Thailand, Phuket: Break in and theft at Railay Beach – April 2017

Peter offers a first-hand report from one of the two yachts that suffered a break-in at Railay Beach.

Published 6 years ago, updated 4 years ago

A group of 4 yachts was anchored in the Railay beach area.

Two were Thai registered and 2 were from overseas (one from Australia (mine) and the other from the UK (our friends).

On the evening of the 6th April, all 4 boat crews had gone ashore. We were anchored approximately 300m directly off Railay beach.

It was our second night here, no locals had been on board. We had gone ashore -1800 – to Tonsai Beach for sundowners and dinner. We had stopped at a climbing shop to hire some equipment to go climbing the next day. We advised them that we were on boats and that we had some climbing equipment already (UK boat). We hired the gear and left it with them while we went for dinner.

After dinner, we collected the gear at 2100.

When we got back to the boat we discovered the break-in. Both our boat and our friend’s boat (the 2 overseas boats in the anchorage) had been boarded and selected items stolen.

My boat was secured and they had used a crowbar to get in, hence there was damage.

Our friends’ boat had been left open ….maybe it pays to leave the boat open?

We reported what had happened to the local police at Ao Nang…they took a statement but didn’t seem interested in anything more. Possible language issue as well.

(We think we were) targeted due to the nature of the theft..rucksacks and day packs…good for climbing, plus the other climbing stuff taken…..lots of dive equipment and sailing gear left alone and not touched. Also, traceable items were disregarded (iPads, GoPro etc). Main items taken were climbing gear, rucksacks and possibly inadvertently 2 laptops.

(We have a) strong suspicion that this was orchestrated from Tonsai beach as it was evident we were ashore, easily visible and (locals) were aware that climbing gear was on board.


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