Danish yacht Ronja has so far been cruising Europe and the Med, visiting Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, and Italy. Owners Per and Kirsten, reflect on things and people they meet on their way. They want their blog to give inspiration to other sailors and adventurers as they themselves have been inspired by other sailors sharing their experiences here on
Their blog covers good places to visit, nice things to experience and ugly things to avoid. It has informative port reviews, facts, tips, evaluations, comments and more.
Per and Kirsten started their adventure in 2012, but for the first four years still had jobs in Denmark so only used Ronja for four weeks in the summer. However, from the summer of 2016, they both quit their jobs to live onboard full time. After 3 years in the Mediterranean they have decided that they will stay for some time so at the end of 2018 modifications were being made on the boat to improve its suitability for Mediterranean cruising


Blog started: 2012 – Still cruising: July 2018