Wilderness Veterinary Companion for Cruisers

Wilderness Veterinary Companion for Cruisers
By David LaVigne
www.captdrdave.com or www.lulu.com/captdrdave
ISBN 1-4116-6975-4

This is a most useful addition to the cruising library as the number of cruising pets seems to be increasing, probably as a result of restrictions on traveling pets having been eased in some parts of the world (Mediterranean).

The author wrote the book while spending the hurricane season in the Dominican Republic along with over a hundred other cruising boats, many with pets aboard. With the nearest vet some fifty miles away, the author’s knowledge was soon tapped by fellow sailors… and the result is a comprehensive manual that offers valuable help to pet owners whatever their mode of travel: cruising boats, motorhomes, caravans, airplanes, hot air balloons, maybe even space shuttles.

Readers of Captain Dave’s book are helped not only in recognizing diseases and any other problems affecting their pets but also how to deal with them. The guide describes all conceivable afflictions suffered by pets and includes recommended drugs as well as dosage information and cautions. There is also valuable advice to those who do not have the necessary skills and may have to act in an emergency. The 378-page book is packed with excellent information, ingenious tips and relevant photographs. Whenever such a useful book comes on the market, one cannot help asking “how did any pet owner manage to travel without this great book in the past?”

The books will soon be published in a revised edition under the new title Where There Is No Pet Doctor (subtitle: “A Manual for Cruisers, RVer’s, and Backcountry Travellers”), although in this reviewer’s opinion a better title might have been “Cruising with Pets”, or, just to make sure that the entire pet-loving community is included: “Cruising with Pets, on wheels, and on water”.

The book can be ordered directly from one of two websites listed above, and can also be downloaded and printed for the cost of only $22.89 directly from the author’s website www.captdrdave.com. On that same website, pet owners will find an extremely useful video about the care of pets.

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