Brazil, Salvador: New Streamlined Clearance Service

Brazil has launched the first Nautical SAC (citizen service) in Salvador, which aims to simplify the bureaucratic procedures for local boats and foreign sailors by offering a one-stop-shop for clearance.

Published 3 months ago, updated 2 months ago

A vessel from abroad that arrives in Brazil must comply with a series of onerous legal requirements and customs regulations, including correct documentation and details on the intended length of stay.

Silvio P. Ramos, Brazil’s B Rally founder, told Noonsite that in Salvador, for example, this entire process can take up to seven hours, between trips to the Port Authority, Federal Police and Federal Revenue.

However, a new service has been launched – just in Salvador for now – that acts like a one-stop-shop for yachties and aims to greatly simplify the clearance procedure.

Maritime agent Ramon Filho, is responsible for customer service at SAC Náutico.  He told Noonsite; “The Sac Náutico is a unique program in Brazil and aims to provide integrated services with focus on streamlining and improving bureaucratic procedures for navigators and vessels.

“SAC’s services are aimed not only at vessels from Salvador, but also from all over Brazil and abroad that dock here,” he said. “For foreigners entering the country, we carry out entry and exit using electronic forms from the Federal Police, Federal Revenue and Port Authority.

“Before SAC Náutico, the immigration process took around seven hours.  Today, in two, three hours, everything is resolved.”

SAC Náutico also assists in extending stays in the city and provides tourist information about the area.

Located next to the tourist ferry port, close to Bahia Marina [12° 58′ 17 S / 38° 30′ 53 W] and near to the Porto Salvador Marina, all skippers need to bring are the crew passports and the boat’s documents. All crew should be present for the Federal Police procedures. No fees are charged.

SAC Náutico, is located at Doca 1, in Comércio.
Opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm.
Email:  [email protected]
Maritime agent, Ramon Filho is responsible for customer service.

Thanks to Silvio P. Ramos, Brazil’s B Rally founder for sharing this news with Noonsite.

Note: December 2023

The Brazilian Government has reinstated tourist visa requirements for 3 countries that were previously visa-exempt. Nationals from the United States, Canada, and Australia who arrive in Brazil on or after January 10, 2024, will be required to obtain a Brazil eVisa applying online prior to travel.


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