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Australia: Dodging Lobster Pots and Aquaculture Pens across the Great Australian Bight
Continuing their journey around the south of Australia, Canadian cruisers Brent Crack and Mary Bevan day-hopped from Adelaide to Port Lincoln before ...

Published 2 days ago, updated 1 day ago

Pacific Hurricane Season 2024: Planning Ahead for Hurricane Holes
With the 2024 eastern Pacific hurricane season approaching, cruisers in that part of the world are starting to discuss their strategies and potential ...

Published 5 days ago

France, Netherlands, Germany: Useful Information on The Inland Waterways of Europe
Although Noonsite is mainly concerned with coastal ports, we believe a summary of information about the network of inland waterways in Europe is a ...

Published 2 weeks ago, updated 1 week ago

Portrait of a Cruiser: Circumnavigator Tony Foulkes
New Zealand sailor Tony Foulkes has found his cruising equilibrium, spending six months in the Mediterranean and six months in New Zealand each year. ...

Published 2 weeks ago, updated 1 week ago

Atlantic Iberian Peninsula [“Orca Alley”]: Passage Planning Part 3
Noonsite continues to collaborate with the CA on this series of articles which started in January guiding skippers on how to best-prepare for a ...

Published 2 weeks ago

Jackstays (deck safety lines): Understanding their Construction and Usage
Whether you call them Guardlines, Safety Lines, Jackstays or Lifelines, these deck lines and harness tethers are essential pieces of equipment on any ...

Published 3 weeks ago

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