Trinidad and Tobago, Chaguaramas: Thieves Cut Cable to Steal Dinghy

Video surveillance cameras at a marina in Chaguaramas, Trinidad captured the work of two thieves who used cable cutters to steal a locked dinghy.

Published 8 months ago


DATE:  2022-07-15 03:45
LOCATION:  Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad – Chaguaramas – Powerboats
EVENT:  Theft
HAND:  1
STOLEN ITEMS: AB 9′ inflatable dinghy



A yacht berthed in Powerboats left its dinghy locked upside down on the ground with a cable to a security post in the Powerboats marina in Chaguaramas Trinidad.

Marina video surveillance showed that two men dressed in dark clothing and wearing masks arrived at 0345HRS in a white 28’ unmarked pirogue into the bay between The Lure Marina and Powerboats Marina. The thieves came prepared with large cable cutters, cut the cable and then carried the stolen dinghy to their waiting pirogue.

A report was made to the marina, the police and the marine police.

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