Testimonial for Quality Marine gear and Great Customer After-sales service

Published 11 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Just a short note to recommend Matt Moreno at M Power Mfg, a high output alternator manufacturer in Texas. First of all, we used our 105Amps alternator for over 15 years without problems. That in itself is pretty amazing because, over the years, we had several seawater leaks on top of it from the raw water cooling system located over it! A few months ago, I saw the output become erratic and I found the positive post loose. I thought that tightening it would solve the problem but all that it did was to create a huge short! Our Zap-Stop protected the alternator and all diodes, amazing! A cruising friend helped me getting the alternator apart and we found the contact relay to be broken. We soldered it back together until I could get a spare part, shipped to us.

I decided to order a new spare alternator as well and got it shipped via USPS Priority to Micronesia. To make a long story short, we had Matt Moreno send us 3x an alternator before we finally received one in our hands. Eventually, the other 2 showed up and we shipped them back. At the end of the day, Matt had only charged the first 2 on our cc and later he gave us a full refund of the second charge (he was able to get a refund of the shipping of the 2 extra units from USPS).

A manufacturer that offers that great quality products, as well as such personal customer after-sales service, should be rewarded by our business! You can reach them at 800-364-9966 and order online direct at great prices: www.mpowermfg.com All of us, cruisers, often lament at the poor quality of marine equipment and poor impersonal customer support nowadays … so we should really spread the word out about these products that really endure well during our cruising life and companies that care about their customers! So please, recommend any such company you discover so we can all benefit from them and they can prosper too. Win-Win for all! Time to boycott poor quality products and companies that only want to get our money and do not care about customer satisfaction!

Contact them at www.mpowermfg.com

Luc Callebaut

s/v Sloepmouche

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