Warnings if Coastal Sailing Israel to Egypt

Published 13 years ago, updated 6 years ago


While sailing down the Israel coast, a good 15 to 18 miles off (i.e. well into international waters) to Port Said a week ago, I was intercepted by an Israeli navy boat during the night. I could not see her because I was constantly blinded by a powerful searchlight; her flag was not visible.

During the following day, off Tell Aviv, my Furuno GPS started behaving strangely, the position plotted on my CM93 map was shifting erratically. Further South it became normal again.

Finally, off Gaza strip, again well into international waters, I was escorted by a patrol gunboat for the whole afternoon, the machine gun is manned constantly.

Egypt – Port Said

A pilot is compulsory now to go to the Port Fuad YC. The rate for a 12-meter boat is USD 21.5 a day – very poor value for money as the marina is very neglected and the water very polluted.

Gilbert Hutin

sy Jacare II

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