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After entry formalities are complete, a yacht may anchor in Carlisle Bay or a berth in the Careenage in the center of town.


The Carenage has visitors berths in the inner basin and the daily fee includes water and electricity.

Docking space in the Carenage is limited and yachts must obtain permission to berth there at the Marine Services Office before entering. This is located inside the harbor next to the Waterfront Café, open weekdays 0900-1500.

In December 2022 the attempted burglary of a dinghy that was cable locked to the dinghy dock in the carenage was thwarted by a passerby.  See Security Reports for the latest information.


Most yachts anchor in Carlisle Bay, which is beautiful but does suffer from swell and noise from constant jet skis, tourist boats, and music from bars ashore. It is also rather crowded with moorings.

There is a good Wifi signal off the Copacabana Barbados.

You can dinghy into the town through the port entrance, go down to the first bridge and take the far left channel under it. After this, tie up on the quay wall next to one of the stainless steel steps and padlock your dingy and engine/fuel. At night take the usual precautions.

Dinghies can also be left at the Boatyard jetty which has some facilities for cruising boats, such as toilets, showers, and water. They charge a daily fee to use the jetty (redeemable at the bar), but only during the day. After dusk no fee is payable. Alternatively, pull your dinghy up the beach but take care with the surf.

There may be an available mooring buoy to rent. 

Note: There have been several reports of a “noise war” on the waterfront from the cafes and bars there. Since the loudspeakers are directed out to sea, sleep can often be difficult for boats at anchor out the front of Cococabana, but not so bad when upwind at the yacht club. We understand that this is only a real problem during the high season.

Last updated:  December 2022

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  1. January 4, 2020 at 10:25 PM
    sofiene says:

    Some precision on my previous post:
    Check in:
    1) port health
    2) Custom boarding officer
    3) immigration boarding officer
    all in same building
    Check out:
    1) get the clearance in the mooring office (building next to boarding officers and port health 50USD or 100 barbados dollars)
    2) Custom boarding officer
    3) immigration boarding officer

    if all officers present done in 20 min if not you can expect to wait (we waited 1hour for the immigration boarding officer to be back)

  2. January 3, 2020 at 1:20 PM
    sofiene says:

    When arriving in the night stay clear form the Carlisle Shore/beach until you have the entrance of the Carenage in your 60/70° as many small and big mooring buoys are in the water.

    We arrived in the night and asked permission to the signal station (VHF12) to anchor in Carlisle bay and come ashore with the dinghy next day for the paper work which was granted.

    To check in the country, take a taxi (10 US dollars) to the Main gate (where all cruise ships are). In the main building (where you will find many duty-free shops), go to the health office first located at the first floor and then to the Boarding officer (door office just in front). All was done in 15 min.

    We did anchor few day at Carlisle Bay. Beautiful bay but noisy with all the music in the day and night at the beach. We anchored in front in the Copacabana Barbados where we could get the WIFI signal.
    The Barbados yacht said to us that all mooring were privately owned therefore none was available for us.
    We did go to the carenage after first bridge with the dinghy were we did secure it properly each time

    Supermarkets are available (Jordan & Popular market) as well as fresh fruits and vegetables at the permanent market 10 min walking from Jordan supermarket.

  3. December 24, 2017 at 5:12 PM
    Data Entry says:

    Barbados Bridgetown
    December 2017

    There is no fuel here but one of the boat owners in our Rally organized a Diesel truck to come and fill up all the boats. He had to do 3 trips to fill up his tank but he was great. Here’s the phone number.

    Tel: 425 5000 Williams

    Carenage was quite dirty, lots of rubbish collects here. Unfortunately, the place is also very attractive to rats because of the amount of rubbish on the shore. We were told to put our rubbish up near the road because they collect daily from the road but only weekly from the park bins.

    This place is noisy but we were really glad we stayed here. It really is in the center of Bridgetown, no trouble but we did lock up the boat and close the hatches when we left her. This was also to keep out the rats and the rain. Lots of tourists from the cruise ships and local people stopping and asking questions, it was a great time experience. $50 usd a night but we were on the Odyssey Rally so had 7 nights included. After this, we anchored in the bay.

    The office is supposed to open 11- 3 pm but we found it was open at random times, but not at the weekend. Most notably when the bridge opens. You can request it to be open by contacting Barbados control on 12 or 16 – best to give them advance notice if you can.
    They have adapters at the office to convert 110 electric to 220 which you can use. They will also unlock the water taps for you. Tonya, the lady in the office was very helpful.

    Be aware that it is expensive in The Caribbean. The supermarkets are nearby and if you are paying by credit card they will ask for other ID. I didn’t have any but they must have thought there was a good chance that I was not a thief and they let me use my card.

    You will have locals trying to be your tour guide or just asking for cash. Taxi drivers are also asking to take you places. We did get a taxi to the Mount Gay Rum factory – cost $25 BD there and $20 BD back – he came back and collected us about 2 hours later. We also went to Oisin’s fish place and I negotiated it for $30 BD there. And the same back later on. We took his phone number but we found him waiting for us.
    You can walk along the beach and there are various restaurants along the way.

    We took the local bus which goes from Princess Alice bus terminal and not the one by the Careenage. Bus 4 from stand 7 goes to Harrison caves for $2 BD each . Drops you at the end of the road and then it’s a 5 min walk – the bus driver will tell you when to get off if you ask him.

    We also went to Celestine’s for lunch on the way back from the caves.

    The anchorage was a bit rollie, but ok for a couple of nights.

  4. October 29, 2015 at 2:35 PM
    Data Entry says:

    Carlisle Bay is a beautiful anchorage although a rolling swell can come in even when there is no wind. We anchored in front of Copocabana for a few nights and then moved to a mooring that was in front of the Yacht Club. We asked the people in the yacht club if there was a mooring available and were given one of the owners who had his yacht in St Lucia.

    Being a member of any yacht club entitles you to a week’s honorary membership at the yacht club and use of their facilities. There is a laundry across the road from the yacht club which charges BDS4.48 per pound of washing or BBD6.68 if you want it pressed as well. To the north of the yacht club is a new chandlery called MPS that carries basic stuff otherwise on the north side of the careenage there is a place called Fisherman’s corner which also carries basics.

    The Careenage is quite dirty and in the middle of town so a lot of road noise. You also have to go through a bridge and make bookings in and out every time. Minimum 3 night stay at US$25 per night. Water and Electricity included. The sound war mentioned is not really a factor. It seems the harbor lights night club is the loud one and so far have had nights Sat, Monday and Wed as music nights till 3-4 in the morning. Not so bad when upwind at the yacht club but very loud when out the front of Cococabana.

    Sunday nights seem to be Dee’s Bar local night with lots of locals gathering. The ‘Boatyard’ is quite popular during the day but you have to pay US$20 per person minimum to even sit at the bar. We pulled our tender up on the beach and this was not a problem with anyone. Barbados people are friendly and laid back. Great place.

  5. December 14, 2014 at 5:48 PM
    Data Entry says:

    Arriving Bridgetown Dec 12 2014, we heard on the VHF one yacht asking the port authority permission to anchor before check-in and proceed with dinghy for check-in. This was granted.

    Ourselves we proceeded with the yacht to the customs yacht berth in the harbor. And we can confirm that this is not a good place to tie up. With swell, mooring line points hard to access and no ladder to get onto the quay, it was quite unpleasant. Hard to understand that yachts are expected to come in this way. It is easy to get some damage to the yacht, or even hurt oneself. If I should check in here again, I would also try to negotiate another way.

  6. March 31, 2014 at 1:20 PM
    Data Entry says:

    Hello, kiss is anchored in carlisle bay, in front of the harbourlights bar. We catch his wifi signal with no problem, we just have to take a beer to get the password.

  7. March 6, 2014 at 11:03 PM
    Data Entry says:

    Hi everyone, Guajira here anchored at Carlisle Bay using free WiFi signal from “CopaCabana Free Hot Spot” with no trouble at all 🙂

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