Three Weeks in Andros

Published 12 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We just left Andros after a 3-week stay and thought we should update you.

Morgan’s Bluff

We stayed in Morgan’s bluff for 2 weeks and learned that the water barges have ceased as Nassau has gone to RO water. The port Manager even told us the barges have been sold. So there are no longer tankers pulling in day and night.

The anchorage is great with protection from E to S. No protection from N, but they allowed us to pull into the inner harbor for a cold front and it was great. Shalom is the unofficial harbormaster and loves to help with anything a cruiser may need. The bar on the inner harbor is open afternoons on and has wifi when open. There are fuel and ice also.

Middle Bight

We also anchored in Middle Bight which was wonderful too.

At Middle Bight, you enter the anchorage through the Autec channel markers and head straight in. You are in deep water, 16ft, then it shallows to 8ft then goes back to 16ft for quite a ways. You can read the water great. Best to go in on slack tide your first time as the current rips through this channel.

We were 3 sailboats and had plenty of room, could probably hold 20 sailboats, 40 ft in length. Anchorage was much more comfortable when we put out stern anchors. Great protection from N and S, E was fine up to 20 kts, we did notice slight swell and chop when tide goes out vs. the E wind blowing through the channel.

Between the anchorage and town, Moxey town on Mangrove Cay, there is a large shallow flat but you can cross in your dinghy by heading west first going around the shallowest areas. You can land your dinghy behind Greene’s Conch spot or off the public beach which had a lot of piles of conch shells. The people are super friendly – they don’t get a lot of cruisers.

There are a couple of small stores, a liquor store and a great bakery. There is a fuel station a short walk from the beach, where the best grocery store is also.

North of the anchorage is a deserted Autec station. Autec is still in Fresh Creek, so you will hear some radio traffic, but they are not using the Middle Bight location anymore.

There is a lot to see by dinghy, great for exploring and bonefishing is their biggest draw. We liked it so much we may be going back!

Jason & Laura Croop

s/v Blue Blaze

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