Street’s Guide to the Cape Verde Islands

Published 11 years ago, updated 4 years ago

By Don Street Jr.

Published by Seaworthy Publications (2011)

ISBN 9781892399342

Don Street, a cruising legend, has produced a remarkably comprehensive and detailed guide to these often over-looked islands. Being of the more common cruising route (Europe – Canaries – Caribbean), they are not usually regarded as a cruising destination in their own right. Plus, in the not so distant past, they were seen as crime-ridden and rather barren in addition to having little infrastructure to support visiting yachtsmen.

Don’s Guide goes a long way to correct these misconceptions and his hope is that this guide will open up these islands to cruisers much as his previous guides have done in the Eastern Caribbean and Venezuela.

This soft-backed book is of a manageable size to add to the navigator’s bookcase and is packed with advice as well as many charts. Some of which are in colour, although most are black and white and show the many anchorages around the various islands. Depth information is not easily obtained and not shown on most charts, but Don’s text gives useful data from his own observations or from local fishermen. Don’s style of writing is entertaining as well as informative and makes this book a delight to read.

For anyone planning a cruise in this area, this is an essential book to have on board. It might even persuade those who prefer less touristy destinations, to bypass the Canaries and visit the Cape Verdes instead.

Val Ellis

The Noonsite Team

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