Cruising Reports

Covid-19 Field Report: Marshall Islands, Majuro

Date Published - June 01, 2020

Jo and Rob of Sailing Double Trouble have been in the Marshall Islands since before the lockdown. While their extended stay in the Marshalls has necessitated a costly visa extension, they are permitted relative freedom during lockdown and with no where open elsewhere realise there could be worse places to… Read More

Last Update - June 01, 2020

Covid-19 Field Report: Trapped in the Maldives

Date Published - May 28, 2020

Americans Sherman and Judy Sundin are sailing the world on their 41ft Bristol, “Fairwinds 1” having left Florida in 2012. In 2020 their plan was to sail from Sri Lanka across the Indian Ocean to South Africa, and then back to the Caribbean to complete their circumnavigation. However, on arrival… Read More

Last Update - May 28, 2020

Pacific Ocean Lockdown: What are the Options?

Date Published - May 23, 2020

Nearly three months have passed with a Pacific basin full of yachts thrown into confusion. Yachts stacking up in French Polynesia, no where ahead or behind open and cyclone season approaching. Noonsite reports on the current status in the Pacific Islands for visiting yachts and what efforts are going on… Read More

Last Update - June 01, 2020

INSIGHTS: Cruising Kindly – Part 2

Date Published - May 19, 2020

Part 2 of Richard Chesher’s series of articles for INSIGHTS on Cruising Kindly. Part 1 in February focused on ways cruisers can be kind to the creatures of the sea and the marine environment, while Part 2 looks at the way cruisers can be kind to the local people they… Read More

Last Update - May 19, 2020

Australia, WA, Albany: Covid19 Field Report

Date Published - May 14, 2020

British cruisers Jeremy and Kathy Spencer are on their second circumnavigation. Having crossed The Great Australian Bight in March, they arrived in Albany with their Westerly Solway “Sal Darago” as the pandemic was starting to take hold. Deciding to stay put rather than continue on to Freemantle, they appear to… Read More

Last Update - May 14, 2020

Buying Boat Insurance: A Brief Guide

Date Published - May 12, 2020

Isn’t it always the way – that you buy insurance, and then the very thing that happens doesn’t seem to be covered? Or even if it’s covered, you still end up having to contribute to the costs. So just what is in the small print that you need to be… Read More

Last Update - May 12, 2020

French Guiana: An Option for EU Yachts for Hurricane Season

Date Published - May 11, 2020

With no limit on stay if you are an EU citizen and currently still open to EU yachts, French Guiana is an attractive option for yachts currently stuck in the Caribbean basin and wanting to find a safe haven for hurricane season. Davide Matelicani of Marina Saint Laurent du Maroni… Read More

Last Update - May 14, 2020

Indian Ocean: Desperately Seeking Solutions

Date Published - May 08, 2020

Pete and Jen Bernard of SY Steel Sapphire left Sydney in July 2018 to begin a 5 year circumnavigation. They arrived in the Maldives in early March with a plan to continue across the Indian Ocean arriving in South Africa around October. They have now been stuck in the Maldives… Read More

Last Update - May 08, 2020

Covid-19 Field Report: Expelled from Spain

Date Published - May 01, 2020

The catamaran “Water Dogs” and her Canadian family crew arrived in Spain last year, in December 2019. From the Guadiana River on the Atlantic south coast of Spain they slowly made their way towards the Balearic Islands, arriving in Ibiza in March 2020, one week before Spain went into lockdown…. Read More

Last Update - May 01, 2020