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India: Andaman Islands - Restricted Area Permit Abolished

Date Published - April 26, 2019

Yachts visiting the Andaman Islands will no longer be restricted to a stay of 30 days. The Restricted Area Permit (RAP) has been revoked with immediate effect until 2022.

By R. Ratham, Asia Pacific Superyachts, Andaman Islands, India — Mar 01, 2019 … Read More

Greece: Cruising Tax Update

Date Published - April 26, 2019

By Cruising Association —Mar 19, 2019 08:59 AM

After much talk of this new tax due to come into force in January 2014, it still has not been signed off by the Greek Ministries of Shipping and Finance. Quite possibly, it never will . . …. Read More

Greece: TEPAI (New Cruising Tax) Official Information

Date Published - April 26, 2019

By Sue Richards — last modified Mar 29, 2019 10:10 PM

If your boat is in Greek waters or you are planning on cruising to Greece in the future, these 2 documents outline in detail everything you need to know about the TEPAI…. Read More

Egypt: New Restrictions on Health Certificate Requirements

Date Published - April 25, 2019

New restrictions have come into force which require all crew entering Egypt on board private vessels to have a health certificate when arriving from a number of countries. In particular, a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required for vessels departing from Sudan…. Read More

Saint Lucia: World Arc 2018-19 Comes to an End

Date Published - April 17, 2019

Saint Lucia has welcomed the return of World ARC Circumnavigators who started from the same spot back in January 2018. The rally concluded with a special day of celebrations for the round-the-world sailors…. Read More

East Pacific Offshore Waters Forecasts

Date Published - April 14, 2019

(April 16, 2019) – The East Pacific offshore waters forecast is issued by the National Hurricane Center (NHC)/Tropical Analysis Forecast Branch (TAFB)…. Read More

Portrait of a Cruiser: Alene D. Rice and Bruce Balan

Date Published - April 10, 2019

(Apr 10, 2019) – An early love for travel and sailing lead both Alene and Bruce to set goals early in life towards a future in cruising, and both found means to make this passion a reality in their 40s. Now full-time seasoned sailors with many ocean miles behind them,… Read More

Greece: New Cruising Tax - 19 days and counting . . .

Date Published - March 14, 2019

By Sue Richards — Apr 17, 2019 12:24 PM
Contributors: Cruising Association – Chris Robb

With only 19 days to go, the Greek Finance Ministry have still not published exactly how yacht skippers are meant to pay the new cruising tax, which comes into force on April 2nd, 2019. The Cruising Association… Read More

Mediterranean: Abnormal Weather - The New Norm?

Date Published - February 26, 2019

Are the tornadoes in Turkey, hurricanes force winds in Italy, blizzards in Greece the new norm or just exceptional and unusual? We take a look at what weather forecasters are saying about the latest extreme weather in the Mediterranean and Europe…. Read More

Portrait of a Cruiser - Maryanne and Kyle Webb

Date Published - February 23, 2019

With a desire to actively “steer” their lives rather than safely continue on the conveyor belt of life, Maryanne and Kyle Webb merged their dreams and set out on a life of cruising the world nearly 20 years ago. For many years their cruising was interrupted with periods based in… Read More