was one of the more fustrating experiences of our years sailing the Med.
The work on our bimini and dinghy covers was not done very well and needed to go back a couple of times before it was ok. Even though we spent thousands of euros with them, the communication was always a hassle. Only repeated emails were eventually responded to, the many requests for quotes before work commenced were mostly completely ignored.
Putting sails back was not part of their service, and in the end we had to go and pick up our (twice returned due to their errors) sprayhood as they refused to bring it out to us. Other work we requested at the end of last year's season was also not carried out and now has to wait until the end of this season. And they were not cheap either. We would definitely not recommend this company to others.

jwelling says:
Apr 26, 2017 12:31 PM

We can also highly recommend Sofia from "All About Yacht". We had a transit log issue that Sofia resolved for us. She is easy to find next to the Port Police - Telephone +30 26820 28316.

YoungestGibbo says:
Feb 28, 2017 12:29 PM

We purchased our yacht in Preveza and used Sofia from "All About Yacht" (as recommended by Peter from SY Funny Girl) to handle our exit from Greece, Transit log, clearing equipment through customs etc. Sofia was brilliant in handling Customs, Port Police, Custom agents in Athens, rental cars, Laundry, and every thing else we needed. Highly recommended. NOTE HER CORRECT EMAIL IS

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Oct 26, 2016 07:15 PM

Reported by Peter of SY Funny Girl
27 September, 2016

We could not get a dekpa in Preveza when we arrived in Greece, they had run out of forms and no new forms are supplied from Athens.
After some talking, we got a copied form saying that we had visited the Port Police office but that they could not give us a form.
With that paper we are allowed to sail around in Greece. It was free of charge!

After this meeting with the Port Police in Preveza we went down the stairs and up to a restaurant to drink a coffee. The lady from the restaurant told us she could help us.
She is running a business helping foreigners with all kinds of things concerning yachts. So at our request she working to find a Dekpa form, finally she found a form.
After we made a payment of 29,50 €. she took care of everything and after a week we had a nice new dekpa.

Then we had to sign our crew list in front of an officer of the port police at the same time showing our new dekpa and we received all the necessary stamps.

If any other skippers in or around Preveza have these kinds of problems, they can contact this lady. Her name is Sofia - phone number is +30 26820 28316 or +30 6980 151412

svgoldenglow says:
Oct 02, 2016 12:34 PM

We hauled out and had antifouling redone, full boat cleaning and polishing, stainless cleaning, polishing and work and other projects done on our boat at Cleopatra Marine in September 2015. The maintenance department was extremely well organized, had a very good chandlery that also would order anything special that you needed. Unlike so many other yards, they let you live on your boat and do work on your boat when it was there. They performed every project on time, on budget and with good care. The only downside was that there was only one small cafe with a limited menu and one tiny grocery store, also with a very narrow selction - and it is miles from Cleopatra to any other facilities. All the technicians were very reliable, responsible and good except the sailmaker. He was entrusted with repairing a snapshackle that the yard had accidentally damaged lifting the boat. It was reverse-threaded, which he did not seem to understand or notice, so trying to remove it to replace it, he over-tightened and mangled it worse. He didn't have reverse-threaded replacements, so in the end, he gave us back the snapshackles that were now thoroughly destroyed and unusable.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jun 15, 2016 07:59 PM

Reported by Tony Olin (who wintered in Preveza 2015/16):
Old Preveza marina, great works started to make this a decent marina, new shower and toilet facilities under construction, water and electricity now on tap, reasonable price to stay, very pleasant and helpful staff daylight hours, not yet using VHF, just go on in and the marinero will assist you.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jun 11, 2015 12:31 PM

Posted on behalf of SY Twins:
The Preveza Marina is back to normal with water & electricity on all pontoons. Pontoon 4 & 5 now have lazy lines. There are many big catamarans at present (June 2015). Still €1.- per meter with water & electrics.
The Preveza harbour now has water & electricity on part of the waterfront. Though not installed all the way, the columns serve boats on a distance of approx. 200 meters in front of the cafés.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jun 26, 2014 02:38 PM

Posted on behalf of SY Funny Girl (Dutch flag):
We had our boat wintering at Aktio marina for the 2013/14 winter, very close to Preveza, at their drystanding. It is, for us, a very good place, also you can sand your boat etc. and every boat has his own electricity and water connection.
Hauling in and out of the water goes quick and professional and at the time you want.
In Preveza Yacht harbour there is only water at the first jetty, due to a conflict between the Town hall, Port authority and the managing company of the harbour. The price is now reduced to (1) euro a night. The normal price is 1 euro a meter / night. If a yacht needs alot of water, then it is possible to more temporarily to the first jetty. This to be aranged with the manager.
Peter Terhaar

peterpelo says:
Sep 21, 2013 07:35 AM

A minitanker for diesel is available to the preveza marina, telnbr. +30 6971715078 we paid 13 € per night for a 12 meter boat including potable water and 16 amps 230 V it is a 10 minute walk to the towncenter, and no swell. Helpfull marinero, good in English, several supermercados in the center and a LIDL at 4 km.

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