Ordering spares whilst cruising the Eastern Mediterranean

Published 9 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We are currently outside the USA boating around the eastern Med (Turkey currently).

In the winter, we order and receive our spares parts.

Some go to a US based address that eventually gets to us, and some we mail directly to us at the marina.

A few years ago I would have cautioned about sending something by mail to a Turkish address.

I think it is time to put that caution to rest.

Due to problems beyond my control, I had to send in my 2013 US tax return by mail. I used the Turkish mail system and got a tracking #.

As the package was going outside Turkey, the tracking # was free.

I used the Turkish system to track that package to its departure from Istanbul.

I used the same tracking # on the USPS.com system to track that package to its delivery point in Texas.

A week ago, I ordered some other stuff.

Both were from Hong Kong merchants.

I shipped one item to me at the marina and one to my US address.

Yesterday, I learned the parcels’ tracking #s.

Today, I found the Hong Kong tracking #s already in the Turkish and USPS tracking system, both tracking the package.

Typically, it takes about 10-12 days for a package to get to me at the marina, 20-30 days via USPS.

So, the ONLY packages that have failed to show up have been one or two that were sent via the USPS system.

And, by having the packages sent to our yacht LeeZe, with the appropriate official #s on the label, my customs fees have either been zero or under $1.

And my experience with packages using the China Post system is the same…

So, if you think about ordering something via eBay from a Hong Kong or China merchant, and they ship with a tracking #, the odds are well in your favor that you will get the package. And there are some sites in eBay where the deals are really quite mouthwatering!


MY LeeZe

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