Bermuda: Pre-Travel Authorisation Mandatory or No Going Ashore

Bermuda eased it’s Covid arrival protocols in early March, but there remains a mandatory Travel Authorisation (TA) process. Many yachts are not addressing this requirement and consequently crew are not being permitted to leave the vessel on arrival in Bermuda. Enjoy your stopover in full by following a few simple steps before you depart for Bermuda.

Published 11 months ago

As the yachting season kicks off for the island of Bermuda, Bermuda Yacht Services have contacted Noonsite to ask for assistance with informing transAtlantic skippers of the required protocols for arrival in Bermuda.

Mark Soares told Noonsite;

“Generally 65% of our annual traffic is April to June.  Covid Protocols in Bermuda have eased, but there is still a Travel Authorisation (TA) process which requires pre-departure testing, uploading of vaccination certificates etc.

“There are some boats that are making unexpected stops due to weather, repairs etc., as you would imagine, but the vast majority of vessels have not even addressed the TA process and therefore are not able to leave the vessel once they arrive in Bermuda.  There is no real option to test and fill out the online form on arrival.”

The step-by-step procedure can be found at

Travel authorisation costs have been reduced to $40, which includes return testing if necessary. All crew members must be fully vaccinated (aged 12 and over), have a negative Covid test (aged 2 and older) and apply for travel authorisation 1-3 days prior to arrival. 

Full details as always at Noonsite’s Bermuda Biosecurity.

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