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 Bahamas - General Info

Time Zone

UTC - 5. Summer time UTC - 4 April to October.
Daylight saving time commences at 2am on the second Sunday in March and continues until 2am on the first Sunday in November.
You can dial 917 for the time.

Yachting Essentials



Voltage: 120v / Frequency: 60 Hz


Fresh water is scarce in the Bahamas. Either you need very large water tanks, or, a watermaker. If not, your days are going to be based around where you can go in order to acquire water - normally a marina. Some marinas provide water for free, but most will charge (50 cents or more per gallon).


Budget on food being 50% more expensive in the Bahamas. Rum is cheap but all other alcohol is expensive. The outer islands are the most expensive, so pick your spot for major provisioning carefully. Best places for a big provision are Nassau, Georgetown and Marsh Harbour.

The biggest challenge is finding fresh vegetables that have not been transported cold (or you will have to keep them in the fridge).

LPG / Gas

It is possible in Nassau for Europeans to refill Camping Gaz LPG bottles. Call 242 445 4562. A propane truck will meet you and fill up your bottle.

Fuel & Dockage

Bahamas Chatter do regular surveys of dockage and fuel prices throughout the Bahamas. Go to:

The power plant on the south shore of Russell Island (near Spanish Wells, Eleuthera) has a pier at longitude 76* 46.36’ W. They sell diesel at a reduced price.


Bahamas dollar (B$), which is on a par with the US dollar.

US$ are widely accepted.

Spend the Bahamian money before you leave the country (or find someone who is willing to change it for you) as the B$ does not hold its value in the US.

MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted; sometimes a surcharge of 5% can be added. American Express and Diners Club are not so widely accepted. Smaller islands may not take credit card so have cash at hand.

Effective July 1, 2018, the Bahamas VAT will increase to 12%.


Phone & Internet

International dialing code for Bahamas is +1 242

GSM connections are widely available, but BATELCO (BTC) is the only provider with decent coverage and 5G as advertised (although 3G in reality). In the last year, BTC has upgraded nearly all of their towers and thus have improved their range, speed and bandwidth. A BTC SIM costs approx. $50 per 5 GB.

T-Mobile have also now included the Bahamas as part of
their Simple Choice plan. For one non-contract price of about $50 per month, you get unlimited 3G cellular internet through BTC towers.

However, the BTC SIM cards work the best and seem to be more reliable with much faster speeds. Plus, access is possible 10-15nm offshore. You can buy a SIM-card for about 15 dollars. US mobile phones should work, however you may have to purchase a Bahamian phone for around 100 dollars. Pre-paid cards can be bought from 5 to 50 dollars. Call costs tend to be high.

Comment January 2016 from Bahamas Chatter:
"We just completed 16 months in the Bahamas. We bought a wireless router ($50.00) on Amazon and a data SIM card from Batelco. Connection to the internet was rarely a problem although often the speed was slow. Plenty good for checking and sending e-mails, weather, Buoyweather, etc. Most marinas we visited had internet some free some not. The external wireless antenna (Radio Labs) was a big help also. We also purchased a cheap phone from Batelco which was very useful when docked for cabs, reservations and even texting folks back in the States".

See useful discussion thread about T-Mobile in the Bahamas on the Cruisers Forum - started November 2015.

BTC - phone/cell phone/internet company for the Bahamas


Amateur radio operators wanting a reciprocal license should be aware of the revised (9/2009) procedures. Please check the web site for the latest to update your Bahamas amateur radio infomation.

Cruisers Net

The Abacos Cruisers Net meets every morning at 08:15 on VHF Channel 68 and is based out of Marsh Harbor.

Nassau, Bahamas Cruiser's Net 07:15 local time on VHF Channel 14.

Sunshine Maritime Services Inc.
103 South U.S. Highway One F5-114 , Jupiter, florida 33477
Tel:001 561 743 7883
Able to arrange economic deliveries to the Bahamas, French Polynesia and also anywhere serviced by Air Tahiti and American Airlines.


Driving is on the left. Since most cars are imported from the USA and, therefore, have the steering wheel on the left, it can be difficult to remember the correct side of the road.

If you have a powered scooter it must be inspected ($35), licensed ($160 for vehicles less than 5000lbs) and insured. The driver must have a Bahamas driving license which will cost $15 if you already have a license for your own country.

Watermakers Air
Tel:(954) 771-0330 Fax:(954) 771-0499
Watermakers Air began regular passenger and freight air service into Great Exuma (GGT), N. Eleuthera (ELH), and Great Harbour Cay (GHC), from Fort Lauderdale in 2016.

Diplomatic Missions

In Nassau:

Canadian Consulate in Nassau, Bahamas
Shirley Street Plaza,
East Shirley Street
Nassau, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 393-2123 - (242) 393-2124
Fax: (242) 393-1305

Haitian Embassy in Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N 666
Sears Building
East Shirley Street
Phone: 242-326-0325
Fax: 242-322-7712

British High Commission, Nassau, Bahamas
Ansbacher House (3rd Floor)
East Street
P O Box N7516 Nassau
Telephone: (001) (242) 325 7471
Fax: (001) (242) 323 3871
Opening Hours: 13:30-18:00/19:00-21:30 GMT

United States Embassy
Mosmar Bldg, Queen Street,
P.O. Box N-8197,
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: 242-322-1181
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m Fri 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m
After hours emergency: Tel: (242)328-2206 Hrs 09:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00(Mon-Thurs),09:00-12:00(Fri)

For further Embassies in Bahamas please go to link
Foreign Embassies in Bahamas

United States Embassy
Mosmar Bldg, Queen St , P.O. Box N-8197 , Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: 242-322-1181
Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m Friday 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m
Consular Section:- Telephone: (242) 322-1181 Fax: (242)356-7174 After hours emergency: Tel: (242)328-2206 Hrs 09:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00(Mon-Thurs),09:00-12:00(Fri)


Early February: Nassau Yacht Club annual sailing regatta

Early March: Cruisers' Regatta in George Town, Great Exuma

Late April: Out Island Regatta in George Town, Great Exuma

Cruising "yachtspeople's" weekly Thursday luncheons in Nassau at Crocodile's Restaurant from Thanksgiving through June. Listen channel 72 at 07.15 for details. Luncheons and other social functions for cruising yachtspeople held locally throughout the winter in different locations, listen on VHF for details.

Early July: Cruising regatta in Abaco

Sailing regattas of local sloops at various dates and locations.

Boat Flings sponsored by Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Series of escorted boat cruises to The Islands of the Bahamas annually for those newcomers who want buddy boat for the crossing. Cost is minimal and includes a sendoff party and Bahamas Welcome Party. Flings held during June/July/August.

December / January:
Junkanoo is reminiscent of New Orleans' Mardi Gras and Rio de Janeiro's Carnival, but it is distinctly Bahamian and exists nowhere else. The most spectacular Junkanoo parade occurs in Nassau. However, you can also experience it on Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Bimini and Abaco. It's held on Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year's Day (January 1) from 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m.


Police, Fire, dial 911 or 919

MARITIME EMERGENCIES - Search and rescue in The Bahamas is provided by one of the world's many voluntary lifeboat organizations, Bahamas Air-Sea Rescue Association (BASRA). Mayday calls should be made primarily on VHF 16 to any local station in range ashore or afloat, which may be able to arrange help directly or, if not, can pass on your message to BASRA in Nassau, Freeport or Abaco, from where help can be organized. SSB or ham radio calls to anyone should be relayed back to BASRA, who have a rescue control officer available 24 hours. For duty officer information Tel: 242.325 8864

SAR Bahamas (Search and Rescue)
Tel:+ 1 242 362 3814/ +242 362 3815


Imray & Adlard Coles Pilot Books can be purchased with an exclusive Noonsite discount of up to 15% by visiting our Imray store if shopping from the UK or Europe.
For North America and the rest of the world visit Bluewater Books & Charts. When ordering through Bluewater be sure to enter the coupon code NOON during checkout to save 10%.

CAUTION - U.S.H.O. and British Admiralty charts of The Bahamas and chartbooks derived from them are still based on very old surveys. Therefore GPS waypoints should not be calculated from the lat/long positions of islands, etc. shown, which may be up to one mile inaccurate.

Be sure to use the latest cruising guides to stay up-to-date with information on marine facilities, passages, navigational aids, etc., as in The Bahamas both the manmade and natural landscape can change quickly, particularly in the path of a hurricane.

Waterway Guide Bahamas 2015 edition
Features mile-by-mile navigation information, aerial photography with marked routes, marina listings and locater charts, anchorage and port information, GPS waypoints, detailed planning maps, distance charts and bridge tables. Flexible spiral bound with a heavy laminated cover. Buy at Waterways Guides -

A Thinking Mans Guide to Voyages South - the many facets of Caribbean Cruising
Author: Frank Virgintino
Published: 3rd Edition Sept 2013
ISBN 9781304133847
Available as a Kindle version at as well as other EPub bookstores.
The latest edition of this route planner is larger than ever. For more details see this report

The Gentleman's Guide to Passages South
By Bruce Van Sant.
Publisher: Bruce Van Sant and Cruising Guide Publications; 10 edition (March 2012)
ISBN- 9781470146962
The Thornless Path to Windward - He has systematically taken the thorns out of the route they used to call the Thorny Path. For example, he exploits the calming effects on wind and sea which result from land cooling on each side of an inter-island passage. Applying his many methods, both sail and power can make safe, comfortable and pleasant progress even against normally impenetrable trade winds and seas.

Explorer Chartbooks
Edited by Monty and Sara Lewis and updated on average every 3rd year. 
1. Near Bahamas (including Abacos) - 8th Edition (2017)
2. Exumas (including Ragged Islands) - 8th Edition (2017)
3. Far Bahamas (Eleuthera to Inagua) - 6th Edition (2015)
These are the charts that fellow cruisers recommend. They are modern cruising charts, with observed GPS positions shown and a lot of cruising guide-type info.
The website has a lot of useful Bahamas cruising information and a forum/chat group for Bahamas cruisers.

Maptech chartbooks of The Bahamas
In three sections - Northwest, Central and Southeast. Also available in electronic form. Excellent quality charts with booklet of harbours etc. in each section.

The Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas
Tropical Island Publishers
The "official guide" of the Bahamas by the Ministry of Tourism has been published annually for the past fifty years. Gives details of facilities throughout the entire Bahamas archipelago and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

The Great Book of Anchorages - Bahamas Edition
Beach House Publications/Maptech - Chuck Baier & Susan Landry

A Cruising Guide to the Northern Bahamas
A Cruising Guide to the Southern Bahamas
Central and Southern Bahamas

By Stephen J. Pavlidis
Publisher: Seaworthy Publications (2009)
Completely updated Versions of the Pavlidis Bahamas Guides. All Original Charts Based on Personal Surveys Conducted by the Author. Extensive Navigational Instructions and GPS Waypoints. New Full-color Aerial Photos and Charts.

The Cruising Guide to Abaco Bahamas 2013-(Atlantic & Caribbean Pilots)
By: Steve, Jeff & John Dodge
Publisher: Cruising Guide Publications
Inexpensive annually published guide to Abaco Bahamas, including the crossing from Florida. Covers from Walker's Cay to Hole-in-the-Wall (does not cover Grand Bahama or Eleuthera). Colour plan and photos, lot of advertising, business directory, fishing tips etc. Useful companion but no substitute for a proper yachtsman's guide/p>

The Bahamas - Abaco - Ports of Call & Anchorages
By: Tom Henschel
Publisher: Cruising Guide Publications 3rd Edition July 2012
ISBN: 978-1478337713
Covering the Abaco chain of Islands from Walker's Cay to Little Harbour, featuring full page aerial photographs of each anchorage. Accompanying text descrides marinas, resorts, services available, restaurants, shopping and points of interest for each Island. This book is designed to be used in conjunction with Cruising Guides for the Abacos.

The Bahamas Cruising Guide with the Turks & Caicos Islands
By Mathew Wilson
Publisher Cruising Guides Publications
ISBN 0-07-135327-5.
This guide contains small sections of British Admiralty charts as well as many waypoints for navigating the Bahamas. The yellow pages provide extensive information on services and facilities (see CAUTION, above).

Cruising Guide to the Bahamas
John Hoedemakers & Jolanda Geerdink
Available from
See full details at Noonsite review

A Birder's Guide to the Bahama Islands (including Turks & Caicos Islands)
By Anthony W. White
Published by the American Birding Association- 1st Edition 1998
ISBN 1-878788-16-7.
An excellent reference book for exploring the hinterland of all the islands in the chain. Intended more for birding and nature, it gives vehicle and walking routes to heighten one's enjoyment of each island.

The Abaconian: a weekly newspaper published by David and Kathleen Ralph.
Includes an excellent Visitor's Guide with current local info for emergency services, taxi rates, airline services, inter-island ferry services, marinas, restaurants and much more.

What's On in Nassau, Abaco, Grand Bahama (3 separate publications)
By Andrew Berlanda, is a FREE monthly newspaper with cultural activities, arts and crafts, dining, special events, entertainment and tourist information. Free.

Southern Waterway Guide from Florida to the Mexican Border
Edited by Judith Powers
Publisher - Waterway Guide
ISBN-13: 9780985028695
2015 ed. Covers the Gulf coast from Florida to the Mexican border, as well as the Atlantic coast of Florida and also provides excellent information on crossing the Gulf Stream and various departure points from Florida.

The Abaco Guide: A Cruising Guide to the Northern Bahamas: Including Grand Bahama, the Bight of Abaco, and the Abacos
By Stephen J. Pavlidis
ISBN - 9781892399021
Comprehensive guide covering the entire Abaco chain as well as the Grand Bahama region, and the Bight of Abaco. 66 detailed full-color charts contain extremely accurate data which is based on independent surveys personally conducted by the author using a computer hydrographic system. Also included are GPS waypoints, piloting instructions, photos, approaches, services, routes, anchorages, dive sites, history, a chart index and more

The Exuma Guide
By Stephen J. Pavlidis
Publisher: Seaworthy Publications, Inc. 3rd edition (January 9, 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1892399311
All-encompassing cruising guide on the Exuma Cays. Local knowledge is the key and in The Exuma Guide you get information previously known only to those who live there. Contains 59 charts, lists of information on GPS waypoints, marine facilities, customs regulations, beacons and navigational aids, distances, ham and weather radio broadcasts and stations, anchoring tips, tides and currents.

On and Off the Beaten Path: The Central and Southern Bahamas Guide : From South Florida to the Turks and Caicos
By Stephen J. Pavlidis
ISBN-13: 978-0963956699
Part I -Sailing and navigation to the Biminis, Andros, The Berry islands, New Providence, Eleuthera, Little San Salvador, Cat Island, Long Island, Conception Island, Rum Cay, and San Salvador Part II- includes The Jumentos, The Crooked/Aklins District, Samana, The Plana Cays, Mayaguana, Inugua and Hogsty Reef.

Routes and Waypoints
By Captain Pieter D. Brown
Publisher Baico Publishing Consultants Inc., Ontario, Canada (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-926596-83-9
A Navigational & Piloting Guide of Suggested Routes with Waypoints from Eastern Canada to Grenada including: the Canadian & USA E. Coasts, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Leeward & Windward Islands.
Read Review here
Cruising World profile of Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.
Useful info on the work park rangers do and how cruisers can support the park's function.

Sailing and Cruising the Bahamas Facebook Group
A very useful guide created & updated by cruisers.

Association of Bahamas Marinas

7 Things you should know about cruising the Bahamas
More useful information from Carolyn Shearlock of "The Boat Galley".

Bahamas News/Chatter
Real time cruising information for the Bahamas via The Explorer homepage also has current Bahamas Fuel Prices and lots of other important information.

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

BASRA (Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association)
For more information about the various voluntary search and rescue units throughout the Caribbean region and to make U.S. tax-deductible donations to the cause, log on to the Search and Rescue Charitable Foundation.

Bahamas National Trust website
Cruising World Guide to the Bahamas (2013)
Useful info. on routing to and from the Bahamas, weather, information about where to go, what not to miss, and tips from other cruisers.

Salty Southeast Cruisers Net
Up-to-date information about cruising southeastern United States and the Bahamas.

Bahamas – Sea of Cortez Comparison
The Sea of Cortez is a popular first stop for cruisers coming from the West Coast of the US while the Bahamas are popular with East Coast cruisers. Both are great and popular cruising grounds and very different from one another. Carolyn Shearlock has cruised both areas on her own boat.

Update History

January 2019: Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park information updated with info from Cruising World and Park Website.
December 2018: Pet information and links updated from Government website.
July 2018: Cruiser's Net information updated.
March 2018: Exuma park anchoring fees updated.
January 2018: Discounted fuel at Russell Island info. added to Yachting Essentials - from Bahamas Chatter.
January 2018: Links checked and updated, VHF protocol (for US cruisers) added to Restrictions section.
December 2017: Immigration and Fishing regulations updated.
August 2017: Vets added to Medical/Health section.
April 2017: New veterinarian in Eleuthera. Security, weather and formalities updated.
November 2015: Clearance updated.
October 2015: Security Section updated
May 2015: Publications checked and updated
January 2015: Formalities and fees checked/updated.
May 2013: Customs Fees: Cruisers continue to be charged $300 if their boat is over 30 feet.
June 2012: Notice of fee increase from Sue Kennedy.
March 2012: Updated medical info for Crooked Island from Celestine Bonaby.

Noonsite welcomes information and updates especially regarding clearance, customs and immigration procedures from cruisers visiting this country.
Please E-mail noonsite with any new information, updates or corrections. Even just a short email confirming that the current data is accurate would be most helpful.

Feb 27, 2019 01:17 PM

We were just on Grand Bahama, Lucaya Port, where everyone was fantastic except our taxi driver. We found out afterwards if you negotiate a deal for the driver to wait for you (for provisioning)....for an should only cost $25.00 US/hr. We later found locals who would drive us around for far less.

Phisher says:
Mar 08, 2019 02:54 PM

Thats awesome!Less people over here the better.

Curtis Spacek
Curtis Spacek says:
Dec 19, 2018 03:34 AM

My cousin just returned from the Bahamas and could not believe how expensive everything was. They will never go back. It's now on the "no go" list for all of us.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Nov 06, 2018 12:41 PM

As far as we are aware, no overtime is charged in the Bahamas. Perhaps the rules have changed. I am in contact with Bahamas Customs and will let you know what they come back with. Thank you for reporting this.

Blades Robinson
Blades Robinson says:
Oct 27, 2018 03:31 PM

I was hit with an unexpected fee when I went to clear customs in Marsh Harbour (Abaco). The $150 fee for the 27’ center console was anticipated but the $100 fee for clearing on a weekend (Saturday, 3pm) was not. I’ve cleared customs many times but I’m guessing this is the first time I did it on a weekend. I was surprised and was also given a receipt when I asked for one. Has anyone else paid this $100 or was I ripped off?

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jun 05, 2018 11:43 AM

This news posted on Bahamas Chatter:
Effective July 1, 2018, the Bahamas VAT will increase to 12%. This increase will be devastating! If you search on-line, you can read much more about the controversy. The only concession they’ve made for the residents is that some “breadbasket” food items will be VAT free, but the list is VERY specific & VERY short. This will hurt businesses too, especially restaurants – this new VAT along with a 18% gratuity will result in 30% onto a restaurant bill – Yikes!

We cruisers aren’t going to like this either. Also announced were a slew of various other increases including immigration fees – unknown yet if that will include Cruising Permit fees…

Christophe Alter
Christophe Alter says:
Apr 24, 2018 02:12 AM

I’ve just paid 150 $ for clearing in my 32 feet sailing boat in Georgetown. Apparently this fee is for boats up to 35 feet. I was ready to pay 300 $ so it was a good surprise. And I was able to pay with my Visa card (that is in Georgetown - Mayaguana wanted only cash).

Eve & Tom
Eve & Tom says:
Apr 19, 2018 05:03 PM

We visited Nassau in the Bahamas in April 2018, mainly to apply for a US visa. There aren’t any good websites about the visa process, so here are a few tips!

- Fill in the DS160 form online and make an interview appointment. Fill out the form with great care and detail, especially your financial & work situation is important. It took us half a day to fill in our forms, they even want to know where you went to kindergarten.

- Make an official US passport photo at a photo store in Nassau, there are a few, you will run into them. It is important that the photo is recent and square, other ways you have to reschedule your appointment (and don’t even get into the building). It cost us just under 4,5 dollars per two-fold printed picture.

- Arrive early for your appointment, you will be checked outside for your printed DS160 form, picture and passport. You have to sit on a long bench according to interview date.

- Once you’re up to enter the building, you will be checked for electrical equipment, brushes, liquids, etc just like at an airport. We had a steel ruler with us, which we left outside the door. Don’t do this, it almost got us arrested for terrorist activity! Guess they thought that ruler was some kind of spying equipment.. Just bring your DS160 confirmation, passport, proof of payment, bank balance overview and nothing else. If you forget to leave your phone on the boat you can bring it to a shop around the corner, they will keep it for you if you pay a fee.

- Bring proof of your financial situation. If you are self-employed or freelancer, give the average income of the previous year with proof. If you are unemployed and living off savings, print your bank balance. In our case that helped, and they didn’t take it but just looked at it and gave it back.

- Bring proof of payment of the 160 dollar visa fee. We weren’t asked for it, but others were.

- If you are sent back to re-edit your form or bring more proof, you have to reschedule and redo the interview, but you don’t have to pay the 160 dollars again. Make sure you’re not in an enormous hurry to get to the US. We scheduled our interview 2 weeks in advance, and it will take 3-5 working days until we can collect our visa. It is possible to have it sent to Freeport, which is closer to the US already.

Hope this helps all of you non-US citizens!

Val Ellis
Val Ellis says:
Feb 11, 2018 10:32 AM

Posted on behalf of Monty Lewis

We have a first-hand report on two navigational lights; one of which is crucial to navigation in an open area and the other one entering Nassau Harbour from the east.

The first, the Northwest Channel Light, is still not lighted. There is a pole (approximately 30′) with a rope trailing from the top. This crucial light has not yet been replaced (for several years).

The second, the light on Porgee Rock, has been rebuilt and is working. The irony of this is that we just took that light off all of the Explorer charts of the area and published the new data last summer, and now it is working again! Oh well! So make a correction on your charts: The Porgee Rock Light is now working (for now).

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Feb 08, 2018 09:15 PM

Changes in Bimini Entrance Buoys

Posted: 03 Feb 2018 on Bahamas Chatter:

The 2017 hurricanes brought changes to the entrance buoys of the channel to Bimini. The waypoint in Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas 8th edition remains the same, but some of the buoys are off station as originally plotted on the chart.

* The first red buoy on the chart is now off station, having moved northward off the southern tip of North Bimini right in the middle of a very shallow sandbar. Don’t go there!

* The first red buoy you see approaching South Bimini is actually the second one on the chart. It is in the correct position.

* There is a green buoy beyond that and it is off station near the entrance to Bimini Sands Marina on South Bimini.

* There are four small buoys along the shore of South Bimini leading into North Bimini. They are in correct position. The lighted pole at the entrance also remains.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Dec 01, 2017 09:56 AM

Posted on
The pet thing . . .
Published November 28, 2017

To those that have pets on board. I sent in my International moneys order, and the proper form on the 16th of Sept, 2017. We left for the Bahamas / Bimini on the 24th of November. Without having received any formal paper work back. To this day, my mail delivery/receive service has not received any paper work. Tis the Bahamas…

With that in mind, I cleared into Bimini. The very nice lady at Customs went through the usual paperwork and questions. When she asked if I had any pets on board, I said yes and then I went through the above paragraph with her. I showed her the receipts for the money orders, the Nassau form, the health certificate for the dog, etc.

She looked at everything, shook her head and pushed all the papers back to me. So, on my cruising permit, next to the dingy and motor, the skiff and motor that I tow, the fishing poles on board, and the slings, is listed…………..ready for this……… (1) dog….

What a great country… not tied up in red tape at all!

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Sep 21, 2017 01:01 PM

From Bahamas Chatter: Ragged Island was devastated by Hurricane Irma. Apparently, the seven people who were not evacuated from the island survived, but the town itself has been deemed “uninhabitable” by government authorities. Most of the buildings are leveled, except for the Silvertail Lodge and a few others, and no government structures were left standing. The oil depot at Gun Point was also wiped out. The folks that survived the hurricane have also left the island. This is sad news for the many cruising boats that visit the Ragged Islands during the winter season. There will be none of the already limited facilities available. Boats cruising to the Ragged Islands are truly on their own.

Sailress says:
Apr 26, 2017 02:03 PM

We are in the Bahamas right now and our draft is 220cm (or about 7.3 feet) and we have had NO problems sailing in the shallows on the west side of the Exhumas and crossing over to Nassau.
Just keep looking on your plotter and plot a course that can fit your boat, otherwise just try and move on high tide.
You have to go here - the Bahamas is so much more beautiful than the rest of the Caribbean!

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Apr 18, 2017 08:11 AM

Posted on Bahamas Chatter (Explorer Chartbooks) on 10 April 2017:

We spent 8 weeks sailing our boat in the Bahamas; have a 6 1/2 foot draft. Did not have a problem. Pay close attention to tides when you plan on entering “skinny water”, study the charts closely and don’t fixate on your chart plotter – learn to read the water (color changes).

Don’t let the shallow water keep you from going. People run their sailboats up and down the ICW with little more that a foot of water under their keel and can’t see the bottom, but they worry about the depths in the Bahamas. You can see the bottom there and it’s gorgeous! Go! Enjoy the trip.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Mar 29, 2017 03:54 PM

Posted on, 17 March, 2017

This past month we travelled from Green Turtle Cay to Glass Window Eleuthera Bahamas. Most of the time we spent at anchor, but we did spend a couple of days at Green Turtle and 6 days at Great Guna Cay in marinas for weather issues (we have spent at least half the time we have been in the Bahamas hiding from fronts).
We dined out some for dinner and some just for lunch/snack stops. Our dining money doesn’t go as far here as in the States.
Marsh Harbour has about anything you want and the prices are much better than in the out islands, but still not cheap. A case of beer at Green Turtle was $62 and at Great Guna it was $71, but in Marsh Harbour it was $41. So, if you are going to drink beer stock up.
We don’t have a water maker, so now there are water costs. However, when it rains here it POURS and it wouldn’t take much work to be able to fill up the tanks during it.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jan 26, 2017 10:30 PM

From Active Captain Facebook Page:
Pay as you go data (prepaid) in the Bahamas has gotten cheaper. It's only $ 10 for 2GB. And they text you occasionally with deals that are even cheaper. It costs $ 5 to get a sim at any BTC office. Buy data as you need it online. I put the sim in an old iphone 5 then use it as a hotspot for the other devices on the boat. We find this is almost always faster and more reliable than wifi. While it has good days and bad days, speed is usually above 2 MB / s. It's easy to find an anchorage in range of an antenna. It's often fast enough to stream TV or movies.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
May 16, 2016 12:42 PM

This quote from the Bahamian Vet who passed on this info.:
This change in rules has come about as a direct result of the distemper outbreak and some other factors. The feeling is that there will always be a level of infection in Nassau as the epidemic is still ongoing at that location. What is interesting is the fact that neither Abaco nor Grand Bahama had distemper outbreaks. The focus of infection seems to be localized to New Providence. The chances of your animals contracting the virus are small. Keep their vaccinations current.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
May 11, 2016 08:31 PM

Dog Distemper In The Bahamas
This information came from Joan Conover aboard the S/V Growl Tiger, and broadcast to vessels via SSCA Radio Station “KPK” on SSB frequency 8.104 at 1215 hrs UTC or 0815 hrs EDT.
Because of a recent outbreak of dog distemper in the Bahamas, new rules have been put into place regarding the exit of pets from the Bahamas. It now takes 5 or more days for a health certificate for your dog to exit the Bahamas, as all paperwork must be sent to Nassau, and approved by the Bahamian Department of Agriculture.
This is a result of a litter of puppies from one of the out islands, which were adopted out from the Nassau SPCA to other islands and to the USA. The puppies became ill with distemper, making all dogs from the islands suspect of the disease.
If you are in the Bahamas, make sure your dogs are current with all shots, and have your distemper records/certificates in hand. Both USA and Bahamas officials are concerned, making the paperwork a more lengthy process for ALL pets.

Zach Shipley
Zach Shipley says:
Apr 14, 2017 03:41 PM

I cruise extensively in the Bahamas, using Nobeltec TimeZero Navigator software for navigation. For TimeZero, I have both the Explorer Charts (raster charts, in digital form) and Jeppesen (C-map) vector charts of the Bahamas. The Jeppesen charts incorporate the Explorer chart information fairly completely, although the digital versions (Explorer raster and Jeppesen vector) do not display all the helpful text that one gets in the Explorer Charts paper books. I find the Jeppesen charts (in part because of Explorer charts) are more accurate than Navionics charts.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jan 29, 2016 11:47 AM

Bahamas Chatter: Praise for Explorer Charts
In response to some recent criticism of Explorer Charts, I’d like to report that my wife and I used them extensively on a recent 9 month cruise and we have nothing but praise. We crossed to West End, then up to the Walkers Cay area, then down through the rest of the Abacos. Next was Eleuthera. Then on down throughout the Exuma chain to Georgetown, and on the return trip north we skirted by Nassau, then over to the Berries, then Cat Cay, then back to Florida. The Explorer Charts are great. I am a land surveyor with 30+ years experience in surveying and mapping. On this trip we routinely used both electronic and paper copies, constantly checking one against the other, and comparing that with our own real-time depth soundings and visual observations. We found the horizontal mapping to be dead-on accurate, and the charted depths a little on the conservative side, as they should be. We had a great time exploring and taking some shoal draft routes, carefully nosing into skinny water while dutifully using visual piloting and minding the tide. The Explorer Charts never let us down.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jan 28, 2016 03:02 PM

Farmers Cay Update
Farmers Cay Yacht Club has announced that its nine moorings in the Harbour have been redone with all new stainless steel chain and line. Also, the dock has been replanked and braced. The restaurant is open from 9 am to midnight.

Steve says:
May 06, 2015 03:03 PM

Forgot to mention that on 2/2015 Palm Cay marina prices were $1.75 a foot for dockage, $0.65 a kwh for electric, $3.58 for diesel and $4.00 for gas; making them very attractive for fill ups.

sallybrodrick says:
Dec 10, 2014 02:43 AM

After reading one blog site that it can take 4 months to get the dog liscence from Bahamas I called them. They are not receptive to checking and I was told faxing the forms and bankers receipt that I had mailed 1 month ago would not help if they had not received the money. As it was clear they weren't checking either, I did fax and I got the form faxed the next day. The woman did tell me that if I had couriered it I could have had the form the next day if there is time sensitivity to the date of departure. Make sure you out your fax and contact details in addition to the form as it forgets to ask for that!

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Mar 27, 2014 09:24 PM

This report picked up on "Women who Sail" Facebook Group:
There were 3 boat robberies in Nassau earlier this week. Two of the boats were yachts at Nassau Yacht Haven and the other was a sailboat that was anchored out just up the harbour. The sailboat that was anchored out had the dinghy untied with the motor that was locked onto it. While he was at the police station they returned the dinghy but the motor was gone. The yachts were broken into and the robbers only stole cash. Both yachts had the captains on board and were asleep while it happened. These robbers seem to be very brave to rob boats while people are on board sleeping, so if you are in the area lock your boat and be careful. They even went into the cabin where one of the captains was sleeping, took his shorts off the floor, went to the main salon and took the wallet out. Took the cash out of the wallet and left. This is not a rumour, it actually happened.

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