Thailand to New Zealand

Published 15 years ago, updated 4 years ago

I plan to be in Thailand/Malaysia with my Salar 40 ketch by Sep/Oct 2006. I am a little confused with the information, or lack of it on the best time and route considering the seasons and Philippine (and Malacca??) pirates?? for getting to New Zealand by say Oct/Nov 2007. North or South of Borneo and P.N.G.? Your opinion on this would be much appreciated.

It’s not easy to go from SE Asia to New Zealand. There are two options:

(1) Via Indonesia (Bali), Torres Strait… eventually to New Caledonia and that way to NZ. Not easy as you will be hard on the wind from Torres Str to New Caledonia.

(2) North of Borneo, to Philippines, then north of PNG, make your easting north of the equator, then cross south and make your way to NZ possibly via Fiji (if that far east) or New Caledonia.

The risk of piracy in Malacca Straits is not too high.

There is a lot more on all these options in my World Cruising Routes (5th edition)

jimmy Cornell


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