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Tonga: Good News re. Visa Extensions for Crew & Yacht

Date Published - May 29, 2018

Many cruisers will remember that last year there was a problem extending a visa for the boat past 4 months in Tonga. Actually, it was more of a problem, it was impossible! Gulf Harbour Radio NZ have been working with NZs Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, MFAT, since then… Read More

Last Update - May 29, 2018

Cruising in Japan just got a whole lot easier!

Date Published - May 15, 2018

Japan has recently changed the permit necessary to visit closed ports, making it much simpler to get a cruising permit that is valid indefinitely and free of charge. Does this mean Japan could now be on the shortlist for one of the best cruising grounds in the world?… Read More

Last Update - May 22, 2018