Venezuela, Offshore: Two Yachts Followed in Suspicious Circumstances

Two yachts sailing together from Grenada to Bonaire reported being tailed by two suspicious boats about 100 miles off the coast of Venezuela and well north of the offshore Venezuelan islands.

Published 10 months ago


DATE:  2022-05-25 23:30
LOCATION:  Venezuela – Offshore
EVENT:  Suspicious Activity
HAND:  1

SECURED: Does Not Apply


Two yachts transited together from Grenada to Bonaire, with lights and AIS ON, on a planned course 80-100 miles off the mainland and well north of the offshore Venezuelan islands.

At about 2130HRS they had an unusual VHF communication initiated by a passing cargo vessel, warning them of “bad weather ahead” and inquiring about their destination and the number of persons onboard (POB). The yacht responded that they were 2 boats traveling together to Bonaire, ignoring the POB question.

Shorty thereafter, at position 13-14N 65-35W, about 120 miles NW of Isla Blanquilla, they observed two small fishing type boats following and over a two hour period the suspect boats had closed to within about 100 meters, and between the two yachts, which had been traveling on parallel courses about one mile apart.

The yacht notified their buddy boat by VHF, both powered up their engines, put on speed and made a course change, moving closer together. Both yachts continued onto Bonaire without further incident.

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