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West Africa, Guinea Bisseau: An Unexplored Paradise

Date Published - November 05, 2021

Situated in West Africa, Guinea Bisseau is one of the few unexplored and little sailed paradises around the world. Greek sailor Anastasakis Kleanthis and Bernado Conceicao (who was born in Guinea Bisseau) report on their time there while circumnavigating the world in their 26 foot Beneteau “Nala”.
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Last Update - November 04, 2021

US: Buying a Boat Privately – A Kiwi Couple’s Experience

Date Published - November 01, 2021

New Zealand sailors Craig and Karen Bishop-Everett have just been through the process of purchasing a boat direct from the sellers in the United States, while still in New Zealand. They report on the process for anyone who might be contemplating the same…. Read More

Last Update - October 27, 2021

French Polynesia: Obtaining Authorization to Enter with a Compelling Reason

Date Published - October 20, 2021

French Polynesia is now open to cruising yachts with vaccinated crew with no restrictions (other than pre-authorization), however prior to August 8th all yachts needed a compelling reason to enter (still a requirement for un-vaccinated yachts). SY Dunracin, on passage to Australia, needed to stop at Nuku Hiva for supplies… Read More

Last Update - October 20, 2021

Canada, Nunavut: Wintering a Boat Above the Arctic Circle

Date Published - October 17, 2021

During the High Arctic Summer, Eric Brossier and partner France Pinczon du Sel host scientific expeditions aboard their polar yacht Vagabond. When winter approaches Vagabond is “moth-balled” on the beach in Grise Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut to safely spend the winter. In this report, Eric details just how they keep… Read More

Last Update - October 16, 2021

Mediterranean: Coping with Schengen Schenanigans

Date Published - October 10, 2021

Doing the “Schengen Shuffle” is a well-known dance that non-EU cruisers have to deal with when cruising Europe and the Med. Following Brexit, this is now a dance that UK boats also have to learn to manage. In this report, a UK Skipper gives his first-hand experience of sailing the… Read More

Last Update - October 11, 2021

Tanzania: Checking in with the Transire Process

Date Published - October 01, 2021

Tanzania has remained open to visiting yachts throughout the pandemic with no restrictions on entry as long as crew arrive with visas. Documentation is required, however, when moving between ports in the country and all new arrivals need to be aware of how to obtain a ‘Transire’ from Tanzania Customs…. Read More

Last Update - September 29, 2021

France: Navigating the Canals and Rivers in a Small Yacht

Date Published - September 20, 2021

After dealing with inquisitive Orcas off the coast of Spain while on a recent yacht delivery, Martin Evans decided to take his yacht back to the UK from Greece via the canals and rivers of France. Unfortunately, he found this idea wasn’t without its problems and complications either…. Read More

Last Update - September 20, 2021

Canary Islands: A Low Season Refuge

Date Published - September 16, 2021

When Remi Blanchet set sail from mainland Spain on his 55-foot ketch, Télémaque, on a round-the-world odyssey, his first stop was in the Canary Islands, where he found a warm welcome and some good anchoring spots due to arriving in the “low season”…. Read More

Last Update - September 14, 2021

INSIGHTS: How to Save Energy when Cooking Onboard

Date Published - September 07, 2021

When at sea on long passages, far from everyone and everything, being frugal with water, food and energy is vital. It ensures that there is enough for the duration of the trip. Rekka Bell and partner circumnavigated the Pacific over the last 5 years, living off-grid. In this edition of… Read More

Last Update - September 07, 2021

How Easy is Cruising the Caribbean during Covid-19?

Date Published - September 02, 2021

Larry Tyler has just arrived in Trinidad after sailing from Martinque. He sent this update on his experiences at various places in the Leeward Islands and what he knows about what’s happening and where at other places in the Caribbean due to the COVID-19 pandemic…. Read More

Last Update - August 31, 2021