Cruising Reports

Cruising the Anambas: Know before you go

Date Published - February 22, 2019

We have now spent the past two summers, 2016 and 2017, cruising the Anambas and had a marvellous time snorkelling and diving in the clear water and meeting the wonderful and sometimes shy people…. Read More

Ilhabela: Taking the Southern Route to the Ilhabela Yacht Club

Date Published - February 12, 2019

Ilhabela is an archipelago off the southeast coast of Brazil. The main island is Ilha de São Sebastião and on the west coast lies the capital city of Ilhabela. This report from Omar Sanchez provides a good insight to the navigation required and details of the yacht club and city…. Read More

Changes to EU Common Fisheries Policy May Affect Recreational Anglers

Date Published - February 12, 2019

British sailors and sea anglers are working together to oppose changes to EU law which could have a big impact on how recreational fishing is carried out within the European Union.

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is an EU policy designed to make EU fishing grounds a common resource by giving… Read More

Mauritius: Clearance and Cruising Information

Date Published - February 12, 2019

The following port clearance and cruising information is provided to help sailors visiting Mauritius Island. This information is based on two U.S.A. citizens on the 42 foot catamaran. More recent feedback from cruisers on clearance here has been posted at the bottom of this report under comments…. Read More

Cruisers Take Note of Growing El Nino Conditions

Date Published - February 09, 2019

As reported in Cruising Compass

El Nino conditions strengthened during December and January, and they are expected to build through March 2010. Fortunately, a free service from NOAA can help boaters keep their weather eyes peeled. Cruising boaters in Mexico and Central America know El Nino conditions as the upwellings of… Read More

New Zealand Weather Helper

Date Published - February 08, 2019

Created by Nicolas Remy of S/Y Fleur de Sel in April 2013 after extensive cruising around NZ, this useful Excel based file contains all the info. you need to know in order to track weather in this part of the world…. Read More

Galle: Updates from Cruisers

Date Published - February 02, 2019

This report began with the experiences of two cruisers who visited Galle in spring 2013. We have since had subsequent comments from cruisers visiting Galle (see the bottom of page) and more recent submissions that appear at the top of the report…. Read More

Summer 2014 in Mediterranean Spain by Nick Ellis

Date Published - January 30, 2019

For their 4th year of extended cruising Nick Ellis and his wife Judith sailed there Bavaria ’39 “Onaway” from Marina de Lagos, Portugal, east into the Mediterranean and up to Barcelona during the summer of 2014…. Read More

Visiting Penrhyn (Tongareva)

Date Published - January 29, 2019

This is the best place I have visited on our travels. Yes, you need to anchor off Omoka to check in and to get there from the NW pass, you need to have good light. The pass itself is not difficult, keep to the middle, but from there on there… Read More

ISDMT Tax Crackdown for Liveaboards Begins in 2009

Date Published - January 29, 2019

Fist posted 9 January 2009 – with subsequent updates

See article, written June 2008, for background information on ISDMT Tax.

ISDMT (or Matriculation) Tax, is levied on boat owners who stay in Spain for more than 183 days in total (aggregate not sequential) in any one year. It is exactly the same… Read More

Cruising Notes for US Samoa

Date Published - January 26, 2019

US Samoa has for many years been a favorite shopping place. Yachts arriving from French Polynesia and Suwarrow often run low on fuel, service items and groceries due to the high prices and the limited availability of supplies in above-mentioned islands. The following report suggests some options for reprovisioning.
Read More

Small Caribbean Island’s Waste Management: How Cruisers can Help

Date Published - January 22, 2019

Waste management is a problem for all the small islands in the Caribbean, one that only gets worse during the sailing season as hundreds of yachts a day dispose of their garbage on these tiny islands. A big percentage of yachts are buying much of their groceries and items in… Read More

Peru, Callao: 5 months and $6000 to clear in!

Date Published - January 19, 2019

We entered Peru based on comments made on noonsite and accepted it might cost us in the region of $2000 to clear in as the benefits of land travel outweighed the cost.
So, we made all of our radio calls at 08.00 and 20.00 as advised, writing times and positions of… Read More

French Bureaucracy

Date Published - January 19, 2019

French Bureaucracy – keep proof of last port of call before entering EU.

We were boarded by members of French Customs in St Tropez harbor. I was somewhat flustered as they came aboard when I was sleeping so was not as alert as I might have been. And I was distressed… Read More