Cruising Reports

INSIGHTS: Choosing Crew

Date Published - May 03, 2021

Boats sailing around the world or on smaller coastal passages often take on extra crew as another pair of hands to help out along the way. But as a potential crew member, or skipper, how much due diligence do you do before you get on board? New Zealand sailor… Read More

Last Update - April 24, 2021

Azores: A Warm Welcome and a Chance to Explore

Date Published - April 27, 2021

After a 6000 mile passage from South Africa to the Azores, seasoned sailor Kia Koropp reflects on taking the time to explore one of the few places to stay open and provide a warm welcome to cruising sailors throughout the Covid-19 pandemic…. Read More

Last Update - April 23, 2021

Atlantic: How a Young Man with a Dream Hitchhiked Across an Ocean

Date Published - April 19, 2021

In 2020, amidst the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, twenty-year-old Matt Whitley from Manchester, UK, dreamt of sailing an ocean. The big question was, how could he turn that dream into a reality with no money, no ocean sailing experience, no yachting qualifications and just RYA Dinghy sailing levels… Read More

Last Update - April 15, 2021

INSIGHTS: Cruising with the Moon

Date Published - April 14, 2021

Anna Eriksson, behavioral scientist, executive coach and liveaboard, left Stockholm, Sweden with her husband Arthur on board their 16 meter Amel Super Maramu ketch in March 2019 and arrived in New Zealand in December 2020. Here she shares with Noonsite her photo story of the moon as they crossed the… Read More

Last Update - April 01, 2021

Indian Ocean Voyage Part 4: Cruising South African Waters

Date Published - April 08, 2021

After 42 days at sea and over 7000 miles across the Indian Ocean, SY Zoonie arrived in Richards Bay, South Africa. This is part 4 of their Indian Ocean series, this time covering their voyage around the South Africa coast…. Read More

Last Update - April 08, 2021

INSIGHTS: Provisioning for a Long Offshore Passage

Date Published - April 05, 2021

Provisioning for a long voyage is all about careful planning, storage space, dietary requirements and that extra “what if” scenario. Nicola Rodriguez, author and long-distance cruiser, shares her experience with tips and advice on how to best to stock up for a long offshore passage…. Read More

Last Update - April 05, 2021

Indian Ocean Voyage Part 3: La Reunion to South Africa

Date Published - March 23, 2021

Having safely sailed over 3000nms across the Indian Ocean from Fremantle, Australia to Reunion Island, the next stop for Rob and Barb White on SY Zoonie was Richards Bay in South Africa. But to get there they had to cross the Mozambique Channel and the infamous Agulhas Current…. Read More

Last Update - March 16, 2021

Medical Insurance for Caribbean Cruisers

Date Published - March 12, 2021

This article by David Lyman was published in Caribbean Compass Magazine in January 2021. Experienced cruiser David shares what he learnt about medical insurance options when cruising in the Caribbean…. Read More

Last Update - March 12, 2021

INSIGHTS: Making a Boat Safety Equipment Diagram

Date Published - March 11, 2021

Trying to find a piece of safety equipment on a boat can be critical in an emergency situation. In her first article for INSIGHTS, New Zealand sailor Viki Moore recommends having a Boat Safety Diagram on board, displaying it in a prominent position and ensuring all crew are briefed about… Read More

Last Update - March 10, 2021

Ya: The Yacht that Sailed the World Fossil Fuel Free

Date Published - March 10, 2021

Between September 2016 and the summer of 2018, the sustainable yacht “Ya” crewed by Peter Hoefnagels and various guests, sailed around the world without using fossil fuels, proving that even without diesel, petrol and gas it is possible to safely and comfortably sail the world’s oceans. … Read More

Last Update - March 02, 2021