UK: Crowdsourced boats to map the seas

TeamSurv wants to harness the hundreds, maybe thousands, of boats out on the water to start collecting up-to-date information about what lies beneath the surface.

TeamSurv is a project where mariners help create better charts of coastal waters, by logging depth and position data whilst they are at sea, and uploading the data to the web for processing and display. The TeamSurv website shows the data provided by all data loggers, overlaid over Google Maps. They are currently implementing corrections for tide height etc., and so shortly it will be possible to see both the logged and the corrected data.

By providing a small data logger to put onboard, Teamsurv can collect and collate the voyages of boats and build up a more detailed map.

Teamsurv has been granted funding for its project from the UK Satellite Navigation competition, an initiative set up to support start-ups that use satellite data.

To get involved and/or find out more information about this project go to

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