Sailing in Paradise – Yacht Charters Around the World

By Rod Heikell
Pub. By Adlard Coles Nautical (A & C Black Ltd, London) Oct. 2009
ISBN 978 1 408 10951 9
Tel: +44 (0)207 758 0284
Email: [email protected]

This new book, written by a very experienced yachtsman and writer of many cruising guides, Rod Heikell, will be of very practical value to those people wishing to cruise new areas. He thoroughly covers all aspects of chartering from what type of charter to consider to what to pack, covering choosing a boat, planning a cruise and the legal situation too among many other topics. All this before he moves on to the different areas of the world. Each one is also neatly summed up in a sidebar showing arguments for and against, types of charter available and level of experience required. Other sidebars show more useful information and neat little maps illustrate each area.

If you are not a boat owner or wish to try sailing in a different area of the world, this is a very useful book to consult.

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