Yacht Suwena: Baltic Sea, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean

Eve and Andrus are from Finland and their blog has a lot of local knowledge for sailing the Baltic Sea. After leaving the Baltic their voyage took them down the North Sea to the English Channel. It took them two summers to circumnavigate the British Isles during which time they sailed up north as far as the Shetlands. They based the boat in Brittany, France for a while and then continued sailing south down Europe’s Atlantic Coast. After stopping in Lisbon for a haulout in February 2020, their flights tickets to return in April were left un-used as the Pandemic struck and borders closed. It was two years before Eve and Andrus saw their boat again.

After a wonderful return in 2022 and summer in the Algarve and Morocco, they left the boat in La Linea (next to Gibraltar) and will return in 2023 to explore the Mediterranean.


Also, see their Youtube channel for videos about their sailing voyages – https://www.youtube.com/@boatsuwena

Blog started: 2010 – Still cruising

Note: Eve and Andrus plan to update their blog over the 2022/23 winter, and hope to continue blogging regularly.

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