Sailing Zephyros

Sailing Zephyros – Two adults, two children, and two cats set sail to see the world and learn something together.

Jon, Megan, Ronan & Daxton along with their two cats – Poseidon & Athena left northern France on their new Boreal 47, Zephyros, in September 2017. They sailed in northern France, the Channel Islands and up to Plymouth before crossing the Bay of Biscay and heading towards the Mediterranean. They spent 2018 in the Mediterranean. Then they crossed the Atlantic in late 2018 / early 2019 and spent a few months in the Caribbean before transiting the Panama Canal. From there they went to Galapagos, mainland Ecuador, then on to Easter Island and Chile in September of 2019. They have thoroughly enjoyed Patagonia, the Chilean channels, the Beagle and Antarctica and never expected to stay for 2+ years in Chile.

Their next adventures will see them return to Antarctica before they sail north up the Atlantic to the Caribbean. They hope to keep sailing and perhaps do northern high latitudes if borders re-open.




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