The Nautical Knowledge – what every sailor needs to know to keep safe

Title: The Nautical Knowledge
Launched: May 5, 2010
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The Boating Bible team has launched another aid to maritime safety – the Nautical Knowledge.

The knowledge every sailor needs, whether cruising or racing, offshore or inshore.

The Nautical Knowledge is five interactive quizzes which allow users to learn, revise and then test themselves on these key areas of safety and seamanship:
· Rules of the Road
· Buoyage – IALA regions A and B
· Navigation Lights
· Signal Flags
· Fog and other Sound Signals

What’s more, users can refer to the Nautical Knowledge over and over again.

For instance, if you’re sailing at night and see a configuration of lights that puzzles you, you can scroll through the learning section of Navigation Lights to identify the vessel. At sea at night you need to know whether a vessel is fishing, towing or at anchor so that you can take steps to avoid it.

The Nautical Knowledge download should suit everybody who’s interested in or needs to know the basic regulations that control our sport and our safety, but particularly sailing school students.

For some examinations, having this knowledge is mandatory.

The Nautical Knowledge is available as a stand-alone download for either Mac or PC and costs AU$9.95.

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