Egypt, Port Said: Massive Hike in Clearance Fees for Foreign Flagged Yachts

Latest reports from agents in Egypt are that the authorities in Port Said have increased clearance charges for foreign flagged yachts transiting south from $40 to $652.

Published 5 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Our thanks to Capt. Heebi of Prince of the Red Sea for reporting this information to noonsite:

Port Said

Port Said has increased the price for port clearance from 40$ to 652$ for any foreign flagged yacht transiting southbound. Port Said is the only way to go to the Suez Canal, southbound.

New costs are:

Yachts 1m – 18m: $652

Yachts over 18m: $850

This cost is only for Port Clearance and does not include Suez Canal Fees nor Agent Fees.

Capt. Heebi reported that a cruising boat arriving in Port Fouad Marina yesterday, wishing to transit south, was unable to pay the new port fees so was forced to leave the marina in 30 knots of wind at night. The yacht went back to the Mediterranean and changed their plans to transit Suez.

The authorities in Port Said have zero tolerance for yachts that can’t pay the new fees and are acting very harshly.

Hurghada Port

The price hike in Port Said follows an earlier price hike in Hurghada Port, which now charges similar fees for yacht clearance.

A boat clearing in at Hurghada Port at the end of March this year was charged the following:

– Port Authority Fee: $700

– Marine Inspection Fee: $50

– Customs Fees: $30

– Inspection Fees for crackers for the yacht: $30

– Passport Fees for the yacht: $30

Total: $840

A more reasonable alternative to clearing in at Hurghada Port is Port Ghalib Marina.

Fortunately, there are no problems in Suez for yachts transiting northbound and the fees remain the same there.

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Port Said

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