Cruising Reports

Indian Ocean: Mayotte to South Africa

Date Published - January 12, 2023

Stopping over in Mayotte on their way from the Chagos Archipelago to South Africa, cruisers Maryanne and Kyle Webb found an island of contrasts…. Read More

Last Update - January 12, 2023

Malaysia: Update from Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Date Published - January 09, 2023

Long-term SE Asia cruiser Anthony Swanston of SV Wildfox spent the 2022 rainy season tucked up in the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club Marina at Pulau Langkawi Island on Malaysia’s west coast. A regular Noonsite contributor, Anthony provides this update for other SE Asia cruisers…. Read More

Last Update - January 06, 2023

UK to Greece: 12 Lessons Learned

Date Published - January 01, 2023

With scarcely one year of sailing under their belts and less than 100NM of practical sailing experience in their yacht, New Zealand sailors Connie and Greg Miller sailed away from England in the midst of the COVID pandemic, bound for Greece. In this report Connie details 12 lessons they learned… Read More

Last Update - January 03, 2023

Cruising Life: You Know You Are A Cruiser When…

Date Published - December 23, 2022

After the first year of cruising is under our belt and we have worked out most of the kinks, I find that I really love this life. However, its quite a different life. We were hanging out in a gorgeous anchorage at Isla Isabella, Mexico, resting from my third snorkle… Read More

Last Update - December 22, 2022

Portrait of A Cruiser: Birgit Hackl and Christian Feldbauer

Date Published - December 19, 2022

Calling themselves “green cruisers”, Austrian liveaboards Birgit Hackl and Christian Feldbauer, rely only on alternative energy sources and try to minimize the impact they have on the environment. They not only assist local communities where they cruise, but also try to give back to the generous cruiser community by sharing… Read More

Last Update - December 20, 2022

Colombia, Cartegna: Noisy and Busy but Charming and Friendly

Date Published - December 16, 2022

After crossing the Atlantic and exploring several Caribbean islands aboard their fossil-fuel-free vessel “Ya”, Inge van Berkel and Peter Hoefnagels visited Colombia and the port of Cartagena, before heading for Panama…. Read More

Last Update - November 30, 2022

Fiji to New Zealand: Wind, Waves and Woollen Socks

Date Published - December 12, 2022

Continuing their circumnavigation from Fiji, cruisers Kerstin and Martin Giretzlehner unpacked their woollen socks and set off for the roller-coaster ride to New Zealand and the port of Opua in the Bay of Islands aboard their Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 catamaran, Infinity…. Read More

Last Update - December 06, 2022

INSIGHTS: Misery is Optional

Date Published - December 11, 2022

Sailing south for the winter is all about finding the right weather window and deciding when to go, but as US sailor Nica Waters reports, that’s not all it’s about. Choosing not to be miserable is also a good goal and in this report for INSIGHTS she reflects on watching… Read More

Last Update - November 30, 2022

Indonesia: Clearance Experiences at Bintam and Batam

Date Published - December 08, 2022

Long-term Belgium cruiser Luc Callebaut, who is currently running the “Grand Large World Odyssey 500”, reports on his experience at the Indonesian ports of Bintan and Batam – two popular ports of entry for cruisers heading to, or from, Malaysia. … Read More

Last Update - November 14, 2022

Indonesia: Cruiser Paradise or Paradise Lost?

Date Published - November 29, 2022

Indonesia is one of the most diverse cruising grounds in the world, from the surf-rich islands off the West Coast of Sumatra to the pristine waters of the Raja Ampat Archipelago in the east, over 2000NM away. With such a widespread country there also comes challenges for the cruising sailor,… Read More

Last Update - November 29, 2022