Three months “on and off” at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Published 6 years ago, updated 4 years ago

The marina at RLYC has been extensively rebuilt and while it is much improved it is still not perfect. Some berths are rolly and you will always need good stretchy lines. But it is safe. On the flood tide expect the water to be dirty, especially with fuel spills from the ferry terminal.

On approach you may not get radio contact on CH69 (telephone contact might be better +604 966 4078) and on arrival, the line handlers may not be there. You probably have about a 60% chance of success on either of these. The flood tide runs south and is strong inside the marina especially on springs. The ebb tide does not get into the marina to nearly the same extent. Many locals only leave and arrive at slack water.

As you are close to the ferry terminal, checking in and out is easy. All three offices, customs, immigration and port captain, are efficient.

There is little WIFI on the pontoons and it can be unreliable ashore. Charlie’s Place is the natural meeting point for cruisers, but at the time of writing several new places were opening up on the upper floor of the development.

The jewels in the crown of RLYC are Paul and Sheila Brennan who offer all types of support for cruisers. They have 30 years of experience in Langkawi. Any work they do not do themselves they bring appropriate people in and supervise them. Sometimes they may say “Better not to have that done in Langkawi”. They are especially famous for their boat guardian. Contact them on (6) 012 555 8588 or email [email protected]


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