Venezuela, Margarita, Porlamar – Spate of Robberies

Published 15 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We were anchored at Porlamar for one week (first week in July 2008). We had 3 robberies here in the anchorage and there was another at Pampatar. Luckily we did not get robbed or boarded, however other boats in the anchorage were not that lucky. Be aware.


SY KopyKat

Robberies at Porlamar

Friday, 7/4/08, between 1830 and 2030. About 75-80 boats in the anchorage. Due to the 4th of July Party at the beach, most boats in the anchorage were not occupied.

Boat 1 – was boarded by 3 men whilst the owner was on board. He heard noises and woke up. When he got in his cockpit he saw the guys leaving in a hurry. One guy forgot his knife in the cockpit. Nothing was stolen on this boat.

Boat 2 – the robbers tried to cut off 2 big fenders, however, a watchful cruiser nearby chased them off by pointing a light at them. He called for help on the VHF without any response.

Boat 3 – was not so lucky. The robbers took a liferaft, lines, and fenders. The owner found out next morning.

All the incidents were reported to the local police and on VHF 72 to make all cruisers in the anchorage aware. Luckily nobody got hurt.

Robbery at Pampatar

Saturday, 6/28/08 between 0200 and 0400. There was only one boat in this anchorage.

Five armed guys boarded a sailboat at 0200and tied the owner up for the next 2 hrs while they went through his boat and took all the valuables. He reported the incident on Monday to the cruisers net on VHF 72 and also reported the local police.

Update 9 July 2008

Unfortunately, another incident happened last night in Porlamar.

The night of 8 July at 2300, a sailboat was boarded in Porlamar. Only a young female crew member and a baby were on board at the time. The woman was blindfolded with a towel over her head and tied up with duct tape. The intruder went through the boat and was looking for money. He left the boat after 30 minutes.

The incident was reported to the local police and the VHF cruisers net (VHF Ch. 72). Thankfully nobody got hurt.

At this time we had 90 boats in the anchorage and the boarded vessel was right in the middle of them.

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