The Fuel Hose Trick

Published 13 years ago, updated 4 years ago

I have an experience that may be of interest to noonsite readers. I call it “The Fuel Hose Trick”. I wonder if others are aware of it.

The fuel in question is either put back into the storage tank and the extra cash pocketed, or the fuel is used by or sold by the perpetrator away from the service station.

On boat refuelling stations and fuel delivery trucks, where there is a long delivery hose starting higher than the boat, the pump or valve is turned off. Then the fuel in the hose is gravity fed into a 20-litre container. The next customer has to refill the hose before he gets any fuel. On a big fill you may not notice the extra 20 litres but on a smaller boat or when you are just topping up, it stands out as your fuel consumption between engine hour readings goes up by an impossible amount.

How do you prevent it?

(1) Avoid being the first to refuel that day

(2) Get them to fill a jerry can first and check the meter or tell them the can is to be paid for separately.

Andrew Marshall

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