Maldives: Clearance Fee Reductions Appear to be on Hold

In an effort to become more cruiser friendly, the Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean was set to substantially reduce clearance costs from 1st April 2020. Unfortunately, it now appears that these cost reductions are on hold until the COVID-19 situation is resolved.

Published 3 years ago

In February 2020, Noonsite reported that clearance Fees for cruisers arriving in the Maldives were set to be substantially reduced from 1 April, 2020.

a sheltered anchorage inside a long arm of land with bright blue water, white sand and 2 yachts at anchor
Starry Horizons and Slow Flight anchored at Dhapparu.

Assad Mohamed from yacht agency Real Seahawks Maldives, had been lobbying the government since 2010 to make the Maldives more cruiser-friendly.

However, when contacted by Noonsite to clarify the situation regarding the fee reductions, Assad said that even though the fee reductions were planned he didn’t think they would happen.

“Since the country economy is in a recession, the goverment has already announced /decided to minimise all the expenses and to find ways to increase revenues. The goverment offices are closed now and no-one is working on any other things except Covid-19 related activities.

“The President said that he is expecting that the country will start recovering /booming from September onwards and then he will continue all projects and other planned programs.  Until then we will wait and see.”

For more information contact:
Assad at Real Seahawks Maldives
[email protected]

Our thanks to Assad of Real Seahawks for providing this update.

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