SVG, Canouan, Charlestown Bay: Security Incidents 2017

Published 7 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Attempted Theft – July 2017

As reported by CSSN

DATE: 2017-07-26 01:00

Country Name: SVG

Location Detail: Canouan Charlestown Bay (Tamarind Hotel)

EVENT: Attempted theft


Stolen Items: none noticed immediately

SECURED: Unknown

DETAILS: A charter catamaran was boarded overnight. The captain heard the noise as a hatch was being opened and chased the man, who dove overboard and swam away. The SVG Coast Guard took a report from the victims the next day.

Burglary Charlestown Bay – 26./27. April 2017 (reported first hand)

We read regularly in Noonsite about the safety and security incidents. Today we are in the unfortunate position to report to you what happened to us.

We entered Canouan, Charlestown Bay on 26. April 12:00 on the anchor. Visited the town and went back to the boat around 17:00 and stayed on board the entire evening and night.

Closed all hatches except one in the salon of our catamaran. The front hatch was slightly ajar to get some air. It was a windy night and the wind-generator was working full power.

During the night while we were asleep, somebody entered the ajar salon hatch and went into the salon and stole money from the pockets of my pants and out of the wallet of my wife. The intruder also took two mobile phones that were on the navigation table for charging.

He took cash and mobile phones only. Also, he was very diligent and even closed the zipper of my wife’s wallet.

In the morning at first, it was difficult to detect the theft. We reported the incident to the local police station in Charlestown.

It was the first such incident that happened to us.

Though I don’t want to give up my dream of continuing to live on my boat, the incident left us with some thoughts.

Do we have to be glad he or they did not wake us up at gunpoint and wanted more valuables from us?

Yet while we were on shore and locked the boat up anybody could go on board start the engines and sail away with the entire boat. How does the sailing community take further measures to prevent robbery and theft?

In conclusion, I recommend NOT to stay any longer in Charlestown Bay nor in front of the Tamarind Hotel, where a mooring was faulty and a 61.5 ft catamaran was washed on to the other side of the bay on to a reef and the sand.

The solution is the newly opened (April 2017) beautiful marina behind the airport on the SW side of the island. The charge is 1 USD per ft, an easy price to pay vs. the USD 2500 damage the burglary cost us.

The sad thing about it is that if you go to the insider bar near the fruit and vegetable markets people say that it is just one guy notorious for doing so. And he lives in the bay above where the coast guard is located!

Canouan as such is a friendly island with a nice ambiance. It has a very good – not to say the best – deli shop in the southern Caribbean and even stocks Italian Grappa!

SY Coral Trekker

Attempted Theft – April 2017

As reported by the CSSN [BROKENLINK]

DATE: 2017-04-01 02:00

Country Name: SVG

Location Detail: Canouan Charlestown Bay (Tamarind Hotel)

EVENT: Attempted theft


Stolen Items: None


DETAILS: While the crew slept a yacht was boarded overnight. The crew had been boarded and burglarized in this anchorage previously, so they moved all gear inside and locked up. The thief lowered and boarded by the swim ladder and then attempted to enter through both deck hatches and the companionway, but was unsuccessful because all were securely locked.

CSSN NOTE: This location was plagued by similar burglaries and thefts in 2015 (11 reported to CSSN) ) and also a report in 2016. This is the 2nd report for 2017. Read that report here [Broken Link], or review them all and related News items by typing “Canouan” in the search box on any CSSN webpage.

Burglary – June 2016

As reported by the Caribbean Security & Safety Net. [BROKENLINK]

DATE: 2016-06-02

Country Name: SVG

Location Detail: Canouan Charlestown Bay (Tamarind Hotel)

EVENT: Burglary

Stolen Items: Cash



(2nd hand report)

Whilst we were in Union Island, we met a group of 6 Americans/Australians who had chartered a catamaran. While ashore for dinner in Canouan, the yacht was broken into by the main salon door (locked) and a substantial amount of cash was stolen. It is not known if a police report was made.

CSSN Note:

Previously, CSSN has unsuccessfully attempted to confirm with official, media sources and other informants then rumour that the perpetrator of the boardings in Canouan had been apprehended and was serving a sentence. CSSN has still received no confirmation of those reports.

Please click HERE  [BROKENLINK] for our previous update:  (Published on Jan 26, 2016, @ 17:19) [BROKENLINK]

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