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European Union

EU Recreational Craft Directive - Regulations regarding EU members' registered boats.

EU Visitor Visas - List of countries whose nationals require a visa.

List of Member Countries - Current cuntries in the EU.

VAT - Information on European Union Value Added Tax, including exemptions for non-EU yachts.


For more information about the European Union, try their "user-friendly" website at

European Regulation on the movement of pet animals
DEFRA (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
UK Defra's website has a lot of useful information on regulations on the movement of pet animals in and out of the UK, and within the EU, as well as a list of non-EU countries participating in the pet passport scheme.
JimB's Sail Europe
Useful information on many cruising areas in Europe including comparison of different areas and clear information on formalities especially in Greece.


Many officials in European countries expect to see some type of certificate of sailing competence even though the skipper's flag state does not require them to have one. Many charter companies will also require one.

For both Europeans and non-Europeans obtaining an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) is a useful way to go. This has the added advantage that, by completing an online endorsement CEVNI (Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure), a skipper is licenced  to travel on the inland waterways of Europe.

International Yacht Training (IYT)
This website lists IYT schools world-wide that will provide ICC courses for candidates of any nationality.

Ocean Wind Sailing School
This small school has been approved by the Irish Government to issue ICCs to qualified applicants of any nationality. It holds its courses in the Med.

To validate your ICC (International Certificate of Competence) for inland waters you must take the CEVNI test, which checks your knowledge of the rules and signs that skippers of pleasure craft are expected to know and follow.


ICC Now Available to All

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Greece: Difficulties Encountered by Yachts with a Non-EU Port of Registry

Proof of Competency for European Countries

Corinth Canal latest fees

The International Certificate of Competence

A Really International Certficate of Competency – Is It Possible? - More Information

European Union Recreational Craft Directive (RCD)

Greece - Bad News for Non EU yachts commanded by EU citizens?

Importing a Boat into Portugal

Update on Spanish Taxes applied to Foreign Registered Boats

March 2008 Greek Cruising Tax update & clarification

Passport stamps in Greece

The European Union (Customs, Immigration, VAT)

European Monetary Union (The Euro)

Greek Cruising Taxes: Background

Cruising Club Of America
"Cruising European Waters" is an invaluable guide and regularly updated. See Noonsite CruisingInformation for more information.
International Marine Certification Institute
Information on EU (CE) certification.