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Ocean Cruising Club Challenge Grant: Now Accepting Applications

Date Published - August 15, 2019

The Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) has established a Challenge Grant to encourage ambitious expeditions for environmental conservation or challenging oceangoing adventures and is now accepting applications for the 2020 season. The OCC Challenge Grant programme consists of two categories, the Conservation/ Environmental Grant and the Adventure Grant. … Read More

South Pacific, Niue: Australian Catamaran Runs Aground on East Coast

Date Published - August 10, 2019

In recent weeks the Niue Police Search and Rescue vessel “SAR1” has been deployed a number of times to assist yachts in trouble as they approach Niue. At the end of July both land-based and sea rescue teams kicked into action when an Australian catamaran ran aground on the eastern… Read More

International Boat Watch Network: New Management and Facebook Group

Date Published - July 25, 2019

Glenn and Eddie Tuttle, co-ordinators for the SSCA KPK Net and Cruisers Network Online, have taken over the management of the International Boat Watch Network from Bobby Graves. This group is dedicated to assisting Search and Rescue Authorities in locating overdue and missing vessels worldwide and now has a new… Read More

Portrait of a Cruiser: Dog Chloe from SY Mojito

Date Published - July 24, 2019

For a new spin on our ‘Portrait of a Cruiser’ series, this month we are profiling a four-legged crew member. Labrador mix, Chloe, has just spent 18 months visiting 13 countries. At almost 12 years old she has proved to her owners Tim Goodyear and Jules Buckley that you can… Read More

Gulf of Mexico to West Africa: Record-high bloom of Sargassum

Date Published - July 15, 2019

TransAtlantic Sailors preparing for departure this Fall should take note of the significantly high coverage of Sargassum weed in the central West Atlantic this year. Monitoring of the Satellite-based Sargassum Watch System (SaWS) is highly recommended…. Read More

Panama: Increased Canal Tolls - Public Consultation Period until July 15

Date Published - July 11, 2019

(Published June 17, 2019 – updated July 11, 2019) – The Panama Canal Authorities have announced a proposed change in tolls, bringing the transit rate for recreational yachts less than 65 feet up to 100% more than today’s rate. The public consultation period will extend until July 15, 2019 at… Read More

Honduras, Gorda Bank: Missing Sailor

Date Published - June 28, 2019

(Updated July 5, 2019) – An Estonian sailor on passage from Jamaica to San Andres, Colombia has gone missing. Both of his EPIRBs were activated in the early hours of June 11, 2019, yet nothing but one of the EPIRBs and an oily life jacket has been found. This plea… Read More

A Dedication to Jim Baerselman – JimB Sail

Date Published - June 27, 2019

Jim Baerselman, who shared his knowledge of European cruising through his popular website JimB Sail, sadly died on 12th April, aged 82, at home with his wife Caroline by his side. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for two years…. Read More

Mediterranean SSB Net from May to October

Date Published - June 20, 2019

This is an active cruising net which runs throughout the Mediterranean cruising season six days a week. Useful for sharing information on location, weather, security and passage plans…. Read More

Bermuda to Azores: Yacht Abandoned due to Rudder Failure

Date Published - June 20, 2019

(Published June 1 – updated June 2 and again June 20) – Halfway between Bermuda and the Azores the Grand Soleil ’50 “Boingo Alive” was abandoned by her owner and crew when she suffered rudder failure. After the owners appealed to the cruising community for help in recovering their yacht,… Read More

New Zealand to Tonga: Rig Failure Leads Crew to Abandon Yacht

Date Published - June 17, 2019

(June 17, 2019) – Having departed Opua on June 9th for Tonga, yacht Squander suffered major mast rig failure three days into the passage. Turning around and battling headwinds for four days, the crew finally had to abandon the yacht just 90km off Great Barrier Island…. Read More

Mediterranean Cruising Update - regarding the migrant crisis

Date Published - June 17, 2019

(Originally published April 1, 2019 – updated June 17, 2019) – The migrant crisis, once most prevalent in the Eastern Mediterranean, has now encompassed the Western Mediterranean Sea particularly between Morocco and Spain. European countries continue to harden their policies against refugees arriving by sea and yacht skippers should be… Read More

USA, Georgia: Proposed Anchoring Restrictions

Date Published - June 12, 2019

(Published June 12 – further updates Aug 7, 2019) – The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has proposed a number of amendments to the current rules for liveaboard boaters, concerning over-night and long-term anchoring in the estuarine area of the state…. Read More