Cruising Reports

Greece and Croatia: Formalities Update

Date Published - February 22, 2021

The catamaran “Water Dogs” and her Canadian family crew have been cruising in the Mediterranean for over a year, succesfully doing the “Schengen Shuffle”. After being tied to the dock for 3 months in Greece, they have now sailed north to Croatia to move out of Schengen but remain in… Read More

Last Update - February 22, 2021

INSIGHTS: Man Overboard – The Mayday – Episode 4

Date Published - February 18, 2021

A crew member overboard is something we all dread. We all know to hang on tight and not to fall in, but if a crew member does go over the side we need to know how to get back to them quickly and get them out of the water. Duncan… Read More

Last Update - February 18, 2021

Gambia: Skirting the Covid Chaos

Date Published - February 12, 2021

Having cruised extensively last year from South Africa to Europe, Kia Koropp and her family decided to forego an Atlantic Crossing to the Caribbean in November and instead headed down to Gambia for an alternative cruising experience up-river with hippos and crocodiles. … Read More

Last Update - February 12, 2021

South Pacific Cruising in 2021

Date Published - February 04, 2021

Behan Gifford and family chose not to cross the Pacific last year and remained in Mexico. Frustrated by the number of cruising boats planning on “cruising” the Pacific this year, she has published the current situation on her blog. This is an informative summary of what to expect if you… Read More

Last Update - February 04, 2021

Madagascar and Mozambique Channel

Date Published - January 29, 2021

The general consensus amongst Indian Ocean cruisers is that the Mozambique Channel is the most technically challenging of their circumnavigation. Having done 40,000NM up and down the channel to Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya from his base in Richards Bay South Africa over the last 13 years, Des Cason has learnt… Read More

Last Update - January 29, 2021

INSIGHTS: How I Realized my Dream to Sail around the World – Part 1

Date Published - January 24, 2021

Now more than half way through his circumnavigation, having set sail on his Beneateu 44cc SV Cajucito from Cork in the south of Ireland in August 2016, Bill Forde tells us how he achieved his dream to sail around the world in a series of articles for INSIGHTS. Part 1… Read More

Last Update - January 24, 2021

Cuba Update

Date Published - January 24, 2021

Just a few days ago SV Europa arrived in Cuba from the DR. Arrival procedures were straightforward with just one test required on arrival due to passage time being incorporated into quarantine days. Here skipper Fabian Eder reports on the arrival protocols and the current situation in Varadero and Cuba…. Read More

Last Update - February 01, 2021

Fiji: Sea Mercy Supporting the Villages on the Outlying Islands

Date Published - January 19, 2021

OCC member Jonathan Robinson of Sea Mercy put together a fleet of 7 yachts to go to the aid of some of the more remote islands on the North of Vanua Levu which was hit hard by cyclone Yasa. This report from the Ocean Cruising Club…. Read More

Last Update - January 19, 2021

Covid-19 Field Report: Egypt to Sweden – 54 days without going ashore

Date Published - January 16, 2021

Having sailed up the Red Sea at the start of March last year, circumnavigators Tove, Johan and their three crew members on SV Bird of Passage were halted in Egypt by the Covid-19 pandemic. After a month in Egypt waiting for ports to open, they decided to head directly home… Read More

Last Update - January 16, 2021

Philippines: Six Months in Subic Bay

Date Published - January 12, 2021

We are avid users of Noonsite for cruising information so thought we need to finally contribute about our experiences as cruisers in Subic Bay as there seems little written about it. We certainly would have appreciated some of this information prior to entering and would have been forewarned about… Read More

Last Update - January 12, 2021