SSCA’s Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net will resume operation Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Beginning on October 24, 2018, and continuing during the traditional winter crossing season (and again in the spring), Chris Parker will provide weather routing specifically for those crossing the Atlantic.

Published 5 years ago

All Cruisers are welcome to check into the net. You do not have to be an SSCA member to utilize this service. Services include position reports, phone patches to family, friends, medical or mechanical professionals, or Internet searches.

Like last year, the primary participants will be:

Glenn Tuttle, Coastal Station KPK, Punta Gorda, FL

Chris Parker, Coastal Station WCY, Lakeland, FL

Jim West, Coastal Station KJM, Ellijay, GA

Dick Giddings, Coastal Station KNC, Dover, NC

As previously, Dick Giddings, Coastal Station KNC, will combine his afternoon Doo Dah net at 1700 hrs on frequency 8.152 to incorporate the Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net.

So this Wednesday, October 24th the combined Doo Dah/SSCA Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net will begin at 1700 hrs on frequency 8.152. At 1730 hrs, we will switch to frequency 12.350 and start the SSCA Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net. At 1800 hrs Chris Parker will start his weather net on 12.350.

Daylight Savings

Due to the switch from Daylight Savings Time to Eastern Standard Time on Saturday night November 3rd, beginning on Sunday November 4th, 2018 the SSCA Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net will begin at 1630 hrs on frequency 12.350 and remain on that frequency until 1700 hrs.

Then at 1700 hrs, the Doo Dah/Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net will begin on frequency 8.152.

Chris cannot participate on that frequency as he will be running his weather net at 1700 hrs on both 8.137 and 12.350 simultaneously.

Float Plans

If you want to send the Trans-Atlantic net a float plan, please use the one put out by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, which may be found in PDF form at

The SSCA will keep your float plan, but your primary emergency contact should be a close friend or family member who is familiar with your boat and cruising plans. They should also have a copy of your float plan. The SSCA can not be your primary emergency contact.

Cruisers are welcome and encouraged to share this information on other Facebook Groups and to their cruising friends.

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  1. December 18, 2018 at 6:31 PM
    Noonsite Team says:

    Hi Rossi,
    The regular SSCA HF Radio Net is always at 1215 hrs UTC on 8.104.
    When the Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net is running (it’s seasonal depending on participation and boats making the voyage), it’s at 2130 hrs UTC on 12.350.
    Chris Parker comes on at 2200 hrs UTC on the same frequency of 12.350.

    Yes, UTC is much better for cruisers in different time zones. The Cruiseheimers and Doo Dah Nets times change with the change of Daylight Savings times.

    A great list of all SSB Nets is found at Dockside Radio’s website,

  2. December 15, 2018 at 10:44 AM
    Noonsite Team says:

    Sorry, the above takes a bit to sort out. The addition of UTC times would be helpful…..what I have based on the above is 1700EST/2200UTC-Doo Dah/TA 8.152MHz; 1730EST/2230UTC-DD/TA 12.350MHz; 1800EST/2300UTC-Chris Parker 12.350MHZ. If I have it wrong you might just post the correct version.

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