Links to a variety of blogs, articles, podcasts and videos by liveaboards cruising in different parts of the world (and some circumnavigating) who have addressed this subject, recorded their expenditure in detail and given advice on hidden costs etc.



The True Cost of Cruising . . . and how to afford it (Yachting Monthly – June 2020)

How much does it really cost to sail around the world? (Yachting World – January 2018)

How much does a dream costs – one couple’s calculations ( – July 2017)

The Cost of Cruising (Bluewater Sailing – March 2017)

The Cost of Cruising – Analyzing 6 years of data (Ocean Navigator – March 2016)

Cruising article by Jimmy Cornell: What it Costs to Cruise (published April 2013)

16 Months Out: The Cost Of Cruising (Cruising World – January 2013)


Cruisers’ Blogs:

The Home that Roams: The true cost of living on a sailboat (July 2020)

How much does it cost to cruise? (By the Boat Galley – June 2020)

SY Starry Horizons: World Sailing Circumnavigation Summary (April 2020)

SY Florence: The Real Costs of Sailing Around the World (July 2019)

SV Westy: How much does it cost to sail around the world? (August 2018)

Cruising On Less Than $15,000/Year, Including The Boat—What It Takes
By: (March 2016)

SV BeBe: Costs of Cruising for 10 years (up to 2016)

SY Kintala: The Anatomy of a Cruising Budget (September 2015)

MJ Sailing: Monthly and Annual Cruising Costs (2012-2015)

SY Del Viento: How much does it cost to go cruising? (2010-2014)

SY Scream: Cruising Budget 2011-12

SY Estrellita: The Costs of Cruising (April 2011)

SY Bumfuzzle: Circumnavigation Budget (May 2007)

Michael Frankel: Lessons from a Circumnavigation – Cost of Cruising (August 2002)


Cruisers’ Vlogs:

Follow the Boat: How much does it cost to sail around the world? (August 2020)

Gone with the Wynns: Cost of Boat Life: Monthly Living Expenses (June 2020)

Sailing Millennial Falcon: How much does boat life really cost? (June 2020)

SV Delos: Cost of Cruising LIVE (October 2019)

Yacht Ruby Rose: How much does it cost to sail around the world? (June 2017)



The cost of cruising: interview with SailLoot (By SV Totem – October 2017)

What Does it Cost to Cruise? (By the Boat Galley – June 2017)


Other useful links with budget information for cruisers:

Sail Far Live Free – what does it cost to go cruising (2012)
Useful summary of this crew’s favourite blogs and articles on the subject.

The cost of cruising: Totem’s maintenance list (SV Totem – March 2014)


If you have a good website or blog covering this subject or have discovered online resources that you found useful in your budget planning for cruising, please do pass us the link at [email protected].