Phuket Island - General Info

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Where is Phuket Island?

Phuket Island is one of the southern provinces of Thailand and its biggest island. It is world-renowned for its fine white sand beaches making it a major tourist destination.

Phuket and its adjoining bay (Phang Nga) has some of the most interesting limestone geology in the world. Note that Phang Nga is a completely different province to Phuket – see Clearance info. below.

Cruiser Highlights for Phuket Island:

One-stop-shop clearance; good anchoring; choice of marinas and yachting services (but not low cost); anything tourist-related you want to do; great beaches; close to Phang Nga Bay, the Phi Phi Islands, and the Similan Islands. – Phuket Marine Directory – Phuket Travel Guide

Entrance Notes and Cautions for Phuket Island: 

  • It is now necessary for all foreign boats coming to Phuket Island to go straight to a mooring or anchorage at Ao Chalong to complete formalities before they can travel anywhere else.
  • It is mandatory for all incoming and out-going yachts to have AIS, which must be on at all times. Failure to have an AIS transponder will result in a substantial fine. See further details below in Clearance.
  • Warning: In Chalong Bay, there is a submerged object not marked on charts. See news item for more details. In addition, a submerged metal pillar near Chalong Pier has now been marked with a line of small red and white flags.
  • There are now two large and substantial white concrete channel markers (Port – starboard) in Chalong Bay.
  • Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina have restricted access to some keelboats due to lack of depth in the long approach channel (maximum depth of 10 ft (3.20 m) at high tide). Night entry should not be attempted as the channel is not lit.

Phuket Island Position – Chalong Pier:  

07° 49.08’N, 98° 21.05’E

Chalong Bay and pier and with the “One-Stop” clearance building in the centre of the picture. Photo (c) Detlef Sarrazin.

Last updated:  March 2024

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  1. January 8, 2024 at 5:49 AM
    Frank Weiand says:

    Phuket Port Clearance:
    Online port clearance can be done via the single window marine website:
    You have to register and then after 1 day you will have access to the online port clearance website.
    But: the website is very complicated and some information is only available in Thai language. There is no help function and no support in any form available.
    If you are lucky and you can manage the check in/out website and can send out your application, you will receive an approved document via the platform.
    You have to pay the fee (invoice on the platform under the yellow sign) within 24 hours otherwise the system will block you.
    This in/out clearance has to be made as soon as you leave one District and sail to another District (i.e. From Phuket to Krabi).

    Important: The system used at the Chalong Pier one-stop building is not connected to the Single window website as outlined above (it’s a completely different website/system) and you have to register in the Chalong Pier system again if you want to check in/out there.

    Be aware of the high National Park fees when cruising around Phuket.
    It seems all around Phuket there is a huge increase in cost for National Parks. Rangers (and other Island inhabitants) are waiting for your arrival to cash in.
    A sailing day trip around some Islands and National Parks with a family of 4 people can easily end up with charges of at least 4000 THB (Lawa Yai 300 THB Per Person/ James Bond 400 THB per person / K.Hong 400 THB per person). Just to meantion a few. This is approx. US$115.
    In my opinion this makes crusing around Phuket less attractive and it has a taste of modern robbery.

    Info. for boat owners thinking about registering or importing their boat to Thailand:
    With a Thai registered Boat, you are currently only allowed to leave Thailand waters after paying a 50.000 THB clearance fee, or in case you sell your Thai registered Boat, you are allowed to sail to the country of delivery.

  2. December 7, 2022 at 1:39 PM
    profile photo
    sue-richards says:

    Reported by Bob Mott:
    A timely warning to be observant and beware of money changer booths in Phuket. I was in Chalong a week ago to exchange US and Singapore currency. The attendant systematically counted and recounted the notes and checked them. Took a long time. Then he took a long time counting out the Baht. Keeps me waiting. He thought I would just rush off, having been there so long standing in the sun and possibly being a silly old fool of 68 and “Farang”. End of the story is that I counted the notes in front of him and there was 5,000B missing from the 100,000B to be paid. Now 1 note missing I could believe was a mistake – but not 5! He calmly counted again and took another 5,000B out and showed the 5 clearly fanned out in his hand. No emotion, no I am sorry. A true professional thief operating a money exchange booth.

  3. October 5, 2022 at 9:57 AM
    profile photo
    sue-richards says:

    Reported by Bob Mott: For Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga provinces.

    This happened a few days back. The yacht I helped deliver from Seychelles to Phuket recently checked out of Phuket and moved to Krabi – Port Takola Marina.

    The owner was advised he needed to check out of Phuket and that he could do it online. He tried and his Thai wife tried with no success. He then went to the relevant office on the pier Chalong and did the form on their computer with assistance. All well he thought. BUT the girl either didnt know or forgot to tell him he needed to go upstairs to the harbour master’s office and confirm there as well. Filling out the official form was not enough.

    He went to Krabi to the marina and tried to check in and found out the error and was fined 5000B.

    Same applies the other way around and for Phang Nga Province who are even worse with this rule. They have been playing this game for many years where Krabi were much more relaxed. Now money is short they are falling back on ways of extracting money from yachts.

    So yachts have to fill out a form in Phuket and also see the harbour master to clear to go to any other province.

  4. March 7, 2020 at 6:13 AM
    jlee1001 says:

    First Responder Co. Ltd. sells and fills fire extinguishers suitable for engine rooms (non-corrosive materials). We had a difficult timing having our automatic-deploy engine-room fire extinguisher filled with HFC 227/FM200. It had to be sent to Bangkok but Eve at First Responder, who speaks perfect English, arranged it all for us at a reasonable price. They also sell/fill with CO2, dry chemical, BF2000 and water mist for clean rooms. Eve, 076 620 442, 081-535-2632, 49 Kra Road Talatyai, Mueuang District, Phuket, Thailand 83000, [email protected],

    During both our visits to Phuket, we also got almost everything we needed from AME Marine. As usual, they seem to have and do everything, which is very convenient. Mr. Wiwat and Gary Gilbert, as well as the rest of the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. If they don’t have something, they often know where to get it.

  5. October 16, 2019 at 2:55 PM
    spikefish says:

    So far our stay at Royal Phuket Marina has been great. Marina manager Ben McCory and his staff are very friendly and always helpful. The Marina facilities are clean and the docks well maintained. Good dock security, a very nice marina cafe called the Speak Easy, convenient friendly cab service are also a plus. I would recommend Royal Phuket Marina for any visiting yacht.
    Capt. Tim, M/Y Sea Baron

  6. July 31, 2018 at 11:58 AM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Kosta Wolinsky says:
    Jul 27, 2018, 07:53 AM

    I’m captain did around the globe for 25 years. I lift my boat out of the water many locations and I find the Royal Phuket Marina is the best place, because of Mr. Ben Mccrory and Mr. Ju Marina manager very helpful. I am very happy with all the facilities. This is the place I would like to recommend to all who look to lifting the boat.
    Captain Kosta boat Sheidegg

  7. May 15, 2018 at 2:42 AM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Cooling services in Phuket – May 2018

    If you’re looking for cooling services (refrigeration and A/C) Stephane Anselmino at Siam Cooling Systems is your guy. You’ll find his contact information on the noonsite page for professional help. We needed help with both refrigeration and A/C. With the refrigerator, his guys identified a leaking evaporator. A new one was found (he had one in stock, which he customized for our refrigerator) and it was installed quickly and competently. A second time, his team came to diagnose a failed A/C.

    In no time, they found a faulty capacitor, which was replaced. The company is very responsive. What impressed me most, aside from reasonable prices, was the clear sense of competence from the workers who came on our boat. Great professionals, well trained, know their stuff. His guys come both to Ao Po and Yacht Haven marinas, where we were both times.
    JP Halphen
    S/V GalacSea

  8. May 15, 2018 at 2:41 AM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Watermaker servicing in Phuket – May 2018

    If you’re looking for servicing a watermaker, I can recommend E. Siam Technology, Eric Gryszela, (0831-750-584) in Phuket. He’s done superb diagnostic and repair work on our unit. His rates seem reasonable. He’s responsive and fast. A great professional.
    JPh Halphen
    s/v GalacSea

  9. May 14, 2018 at 7:15 AM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Sevenstar Yacht transport did a fantastic job moving my boat from Phuket to Fethiye, Turkey. Very quick move, helpful service with checkout and check-in on both ends. Chris and Marieke were always there and quick to answer any questions. Would recommend to anyone requiring boat move.
    SY La Chica

  10. November 6, 2017 at 10:23 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Reported by Richard Luck:
    We checked into Thailand at Chalong yesterday. We docked Samurai at Ao Po, left the AIS on and took a motorbike down. Very smooth, in and out in 30 minutes. You can extend after your first 6 months at Customs in Chalong now instead of Phuket town. Unfortunately, you still need to go to Immigration in Phuket town to pay the 2000 baht one-off fee or 20,000 baht refundable bond to be able to leave the boat in Thailand with no Captain aboard. Also very quick and efficient there. Would have been nice if they’d consolidated that in Chalong too!

  11. April 21, 2017 at 4:51 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Reported by SY Dreamcatcher – Check-in Phuket

    Re the check-in process in Phuket – still unnecessarily laborious (reminded us a bit of the Andamans in India!)

    We’ve had AIS for 4 years (we’re Singapore flagged and it been required since 2013). The issue with Phuket is redundancy. Check in at the computer. Go to Port Captain. Go to Immigration. Go to Customs. Go back to Port Captain. Supply the same documents to each entity, same on check-out.

    Why can’t they scan the passport and ships papers on the first touch point (i.e. on the ground floor when you sign in to the computer) and have those docs auto-distribute to the 3 government entities?? Goodness knows they have the technology: their hospital IT system was way ahead of Australia’s 5 years ago!

    We’ve checked in to Phuket about 10 times over the years and no doubt the new(ish) facility is much better than the old one on the jetty head (except they don’t provide wifi when the old one did!)…but it still took us 1 hr 15 mins to check in and there were no queues.

    We left the boat in Nai Harn on arrival (having had several bad experiences in Chalong) but forgot to leave the AIS on. We gave them our MMSI number, they found the boat location and seemed to be ok with that, except they charged us 200 baht for not having the boat in Au Chalong. When asked why we didn’t anchor the boat in Au Chalong we told the port captain “it’s an awful anchorage – too many ropes, unmarked moorings etc”…he said, “I know, it’s bad” (!!). Go figure.

    As a point of interest, when checking our MMSI number, they brought it up on the big screen and they had, in fact, tracked us from just outside Telaga in Langkawi, all the way to Nai Harn, so they clearly must have more AIS reception towers along the way now, possibly Butangs and Teturoa….. they knew where we were every inch of the way in.


  12. April 12, 2017 at 4:30 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    I recently re-entered Phuket in my yacht after several years away from the country. I was, frankly, dreading the check-in procedure with the Immigration, Customs, and Harbourmaster offices which, in the past, was somewhat chaotic, with often long queues and numerous forms to complete and photocopies to make. The process at the new ‘one-stop-shop’ on Chalong pier could not have been more different.

    On arrival, we were asked if we’d completed the check-in forms online (we hadn’t). A young lady said this was no problem and led us to one of three computer terminals where, with her patient help and good humor, we completed the online forms. We were then directed to the Immigration, Customs and Harbour Master offices (in that order as I recall) which were adjacent to each other. At each station, the information we had pre-entered online was produced with no further need for form-filling. Copies of passports, yacht registration, and clearance from last port were of course required – as they are at all entry harbors around the world.

    AIS is now a requirement in Phuket/Thailand as, increasingly, it is in other countries. A large screen throws up the locations of yachts and other craft in Chalong and neighboring anchorages, so trying to bluff your way through (if you DON’T have AIS) is unlikely to work. And it goes without saying that check-in yachts should have their AIS transponders turned on.

    From entering the Chalong check-in complex to leaving it with all papers in hand, took no more than about 30 minutes (there were no other yachts checking in at the time). Aside from the efficiency of staff, I also found them courteous and friendly – not something said often of government officials. So all-in-all a painless experience and one which left me with a positive feeling towards Phuket.

    All that said, anchoring or mooring in Chalong Bay is not a pleasant experience (especially to newcomers). While it is not unreasonable of the authorities to require visiting yachts to present themselves in Chalong Bay, the provision of ample and reliable mooring buoys or pontoons still leaves much to be desired.

  13. March 20, 2017 at 2:33 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    ANZAC Day 2017

    The Australian and New Zealand communities are invited to attend an ANZAC Day Dawn Service to be held at the Phuket Yacht Club commencing at 6.30am on 25 April 2017. This is sponsored by the Australian and New Zealand government and it is hoped that visiting yacht owners will attend. There will be bread rolls, fried sausages and onions BBQ provided.

    Please register your attendance by emailing [email protected]
    Tides on the 25th April are good for coming to Phuket Yacht Club’s floating jetty and remain so into the afternoon.

    Further details on the service
    This is the first time in 22 years this has happened as there is now an Australian Consul in Phuket.

  14. March 10, 2017 at 10:16 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Temporary Closure Notice: Boat Lagoon Hardstand
    Temporary closure of the Hardstand and Travel Lift (in preparation for the arrival of the new 120-Ton Travel Lift) will commence 4 March – 8 April 2017.

    9 April – 16 April 2017 – Hardstand and travel lift will be in operation.
    From 17 April 2017, for approximately 3-months (until end July 2017) the Hardstand zone will be CLOSED FOR EXPANSION AND UPGRADING WORKS. The full construction works will take place during those dates.

    Note: The above schedules are subject to changes.
    In view of the above expansion works, there will be noise disturbance and inconvenience to the surrounding environment.

  15. January 27, 2017 at 6:21 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Posted on behalf of Anthony Swanston – SV Wild Fox
    Please note that the clear out procedures have changed a bit. Not many changes but expect it to take longer, a minimum of one hour. Office hours are now from 0900 to 1200 and 1300 to 1500. So arriving at 1100 or 1400 could easily see you out of time.

    If you have left Thailand by ‘plane since you cleared in there will be an additional fee of Bt 1,000. The port captain’s office is now on the floor above the other offices. Leave your AIS switched on and know your MMSI number or there will be a delay at the Port Captain’s office.

    Go first to immigration, then customs, then port captain, back to immigration (Bt 200 unofficial fee) then back to the port captain.

    Good luck!

    SV Wild Fox

    1. May 13, 2019 at 2:05 AM
      wildfox says:

      This information is now out of date. All offices are again on the first floor. Check in / out normally takes 20 minutes unless you are unlucky with several boats ahead of you in the queue. AIS no longer needs to be switched on.

  16. January 21, 2017 at 1:31 AM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Have just done my first haulout for re antifoul. I used Premier Boatyard- excellent safe and professional haulout, and I contracted Pae from Pae Service 0846305479 for the sanding and antifouling. Pae has English, I found him to be 100% genuine, no surprises, and he does excellent gel coat repairs, sanding and painting, and polishing, using a small team.

    Pae was in the yard every day, (on a couple of boats) but he oversaw everything, dropping by the boat several times a day, making sure everything was going to plan from his side. Thoroughly pleased with his work and happy to recommend him. He has 25 years of experience. Liz from K’Gari

  17. August 1, 2016 at 12:47 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Recommendation for PYH.

    After running into some serious engine woes, our boat – Esper – ended up at Phuket Yacht Haven for four months. We’d spent a bit of time here last year because the managers, Nick and Zara, are animal lovers and agreed to look after our cat for a couple of weeks. Of the marinas we’ve stayed in around the Phuket area, this is by far our favorite. It has a friendly, sociable atmosphere, based around the newly-built Deck restaurant area with stunning 180-degree views.

    Jacqui Turner oversees various social events as well as the staff and menu at the restaurant, which include BBQs, speed pool, quiz night etc. There are three restaurants outside of the marina complex run by locals, all of which come recommended (our favorite is Coconut, run by Pehn). There is a real buzz during the high season what with visiting boats and super-yachts, whilst the low season hosts enough people to keep the vibe alive.

    More importantly, there is a full complement of marina services (except haul out, which can be done at Premiere just around the corner). We employed Graeme of Stem to Stern to help us with our engine haul out and refit, Mali for carpentry and perspex work, and Pla, who offers all manner of canvas work. Excellent work at reasonable prices. The marina is constantly expanding its workshop area and is about to open a small supermarket for basic provisions. The reception, run by a friendly group of girls, is professional and helpful and has a Rolodex of useful phone numbers. Car hire, laundry, taxis, chandlery etc. are all covered by the surrounding businesses.

    For those wishing to anchor, the area north of the marina is safe with excellent holding. Don’t anchor directly in front of the outer pontoon as space is needed for large boats to turn. A nominal fee (650 bhat a month) can be paid to the marina to use the marina services (dinghy docking, showers etc). At high water, you can tie your dinghy to the restaurants.

    One concern for those who haven’t visited PYH is the distance into town. We never found this a problem as we got into the habit of hiring a car for 24 hours (800 – 1000 bhat) every other week or so. Nai Yang is only 15 minutes drive and makes for a great evening out throughout the year. We never got bored during our time here and will be coming back to anchor in the area regularly.

    Jamie and Liz
    s/y Esper

  18. February 9, 2016 at 9:11 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Posted on behalf of Michael Gee:

    Dingy thefts in Chalong
    Caution to leaving your dingy in Chalong Harbour 2 dingys stolen in the last week 9/February 2016 one was returned that I personally have been involved with and there are reports of another 3 being stolen.

    In the last couple of months, the Harbour has been deteriorating fast with huge piles of rubbish being left on dockside by commercial boat rats and cockroach heaven. Dingys have been destroyed by unprotected pontoons and long tail fishing boats. There is no secure dingy dock.

  19. February 9, 2016 at 4:41 AM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Dingy thefts in Chalong
    Caution to leaving your dingy in Chalong Harbour 2 dingys stolen in the last week 9/February 2016 one was returned that I personally have been involved with and there are reports of another 3 being stolen.

    In the last couple of months, the Harbour has been deteriorating fast with huge piles of rubbish being left on dockside by commercial boat rats and cockroach heaven. Dingys have been destroyed by unprotected pontoons and long tail fishing boats. There is no secure dingy dock.

  20. January 25, 2016 at 3:13 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Ao Po Grand Marina – update from Anthony Swanston, SV Wild Fox:
    Situated at the southern end of Ao Phang-Nga (08 04.075N 098 26.739E) there are no tidal restrictions entering or leaving this seven-year-old marina which offers a standard of luxury almost unsurpassed.

    It is home to many superyachts and the Sunsail charter fleet but with lots of room for cruisers. Good pontoons with electricity and water (not potable). There is plenty of turning space and the docking crews are the first rate – a “pushing” dinghy will meet you at the entrance and there will be catchers on the pontoon. Call first on CH 69 as they will know better than the office where you are going to tie up.

    There are a huge haul out area and good local labor.
    There is a beautiful pool with absolutely pristine modern loos and showers adjacent
    There is a bar/restaurant at the marina, a chandlery and a short walk away from a local eaterie with a European / Thai place almost next door.

    There are two small supermarkets but they do not sell much eg, no bread no eggs. Also, there is no ATM. Hire cars are available for BT1,000 to 1,200 a day and there is a taxi rank at the marina entrance.

    All in all a nice place to stop but you will need to hire a car to provision – Tescos about 12km away.

  21. December 3, 2015 at 2:25 PM
    Data Entry2 says:


    It is mandatory for all foreign yachts coming into Phuket, Thailand and outgoing from Phuket, Thailand to be equipped with an Automatic Identification System (AIS) or AIS Class B system or higher class appropriately.

    AIS must be ACTIVE when coming into Thai water or leaving Thai water or moving to somewhere else.

    The marine department allowed to turn off the AIS transmitter while the yachts stay in Marina or Hardstand.

    For more information, please contact the Marine Department, Phuket Branch.

  22. November 10, 2015 at 2:48 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Note that rules have now changed for foreigners wishing to obtain an Indian visa whilst in Thailand (for a visit from Phuket to the Andamans for example):

    New rules 2015 are that you must first have a work permit or residence in Thailand or a NON O or NON B Thai visa from your country. This information from Emotion Travel, Phuket.

  23. November 9, 2015 at 9:24 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    If you feel you are being bribed by an official when clearing into Thailand in Phuket, take the person’s name and go to Phuket Town head office of Immigration and place a complaint. Alternatively, decline to check in there an check in at an alternative office (i.e.head office and not Chalong).

    Refer to an earlier post on noonsite about anti-corruption, posted under news adjacent, 17 September 2014, at this link –
    Dr. Surin, leading the way in Phuket to try and eradicate corruption, is still active. In the report is a telephone number you can call if faced with a bribe that you feel you shouldn’t be paying.

    In the report are Dr. Surin’s contact details. It is recommended that any cruisers visiting Phuket print off these details (including the Thai word for anti-corruption) and have them handy for any such occasions.

  24. November 9, 2015 at 9:13 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Posted on behalf of Iain Gower:

    Just a quick update on my experience on checking in today 25th October, with two others.
    Online check-in system great and easy – much help is given.
    Staff a little confused as to who we should go to next. We were told Customs but in fact, it should have been Harbourmaster then Customs then Immigration.

    Anyway, Harbourmaster office no problem, but tried to say we could not leave Ao Chalong anchorage without checking out? I said I wanted to go to another marina, he questioned that and finally admitted we only had to check out with Harbourmaster if we travel to another province ie Krabi.

    Customs no problem, the correct fee charged but no receipt forthcoming. No boat check.
    Immigration, myself the Captain and a passenger arrived with a Tourist Visa from Penang – 60 days plus 30. This is what all Yachties have been doing and the Thai website suggests this also. Filled in all forms etc.

    no problem, then he says the cost is 1020 baht. I question this and asked for a receipt. The reply was – I can only give you a receipt for 520 Baht. Why? Because as Captain I can only give you a 30 day Visa. I say I already have a 60-day visa? So for 500 baht in his pocket, he changed me to a passenger to allow me to use the already granted and paid for a Tourist visa.

    However, the rules state there must always be one crew assigned responsibility for the boat. Now my boat has passengers only, so I guess the Customs man can come along and impound my boat as illegal. What to do?

    I will re-read all the issued forms again, but I think maybe he has actually changed nothing in the system at all, just used this ploy to receive a bribe. This happened to the two other boats that checked in with me also.

    Bit wary about asking more questions higher up the chain, but I do remember reading an article here on Noonsite where there was a contact if you had concerns or bribes applied to you for checking in.

    No questions asked about AIS, but I have a correct system. They are checking as the other boat was asked for the boat name and the Harbourmaster went to a website and checked.
    Sadly I think they are trying to use AIS as a big brother rather than what it was developed for as a safety system. How will they find me when I turn it off?
    Love your work.
    Iain Gower
    SV Felucca
    Australian with two NZ boats

  25. November 2, 2015 at 8:55 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Posted on behalf of Helena who posted this comment elsewhere on the site:
    Today I checked into Thailand, Phuket Chalong office, with no AIS unit installed.
    There was a lot of activity about me not having AIS.

    Phone calls were made and in the end, I was asked to sign a piece of paper that said I would be allowed to leave Thailand with no AIS unit, but I will be blacklisted from returning to Thailand until I can show a functioning AIS unit displayed on their system.

    The biggest thing I learned from this is that they are making all foreign yachts transmit AIS for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if your boat is drydocked in a marina.
    So conflicting stories we heard whilst on route to Thailand, were laid to rest. It’s 24/7 every day.

  26. October 20, 2015 at 8:00 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    WARNING! Announcement by Phuket Marine Department today. Foreign vessels NOT equipped with AIS will NOT be permitted to enter or depart Thailand waters, starting 19 Oct 2015. Thankfully period of grace has been granted. See clearance section Phuket and news item adjacent for further details.

  27. January 13, 2015 at 2:43 PM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Posted on behalf of Brian Simm, SY Scraatch:
    Two items of good news for cruisers in Phuket:

    AME chandlery, (at the entrance to Boat Lagoon) have made major steps over the last two years to update their safety equipment services. By encouraging and contracting local specialists to fully update their systems AME can now offer full local life raft services, (my Givens lifebuoy took only 4 working days) Epirb, fire, and safety system checks to full certification. This service is being taken up by local super yachts and commercial boats as well as cruisers.

    With the usual Marinas full as usual, Yacht Haven is in the process of installing a major extension from the present 300 or so berths up. This location is now the choice for charter companies and the larger ‘superyacht’ fraternity. Cruisers are welcome alongside or with plenty of room to anchor off.

    Brian Simm
    S/Y Scraatch, sundeer 56