Red Sea Passage Facebook Group

This Group page has been developed to respond to an increasing need for information sharing amongst vessels interested in making a passage of the Red Sea. Please note that this is a CLOSED, PRIVATE GROUP.

For membership e-mail moderator Wade Alarie at [email protected]

Wade also maintains a spreadsheet of Red Sea passagemakers to help cruisers connect with cruisers who are on similar paths.

There are nearly 800 members, including people who are making the passage, those that have already done it, those that are considering this route plus a limited number of shore side support agents in Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Djibouti, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.

Wade and his wife Diane sailed from Cochin India to Alanya Turkey in the January to June 2020 timeframe and have recent experience with this voyage.

Crossing the Red Sea in Both Directions – Tips and Advice (Wade Alarie Feb 2023)

Cruising Legends: Wade Alarie and the Red Sea Passage (August 2022)

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