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Vanuatu, Tanna Island: Rebuilding the Port Resolution Yacht Club
After visiting Port Resolution on Tanna Island, Vanuatu in August 2023 and witnessing the damage caused by the two cyclones that impacted the island ...

Published 3 days ago, updated 2 days ago

Atlantic Crossing: US Coast Guard Stops Hamster Wheel Sailor
The U.S. Coast Guard has intercepted a Florida man 70 miles off the coast of South Carolina, who was trying to cross the Atlantic in a vessel ...

Published 4 days ago

Atlantic Hurricane Season: Hurricane Lee Could Become Dangerous
Another Tropical Storm in the western Atlantic has strengthened into Hurricane status and is forecast to become an "extremely dangerous major ...

Published 1 week ago, updated 3 days ago

Australia, Coral Sea: Sailors Rescued after Inflatable Catamaran Sinks
Three sailors who were circumnavigating the globe on an inflatable catamaran, have been rescued off the east coast of Australia after their vessel ...

Published 1 week ago

Orcas: Cruising Association Launches New Research Library
The Cruising Association has released a new research library on orca interactions compiled from more than 150 reports received since their Atlantic ...

Published 1 week ago

USA, Florida: Extreme Ocean Temperatures Affecting Coral Reefs
A large-scale heat stress and coral bleaching event is underway in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean Ocean Basins and is ...

Published 1 week ago

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