Starting and Raising a Family During a Nine-Year Circumnavigation Aboard Leander

As newlyweds, Paul and Sima departed from Massachusetts in 2007 aboard Leander, a Bristol 41.1. Leander was the first boat they owned, purchased several months earlier. Fairly new to boating, but adequately prepared and trained, they set off on short jaunts along the U.S. coast to gain experience and build their sea legs. Three years later, having reached Malaysia, they decided to start a family while they were out cruising. A son, Alexander was born in 2010, when the boat was in Turkey, and a daughter, Aylin, was born in 2013 when the boat was in London. Their blog contains stories the about the several cultures into which they settled, the passages (good and bad) that they completed, the equipment that broke and that they then repaired, and the family that they started and then raised.

Blog Started: 2007 – Circumnavigation completed: 2016

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