The Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising: Book Review

This review is of the 2nd edition, however, the book is now on its 4th edition (2018).

The Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising

With more and more cruising sailors exploring further afield than ever, it becomes important to have a reference to hand of the areas that might be on your agenda.

Adlard Coles have now brought out a second edition of their popular Mediterranean Cruising guide. This book now has colour throughout as well as thoroughly researched details of the finest cruising grounds. Every country around the Mediterranean coast is discussed, from the well-known coasts of Spain and France through to those of Israel and Libya.

With chapters ranging from a history of the Mediterranean Sea to the type of boats that can be used in various areas, there is a huge base of knowledge that can be extracted from this book.

Rod Heikell has spent over 25 years getting to know the area, which comes across from even a quick glance through it. Included in the book are many helpful tips about even the simplest of problems that are encountered, through to the complexities of Spanish (and other) paperwork.

With well thought out writing and neatness of mind, this book is a mine of information for the cruising sailor. There are many guides to the Mediterranean but this one has almost everything that you could want.

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