Useful Directions for Entering the Endau River, Malaysia

Published 12 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Ten days ago a sailing yacht went onto the sandbank in the Endau river, so I felt it appropriate to send the directions as they were taught to me by Phil, a yachtie living in Tioman.

I would like to give a little guidance to this entrance at the Endau river ( Malaysia ) where there is a shipyard to haul out yachts from big to small!

The Endau river has 2 green marks, 1 red mark, a white mark and an antenna for mobile on the left bank of the river upriver from the GREEN mark.

Forget the white one which does not mark anything and concentrate on the three marks and the antenna.

The river is barred by a sandbank which runs parallel to the river and it is imperative to follow the directions to go around it.

Do not attempt to go with a tide less than 1.7m which will give you a 3m at the lowest point (1.3m at chart datum).

To follow a fishing boat is a plus in confidence but they sail fast 8 to 12 knots.

OK here are the directions:-

1) At the entrance, go to the first GREEN mark and leave it on the starboard side by not more than 0.1NM (1 cable).

2) Head for the RED mark.

3) At about .5NM from the RED mark, you will reach the lowest point (1.3m + height of tide).

4) The sandbank is now on your starboard side next to you, and if there are waves you will see the foam!

5) Head to the RED mark to really touch it – not more than 0.1NM, otherwise you are on the sandbank.

6) When the RED mark is on your port side, continue for .05NM (half a cable) and turn about 70degrees to starboard.

7) Head towards the antenna you will see on the river bank, you are now upstream of the sandbank.

8) Head then to the mid-distance between the GREEN mark and the antenna.

9) Then head towards the GREEN mark and leaving it about 0.2NM (2 cables) to starboard (a sort of banana from the RED mark to the GREEN mark).

10) When the GREEN mark is abeam to starboard, head towards the middle of the river.

You made it!

Here is a link to a rough sketch of the river.

Our thanks to Jean-Jacques Nicole for this most useful advice.

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