Cruising Reports

Djibouti: Transiting up the Red Sea

Date Published - January 24, 2022

After their emergency stopover in Port Salalah, Oman, Kiwi sailors Kay and Lane Finlay on SV Maitai visited Djibouti on their way up the Red Sea. They provided this update for any sailors planning to follow this route to the Mediterranean…. Read More

Last Update - January 24, 2022

Brazil: An Amazing Amazon Adventure

Date Published - January 21, 2022

After crossing the Atlantic from South Africa to Paraiba in NE Brazil, cruisers Mark and Christine Templeman were offered an amazing opportunity to explore the Amazon River. The BRALLY Amazon 2021 took them on a 500NM journey from the river delta to the heart of the rainforest…. Read More

Last Update - January 21, 2022

Natural Disasters: Advice for Cruisers Who Want to Help

Date Published - January 20, 2022

Following any devastating natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, tropical cyclone or hurricane, many cruisers want to pitch in and help. Jonathon Robinson from Sea Mercy (Fiji) has some advice for cruisers on how to (and how not to) help out after a natural disaster…. Read More

Last Update - January 21, 2022

Marshall Islands: Beautiful Creatures of the Majuro Lagoon

Date Published - January 17, 2022

For the past few years, two teams of yachtie amateur scientists – John and Lynette Flynn on s/v White Hawk and Ken Cone and Beth Van Zummere on s/v Eagle‚Äôs Wings – have been exploring and photographing some of the incredible biodiversity in the Majuro Lagoon of the Marshall… Read More

Last Update - January 14, 2022

Galapagos: An Unforgettable Visit to a Unique Group of Islands

Date Published - January 13, 2022

After being stuck in Colon, Panama for 21 months due to the Corona Virus restrictions, German sailor Peter Kraus finally made it to the Galapagos Islands in December 2021 on his round-the-world journey. In this report, Peter provides an update on the procedure for entering the islands and some… Read More

Last Update - January 14, 2022

Marinas: Boaters adopt new habits with digital reservations

Date Published - December 21, 2021

In the last two years, more people sought the great outdoors to reconnect with nature and to avoid crowds, resulting in a massive surge in recreational boating. At the same time, the adoption of digital tools has accelerated in the marine industry and many marinas have jumped aboard the digital… Read More

Last Update - December 21, 2021

French Polynesia: Paradise No More?

Date Published - December 17, 2021

Whenever we conjure an image of sailing the South Pacific, it’s almost inevitable that an iconic name like Bora Bora or Tahiti will float to the surface. Perhaps we have Michener to thank for that, but also Thor Heyerdahl, Robert Louis Stevenson and many others have planted the dreams of… Read More

Last Update - December 26, 2021

Oman: Updates from Port Salalah

Date Published - December 14, 2021

Cruisers Lane and Kay Finley recently spent a month in Port Salalah, Oman, having been forced to make an emergency stop there due to engine troubles en-route from Kenya to the Red Sea. They provided this update for Noonsite on the current situation there for visiting yachts…. Read More

Last Update - December 14, 2021

US Virgin Islands: Open for Business

Date Published - December 14, 2021

Visiting the US Virgin Islands during the Pandemic includes several changes, but with the effort of the USVI government to keep the economy healthy, access to COVID testing facilities and the wonderful marine environment, cruisers will still find the island life they enjoy. This report by Joan Conover, President of… Read More

Last Update - November 30, 2021