The Cost of Anchoring in Madeira

Published 13 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Received Thursday 8 October 2009

We just arrived yesterday at Porto Santo, Madeira and have found out that the “little anchor charge” is 18 euros a day to anchor or grab a mooring inside the breakwater here. They also claim a daily rate of around 24 euros (for a 44-foot boat) to anchor outside the breakwater, but they almost never bother to collect it.

They claim this rate applies to both the main islands. The main island has a couple of anchorages and nobody charges for them. So it appears to be only Porto Santo playing that game.

I guess they really don’t want the average small cruising yacht to stop here?

Richard Clack

Reply from Marina Quinta do Lorde

Yes, the information from Richard is correct.

Nevertheless, there are two different areas:

When Cruising and anchoring in Madeira Archipelago, it’s important to know that all anchorages can be charged by the Port Authority – APRAM. (See Atlantic Islands Supplement from Anne Hammick page 19 and 20). This anchorage is charged by APRAM and no support services are available.

Inside Porto Santo Harbour the anchorage on the buoys is charged by the marina. This rate covers the anchorage and also all onshore facilities: water & electricity (if required by the boat, a berth can be booked for a couple of hours just to refill the tanks and charge electricity), and also wireless internet, laundry, shower, and toilets.

Thank you for giving us the chance to explain this situation. Often sailors mix the APRAM anchorage charge with the marina Porto Santo charge. And they are different charges. Furthermore, the charge for anchorage inside the harbor is cheaper than APRAM charges.

Catia Carvalho

Operations Director

Quinta do Lorde Marina

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