Venezuela, Puerto La Cruz: Armed Boarding & Robbery – August 2012

Published 11 years ago, updated 4 years ago

On Thursday 09 August 2012 at lunchtime, the French Catamaran “Feline Good” based in Marina Bahia Redonda in Puerto la Cruz was attacked while at anchor having lunch between Puerto la Cruz and Mochima National Park.

There were 5 persons aboard, 2 couples being guests and the captain.

A penero (small wooden fishing boat) crewed by 5 locals, one armed with a pistol, 4 with machetes, came up to the boat, boarded and forced 2 ladies and one man to come up on deck (they had barricaded themselves in downstairs) whilst holding the other man at gunpoint.

They stole all the money that was on board, all electronics and all passports.

Calls for help to the National Guard were not answered.

The Catamaran is now moored in Marina Bahia Redonda at the emergency dock.

This information was transmitted on Friday morning on the local radio net on VHF CH 72. Further information when we have it.

Further note to add:

This is a dangerous part of the coast and cruisers are strongly advised to avoid it. In November 2008 an American captain of the boat Chill was killed by pirates at Isla Borracha near Puerto La Cruz.

See the noonsite report for full details.

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