Cruising Reports

Brazil: Angra dos Reis to Florianapolis

Date Published - March 18, 2019

I checked in in Angra dos Reis (60 miles south of Rio de Janeiro). Very easy and friendly.

The anchorage is not very comfy with lots of wake from the boats, but it is close to the dinghy dock. The anchorage spot is right in front and a slight distance away… Read More

Positive Feedback about Luperon

Date Published - March 16, 2019

We have sailed to & very much enjoyed Luperon on three separate occasions. The people are friendly, fuel, water, groceries, repairs, transportation, etc. are easily available.

On our first trip, we remained for 8 months, bought a motorcycle & enjoyed becoming a part of the place as well as venturing out… Read More

Report From Bonaire

Date Published - March 15, 2019


Although our dog has updated vaccines and health certificates, neither Customs nor Immigration asked whether we were traveling with a pet when we signed in.

Cruising Guide

Also worth noting, the ABC Guide is out of print and no one is sure when (or if) another edition will be available anytime soon…. Read More

Checking in to Tobago: Time your arrival to avoid high fees

Date Published - March 15, 2019

Checking in in Tobago is always an adventurous Task.

Coming from the North towards Tobago we decided to sail into Charlotteville, because once at the jetty Customs and Immigration is within walkable distance. In contrary to Store Bay in the South where you’ll need a taxi for all your crew members… Read More

Good Anchorage in Nga Bay, Near Phuket

Date Published - March 14, 2019

Posted 140th June 2010

During the North East Monsoon, there is a good anchorage on the west coast of Ko Yao Yai in Phang Nga Bay near Phuket. It has a good landing beach without rocks or reefs and a small resort with a nice restaurant. Anchor just south of the… Read More

Use of Unskilled Boatyard Workers in Thailand

Date Published - March 14, 2019

Recently a series of emails received by Noonsite has highlighted the problems caused by some boatyards in Thailand using unskilled labour when carrying out work such as fibreglassing, decking and safety-critical repairs.

However helpful and accommodating the owner/manager might be, it is the skill (or otherwise) of the workers which is… Read More

Cruising the Anambas: Know before you go

Date Published - February 22, 2019

We have now spent the past two summers, 2016 and 2017, cruising the Anambas and had a marvellous time snorkelling and diving in the clear water and meeting the wonderful and sometimes shy people…. Read More

Ilhabela: Taking the Southern Route to the Ilhabela Yacht Club

Date Published - February 12, 2019

Ilhabela is an archipelago off the southeast coast of Brazil. The main island is Ilha de São Sebastião and on the west coast lies the capital city of Ilhabela. This report from Omar Sanchez provides a good insight to the navigation required and details of the yacht club and city…. Read More

Changes to EU Common Fisheries Policy May Affect Recreational Anglers

Date Published - February 12, 2019

British sailors and sea anglers are working together to oppose changes to EU law which could have a big impact on how recreational fishing is carried out within the European Union.

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is an EU policy designed to make EU fishing grounds a common resource by giving… Read More

Mauritius: Clearance and Cruising Information

Date Published - February 12, 2019

The following port clearance and cruising information is provided to help sailors visiting Mauritius Island. This information is based on two U.S.A. citizens on a 42 foot catamaran. More recent feedback from cruisers on clearance here has been posted at the bottom of this report in the User Comments section… Read More

Galle: Updates from Cruisers

Date Published - February 02, 2019

This report began with the experiences of two cruisers who visited Galle in spring 2013. We have since had subsequent comments from cruisers visiting Galle (see the bottom of page) and more recent submissions that appear at the top of the report…. Read More

Madagascar Cruising Notes

Date Published - February 01, 2019

Long-term cruisers Des & Nell of SY Gambit (and the ex-Madagascar relay station for the Peri-Peri Net) used to be based on Sakatia Island (near Hell-Ville). They have now returned to South Africa, but have sailed the country extensively and continue to offer advice to cruisers visiting Madagascar. Here they… Read More

Summer 2014 in Mediterranean Spain by Nick Ellis

Date Published - January 30, 2019

For their 4th year of extended cruising Nick Ellis and his wife Judith sailed there Bavaria ’39 “Onaway” from Marina de Lagos, Portugal, east into the Mediterranean and up to Barcelona during the summer of 2014…. Read More

Visiting Penrhyn (Tongareva)

Date Published - January 29, 2019

This is the best place I have visited on our travels. Yes, you need to anchor off Omoka to check in and to get there from the NW pass, you need to have good light. The pass itself is not difficult, keep to the middle, but from there on there… Read More

ISDMT Tax Crackdown for Liveaboards Begins in 2009

Date Published - January 29, 2019

Fist posted 9 January 2009 – with subsequent updates

See article, written June 2008, for background information on ISDMT Tax.

ISDMT (or Matriculation) Tax, is levied on boat owners who stay in Spain for more than 183 days in total (aggregate not sequential) in any one year. It is exactly the same… Read More