St Martin, Simpson Bay Lagoon: Warning about Robberies during 2013

Local police have admitted that there have been regular robberies over the last 12 months both from boats anchored in the bay and berthed alongside.

Published 9 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Morning of December 28, 2013

Lagoon 440 anchored in Simpson Bay Lagoon off the east side of Witches Tit and the new Dutch Causeway. 100 boats anchored here. Completely locked down with dinghy locked on davits, except for hatch over bed open a crack for air. Awoken at 12:10 am to the sound of footsteps on deck, hatch over the bed was opened and a flashlight shone unto us. Half asleep so just began yelling as mean and loud as I could. Got salon door unlocked and out to see one of two black French-speaking wiry teenage males jumping over safety lines into the dinghy with small black 2 stroke outboard waiting on port aft quarter.

Reported to Captainerie in Port La Royale first thing next morning. They stated there had been 6 robberies of boats anchored in Simpson and Marigot Bay that night, so there was no point going to the Police station, as they would not be there.

Many of the boats were robbed of electronics; computers, cell phones, wallets, and cash while cruisers slept onboard. Captainerie were sympathetic but stated the robberies have been occurring on a regular basis over the last 12 months with boats alongside as well. They know the one thief, but he is under 16 so the police cannot prosecute with anything serious.

Cruisers note: we have anchored in every anchorage on St. Martin throughout December/January. There is no police presence on the water. Cruiser’s net indicated there is no money allocated by the French or Dutch governments for the protection or safety of the cruisers.

This is a pretty sad statement for a country who brands itself as being the yachting capital of the Caribbean.

Scott & Sharon

S/Y Elektra I

Our thanks to Scott McAuley for sending us this report.

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