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Atlas of Pilot Charts (free from MSI)

Climate Prediction Center

Current Wind Speed and Direction

Earthquake and Tsunami Awareness and Response

El Niño (and La Niña) Advisory

Global Sailing Weather


Meteorological & Hydrological Services Worldwide

Meteorology – Weather Forecasts


NOAA – Ocean Prediction Centre

Weather for Sailors

Web portal for the IMO/WMO Worldwide Met-Ocean Information and Warning Service

Forecast Services

Ocean-Pro Weather & Routing


Crown Weather Caribbean Weather Consulting Services

Euro Weather


FleetWeather Ocean Services

Marine Weather Center – Caribbean

Mediterranean Wave Forecast (WAM)

Met Marine

Northern Pacific Weather Advice


Passage Weather

South Pacific – MetBob


UK Weather Forecasts


Weather Underground

Weather Web

Weather forecasts for the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

Web portal for the IMO/WMO Worldwide Met-Ocean Information and Warning Service




Worldwide Wind Conditions

Hurricanes & Tropical Cyclones

20 tips for surviving strong winds

Boaters Guide to Preparing for Hurricanes

Caribbean Hurricane Network

Choosing a Boatyard for the Caribbean Hurricane Season

Cruising in Hurricane Season

Haul Out for Hurricane or Leave in Slip?

Hurricane Chart Work

Hurricane Havens Handbook for the North Atlantic

Lessons Learned from the 2017 Hurricane Season

MeteoEarth: Tropical Storm Details

Mike’s Weather Page

Preparing a marina bound boat for a tropical storm

Severe Weather Information Centers

Tropical Storm Risk

Tropical Storm Tactics – Tying Sailboat in Mangrove for a Hurricane

Typhoon Havens Handbook for Western Pacific and Indian Oceans

Weather resources for hurricane season


SailGrib WR




Dangers of a Secondary Low

Sources of Weather Forecasts for the Pacific

Caribbean: National, Regional and Island Weather Websites and Reports

SailGrib WR – Weather App for Android and iPad

Australia, NSW, Clarence River: “Walloped” by an intense storm in our home anchorage

Lightning over the ocean

Tonga & Pacific Weatherstations: Help improve weather forecasting

What are the options for keeping your boat in French Polynesia during the cyclone season?

Cyclones in the Society Islands and El Nino: Considering options for cyclone season

Bahamas: Lessons learned from a sudden storm at anchor

South Pacific Cyclone Season in the tropics: Calculated risks

Weather Forecasting: A Private Cruising Boat Perspective

Prepare your boat for a storm in harbour

Weather: New App for Predicting Wind

Tropical South Pacific weather resources

Reeds Weather Handbook by Frank Singleton

Gulf Stream Weather

New Zealand Weather Helper

Considerations for marine lightning protection – survey results

Pacific Cyclone Season: North instead of South

Superior Weather Tracking Created By Cruisers for Cruisers

Cruisers Take Note of Growing El Nino Conditions

Brunei Bay Radio Maritime Safety Information

Red Sea Weather Forecasts

Instant Wind Forecasting: Book Review


Tsunami Safety for Boaters – What to do?
International Tsunami Information Centre (ITIC)

Barometer Calibration

Charter weather – WHEN to sail WHERE

Earthquake & Tsunami Warnings to your phone

Gulf Stream Weather

Learning about Lightning

Marine Weather Knowledge Centre

NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center

North Pacific Weather Patterns

Remote Sensing Systems (RSS)

The Ocean Surface Winds Research Team

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)

US Coast Guard Navigation Center

US National Institute for Standards and Technology

US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Weather and Climate Data

Weathering Waterspouts

Wind Prediction