Mediterranean Bound? Some Useful Noonsite Articles and Links

Mediterranean Planning

If you are planning on cruising to the Mediterranean, these links to articles and resources on Noonsite and elsewhere on the web, will help with your planning and preparation.

Sardinia anchorage.

Preparing for the Mediterranean:

Country-specific Planning:

a lone yacht in the middle of the blue sea sailing

Passage Planning for the Mediterranean:

Corinth Canal (c) Alison Gieschen SV Equus


Also, check out each Mediterranean country’s Related Content/Related Books section, for a list of recommended cruising guides and related titles  – for example – Italy/Books.

Arrival Formalities and Requirements:


tall pretty buildings in front of a castle around a harbour with yachts berthed
SY Sea Child in Bonifacio, Corsica.

Helpful tips on dealing with life on Board:

4 people standing on the foredeck of a boat with their arms around each other

Tips on finding and dealing with Crew:


Apps, Social Media, Forums and Online Magazines:

a man with a beard in an engine room holding a length of broken hose and a spring in his hands

Marine Services in the Mediterranean:

Mediterranean Weather Services and Reports:

(c) Alison Gieschen SV Equus

Safety and Security Issues:


Keep an eye on the World Health Organisation website to check for any health alerts in the countries you are planning to visit so you can prepare you and your crew accordingly. It may be that certain vaccinations are required and certificates carried, or that restrictions are in place at ports of entry if coming from a country with an epidemic and further health paperwork needs to be carried by all crew. All countries on Noonsite have a useful health section for reference.

Helpful reports

Environmental Issues and Requirements:

travel lift crane on dock

Mediterranean End of Season Preparations:

Greece, Cephalonia, Fiskardo

Mediterranean Cruisers’ Blogs

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